Coconut Cream Sandwich Cookies (Low Carb and Gluten Free)


Do you ever feel like something that should be solid, reliable and unchanging is actually shifting under your feet like quicksand? This is how I feel about nutritional advice sometimes. It seems like it should be relatively simple to figure out what is good for human consumption and what isn’t. I don’t know, I am not in the business of determining these things, but it feels like almost every time we turn around, there is a reversal in thinking about what’s healthy for us. Case in point: coconut oil. If you have been paying any attention whatsoever to health food blogs, you may have noticed that coconut oil has been enjoying an huge increase in popularity lately. But it’s a saturated fat, and the FDA tells us that saturated fats are bad for us, so what gives?

I’d say that this is a classic case of tarring all saturated fats with the same brush. Upon further inspection, it would seem that this plant-derived saturated fat may actually have some significant health benefits. Much of the saturated fat content in coconut oil comes from lauric acid, which is also a major component in human breastmilk and is well known to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties. There are quite a few claims about the positive health benefits of coconut oil out there and I am not well-versed enough in the subject to determine which of these are valid and which are a bit of hype. But I have come to understand that coconut oil can, and perhaps should, be incorporated into a healthy diet. It’s a wonderful dairy-free replacement for butter and adds it’s own special coconutty flavour to a vast array of dishes, from muffins to stir fries. You can get some wonderful ideas for cooking and baking with coconut oil at

Let me clarify one point, however. When I refer to coconut oil, I am only referring to the virgin non-refined variety. The overprocessed, partially hydrogenated coconut oils, like any processed, partially hydrogenated or trans fats, are still pretty junky for you, and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

I had a chance to try Kelapo Coconut Oil recently, which is not only virgin and organic but it is also fair trade certified. More and more, fair trade is gaining ground and that’s a wonderful thing. It’s all too easy to turn a blind eye to the exploitative practices that occur in other countries so that we can have cheaper food items. I am guilty of this myself sometimes, quite honestly, so I am not trying to preach here. I think it’s worth it to be mindful of what I am purchasing and whether spending a few extra cents will support fair trade practices.

I decided to use the Kelapo Coconut Oil to make some sandwich cookies I’d had in mind for a while. At first, I was only going to use coconut oil in the actual cookie part and fill the centers with something mocha flavored. But as I was in the middle of baking, I decided to go whole hog on the coconut flavour and really play it up. Why not use the coconut oil as the base for a coconut buttercream? Why not add in some flaked coconut while I’m at it? And can I even call it a buttercream if it contains no butter? Ah yes, “coconut cream” it is.

The Results: Mmmm, coconutty goodness! Soft chocolate cookies with a hint of coconut from the coconut oil, on either side of a sweet, creamy coconut filling. I loved these, as did my husband. I didn’t even offer them to my kids because it didn’t make that many cookies and I simply didn’t want to share. If you are looking for a way to work coconut oil into your low carb diet, this is a great recipe to start with.


Coconut Cream Sandwich Cookies

1 3/4 cup almond flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup granulated erythritol
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
16 drops stevia extract

Coconut Cream Filling:
3 tbsp coconut oil, melted
1/3 cup powdered erythritol
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp coconut milk or almond milk
1/3 cup finely grated unsweetened coconut

For the cookies, preheat oven to 325F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, whisk together almond flour, cocoa powder, erythritol, baking soda, salt and xanthan gum. Add egg, coconut oil, vanilla extract and stevia and stir until dough comes together.

Roll 1-inch balls between palms and place on prepared baking sheet. Using your palm, or the bottom of a flat glass covered in parchment or cling wrap, flatten each cookie to 1/4 inch thick. Bake for 8 minutes and let cool on pan.

For the filling, whisk together coconut oil and powdered erythritol. Add vanilla, coconut milk and grated coconut until smooth and thick. Spread about 1 to 2 tsp of filling on a cooled cookie and top with another cookie. Repeat with remaining filling and cookies.

