I Rocked It!


Sorry for the bit of radio silence from me over this holiday weekend. I will be posting a recipe tomorrow (do you like chocolate and coconut???), but my mum is here visiting from Nova Scotia so I don’t have time to get it up today. In the meantime, so many of you wished me luck on my race, I thought I might tell you how I did. Not to be falsely modest or anything, but I rocked it! At least, I rocked it for me, as approximately 983 people came in faster than I did, out of the 5326 people who finished the half-marathon. But I will take 984th place anyday, especially as it meant a personal record for me. I ran the race in 1 hour, 51 minutes and 26 seconds, at an average pace of 8:30 per mile.

The accompanying photo is actually from last year’s Run To Remember, because this year’s pictures have not been posted yet. Strangely enough, I wore almost exactly the same outfit as last year. I look a little like I am going to cry, don’t I? I don’t know why that is so, I was actually enjoying last year’s run so much, as I wasn’t running for time but simply to finish.

This year, it was hot and muggy, and I often felt like my feet were on fire. I will confess that this particular race felt like a lot of work. I don’t know if it was the heat or if I started off too quickly, but it was a struggle to keep up my pace and not fall behind. I ran another half-marathon where I took the first few miles to warm up and then sped up and felt comfortable running the whole time, even when I was going at sub-8 minutes, but this didn’t feel like that at all. Mind you, that was in October, in much cooler weather. I am not a particularly experienced runner, so I don’t know which strategy is best. Do I start off fast and try to keep up the pace, or do I warm up and then pick up the pace over the course of the 13.1 miles? Maybe someone out there can give me some guidance?

Regardless, I am pleased with my performance. If you’d asked me at mile 12 whether I would have enough energy for a sprint at the end, I would have laughed in your face. But as it was, I saw that finish line and my feet took off. I just wanted to be done so badly, I had to get in as fast as I could!

If you are in the New England area and are looking for a half-marathon to run, I highly recommend Boston’s Run to Remember. It is a gorgeous course, running through downtown Boston and out onto Memorial Drive in Cambridge. It doesn’t have many hills, and there are tons of spectators to cheer you on. Mind you, the weather can be variable at this time of year. It could be hot and sunny, as it was for the past two years, or you could be running in the middle of a Nor’easter!

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  1. kitchenarian says

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment. Now did you say something about chocolate and coconut? :)

  2. Adriana says

    You definitely rocked it! What an awesome time. I'll look into that race; I'm trying to make the jump from 10Ks to half-marathons and one of my best friends lives in Cambridge.

  3. Kelly says

    Hi Carolyn,

    Congratulations on your run – fantastic!

    I just recently dedicated a post to runners that you may enjoy.

    What happens if I like chocolate and coconut equally ?! =)

    Cheers –

  4. Parsley Sage says

    Amazing! That is such an incredible feat…I can barely make it up the stairs at work. Well done!

    And I love coconut and chocolate :) Just sayin

  5. spiceblogger says

    Congrats! And and avg of 8:30 per mile is awesome!!!!!! What an achievement. You are allowed to be proud of yourself!

  6. Island Vittles says

    most excellent! Congrats on the great time, and for beating your personal best. Now bring on the coco and chocolate! Theresa

  7. Erin says

    WAY TO GO!!!! 8:30 is awesome! I have run 1 half marathon, and much slower than that! I was fully trained for another, and hurt my knee so I couldn't run it. Hoping that maybe I can do another this fall – but I would be thrilled with a 9:30 average!
    You Rock!

  8. spcookiequeen says

    Way to go girl! I think you did great, can't wait to hear all about the chocolate and coconut. Hope you enjoy your visit with you mum.

  9. Audra says

    That is an AMAZING time! I ran a few halfs last year and I know what an achievement it is. I actually had planned on running this race but wasn't able to train in time. Congrats!

  10. Fresh and Foodie says

    Nice! That's a great time. I ran a 10 mile race this weekend — a great way to celebrate a holiday in my opinion!

  11. Katrina (Betty Ray) says

    Wow, you did great. As someone who is used to coming in somewhere in the middle, I think the top 5th is a great place to be!

    Anxiously awaiting a coconut chocolate recipe. :)

  12. Food Glorious Food! says

    You made it at last! Congrats! Will be here waiting for your next recipe with choc and coconut :)

  13. kitchenmisfit says

    Awesome job! My time was not nearly as spectacular but I have to admit I trained poorly. I'm hoping my next race is much faster!

  14. Katherine says

    Congrats on finishing the race! I'm always impressed with anyone who partakes in these. I keep saying I'm going to take up running…

  15. Sandra says

    Congrats!!!! I am so proud of you for finishing the race..with three kids at home I can't believe that you still find the energy!!!!!
    I can't wait for the new post!!!!

  16. Kim - Liv Life says

    Woo Hoo!!!! You totally rocked it! I can't run an 8 minute mile even when I only run one. You are a rockstar!!!
    And yes… I do like chocolate and coconut… eagerly awaiting tomorrow's post.
    Congrats, my friend! Well done.

  17. Roxana GreenGirl says

    Congratulations Carolyn! What an accomplishment!!
    Enjoy the time with your mom! Looking forward to that chocolate-coconut treat.

  18. Correen says

    WTG! Carolyn…I think the last time I ran just to run was 25+ years ago. Gee ya poop me out just thinking about doing this…and your feet burning ooweee! No thanks…I'll cheer ya on for the sidelines though, all in rah rah sis boom bah style too…lol! Just ask my boys I embarrass them all the time with my antics.

  19. S.V. says

    Congrats on the run! My dad is from Boston and I was fortunate enough to be there when he ran the Boston Marathon. He's is turning 50 tomorrow and this saturday he will be running a 50 mile ultra marathon. I would have to say anything is possible if you are motivated and determined enough.

  20. Kari says

    Congratulations!! That is a fantastic time, and it sounds like you had a fantastic race. Just finishing would have been impressive enough, so really, lots of congrats :)

  21. Tiffany says

    woah, woah, WOAH! This is HUGE! And your time is AMAZING! Congrats Carolyn! And I hope you had a great visit with your mom!

  22. Nami @ Just One Cookbook says

    Congratulations Carolyn! You are not just a great mom, wife, and baker/cook, but you are also a great runner. What a superwoman you are. It was a very inspiring & great post!

  23. The Mom Chef says

    I can't give you any advice on which method works best because the thought of running makes me break out in hives.

    Congrats on getting through the race, and doing it well, especially on such a muggy day!

  24. Sommer J says

    WAY TO GO CAROLYN!!! HTF did I miss this??? I will be there one day! Maybe next year lol. You rock and look amazing after a long run :)

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