Makes approx. 12 sandwich cookies. Each cookie has a total of 15g of carbs and 2.6g of fiber, but only 5.8g of carbs if you subtract erythritol.

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  1. Katrina {In Katrina's Kitchen} says

    I should totally make these. I am loving baking with coconut oil lately!

  2. says

    These look like rustic, healthy Oreos :) please tweet once the code is up, I wanna try that coconut oil and your cookies!

  3. Foodness Gracious says

    I'm a fan of coconut oil. It gives a great flavor and is healthy to boot..everyones a winner!

  4. Foodiva says

    Carolyn, thanks for taking the time to share all that useful info about the benefits of coconut oil. Coconut cream or milk, on the other hand, DO clog up the arteries. I know that much because our local dishes here are laden with coconut milk and heart disease is our number one killer. Sorry to sound so dire… I do love the look and sound of coconut cookies, though!

    • Karen says

      I’m curious as to how you are 100% positive it is coconut milk that is causing heart disease where you are?? there have been so many lies about what causes heart disease & now the truth is finally coming out!! also, curious as to what area you are in?? have a great day!!

  5. Terra says

    Yay!!! I am going gluten-free for a cleanse, may be permanent…who knows:-) So I am excited to make some of your gluten-free goodies! Another bonus, I am new to the coconut oil love, but received some to review, YUM! This recipe, is well making me drool, so delicious:-)

    I agree, the healthy food info can be confusing, with things always changing….

  6. Charlie @ SweetSaltySpicy says

    Cookie sandwiches! Chocolate & coconut! With coconut oil! Please send me some :).

  7. Jill@MadAboutMacarons says

    Carolyn, these gorgeously dark cookies are a must to try. Love the addition of the coconut oil. Another amazing recipe!

  8. Erin says

    I wish I could keep up with what is healthy for you. Just when I think I am getting enough exercise they change it, or enough whole grains. You just can't win! But if these cookies can help in anyway, I am there!

  9. Pretend Chef says

    This is my kind of cookie. I have never used coconut oil before and need to give it a try. These cookies sound and look delicious. Yummy!

  10. Nami @ Just One Cookbook says

    Waaaaa Carolyn… I love coconut and this is totally coconut heaven for me! Thank you for introducing us the coconut oil. I'm going to check it out now. Your kids are lucky eating yummy treats like this! I wish I grew up eating these delicious sweets so often!

  11. Wilde in the Kitchen says

    Thanks for the review and the recipe. It seems like there are so many conflicting opinions out there, people don't know what to do these days! Well written post!

  12. Lauren at Keep It Sweet says

    I didn't know that about the coconut oil! It is definitely confusing trying to keep track of what subset of foods deemed unhealthy actually are good for you.

  13. Steph says

    I've been seeing tons of recipes with coconut oil and I think I'm gonna have to get me some. Especially so I can make these cookies! HOLY COW!! Are these not the best cookies ever?

  14. Lizzy says

    I've seen the conflicting reports, too….but I'm going to side with it being good fat! It makes sense…and then there is no guilt eating your yummy cookies :)

  15. janet says

    Many low carb blogs & forums talk about the benefits of eating saturated fat…some of this information is finally getting into the popular press. I think if any type of cuisine seems to contribute to heart problems, it would be the carbohydrates in the cuisine that are the culprits, not the fats. Gary Taubes recent book "Why We Get Fat (and what to do about it)" addresses the topic really well. Here's a website I found that praises the nutritional benefits of coconut products, including milk:

    Finding blogs like Carolyn's that share delicious & healthful recipes that are low carb is wonderful!!!!

  16. Foodness Gracious says

    I love using coconut oil. I also like the low carb factor as my daughter has diabetes and this would be better for her.

  17. Angela@RecipesFromMyMom says

    I tend to not listen to the benefits of coconut oil since I'm a coconut-phob but your cookies are so enticing.

  18. says

    These look so delicious. I am a huge fan of chocolate and coconut and these look like they would hit the spot. I always love how you try to fill your food with healthful, thoughtful ingredients. Yum!

  19. All That's Left Are The Crumbs says

    I find it amazing that something that was bad for you five years ago is now good for you, and vice versa. I try to just go with everything in moderation and get some daily exercise (well I wish I was better at the daily exercise bit). Coconut has been gaining in popularity from coconut water to coconut oil. Your cookies look delicious and something that I would not feel guilty at all eating.

  20. Sandra says

    I truly love Kelpo coconut oil. I am trying to come up with more savory dishes since Im usually using it in sweets…but these are beauties Carolyn, I think that I would only share one with my husband and leave the rest for myself hahaaha..Fantastic recipe!!!!

  21. Priscilla - She's Cookin' says

    I love what you did with the Kelapo Coconut Oil. Coconut and chocolate are always a winning combination. At the Natural Products Expo there was coconut oil everywhere. Yes, saturated fat is unhealthy – but what you have to be concerned with are animal fats and partially hydrogenated fats. Extra virgin, organic, free trade coconut oil like that of Kelapo has healthy and beauty benefits :)

  22. Audra says

    These look delicious! They seem so rich and decadent, I'd never believe they were low carb/low sugar! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Kate@Diethood says

    Oh these sound fantastic!! And they're low carb…wow! You need to start writing a "low carb cookbook"…seriously…all your creations are amazing!

    I love the Kelapo Coconut Oil, and have been using it in everything since they sent me a sample. :)

  24. Baking Serendipity says

    I've been seeing coconut oil everywhere on blogs lately, but haven't broken down to buy it yet because I've thought along the same lines as you. I thought this was bad for me? Thanks for the tip and the recipe…yum!

  25. Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having says

    I've used coconut oil to cook with, but I've never tried baking with it. I'll have to do some experimenting!

  26. Island Vittles says

    Delicious! (as always) — my approach to nutrition is moderation — I don't pay any attention to "experts'" guidelines anymore.

    Like you said, it should be much easier to understand than they make it, and changing the goal posts regularly doesn't help.

    Did I say your cookies look delicious? 😉 Theresa

  27. Parsley Sage says

    Hahaha! I have to giggle at you not sharing with your kids. I'd proly keep these bad boys all to myself as well. Oh man, yum!

  28. The Mom Chef says

    I don't know if I could even find virgin coconut oil. I'm sure if I asked someone at our little grocery stores I'd get kicked out for being indecent.

    The ice cream sandwiches do look heavenly though and might just be worth it. :)

  29. sara @ CaffeIna says

    Thanks for the great information! i do feel sometimes I don't know whom to believe to :)
    And thanks for the wonderful recipe. Coconut recipe just makes me feel summer is at our doorstep.

  30. Beth says

    These look amazing! I've been doing a vegan low carb "cleanse" but I've got company coming in a few weeks and I wont subject them to my vegan insanity while they are here. This looks like the perfect recipe! I can't wait to see how they come out!

  31. MikeVFMK says

    Love these cookies! Personally, I think chocolate and coconut should always be made together. And these cookie sandwiches look incredible.

  32. Matthew "mmwine" Horbund says

    Great Post. Not only did you give us a good recipe and of course awesome photos, you took the time to share info and insight into coconut oils, which was appreciated.

  33. Emily @ Life on Food says

    I just started using coconut oil. I guess everything in moderation. Thanks for the helpful website suggestion. I am going to check it out. The cookies look delicious!

  34. kita says

    Oh! Im looking for ways to test out this bottle of coconut oil. These home made coconut cream sandwiches sound delicious. Now for that big glass of milk!

  35. BigFatBaker says

    Sounds fabulous! I have some coconut oil I need to use and this would be a great new recipe to try. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Anne L. Texas says

    I have to tell everyone, I made these last night and they came out exactly like the picture and they tasted just as I hoped they would. They were incredibly easy to make and I did it while preparing dinner. I crumbled one up in some coconut milk ice cream and had my own cookies and cream ice cream for the first time in YEARS! It was heaven.
    I highly recommend making these yourself.
    Thanks for the recipe and please keep up the inspiration!


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