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I am one of those people who simply cannot do anything without coffee in my system.  I am not at all ashamed to admit it, in fact I would say I am rather proud of it.  I just don’t function well without some of that warm, smoky, delicious liquid in my bloodstream.  My kids know not to talk to me until I’ve had at least a few sips of my morning cuppa, and when it comes to getting anything done, work, household chores, even running, I can’t do it without some coffee in my system.  Or at least, I don’t do it very well. 

I’ve worked in any number of professional settings in my time, and the coffee was always terrible.  It was usually those big machines that made a whole pot at once, which would sit there and develop that awful burned flavour.  And no one ever wanted to be in charge of cleaning out the pots at the end of the day.  In one place of employment, a coworker and I started a campaign to get a one-cup coffee maker so that we could have fresh coffee whenever we wanted it.  Admittedly, the campaign went nowhere because we never really got past the planning stages.  But there is no question that it was a good idea.  Single Serve coffee makers are perfect for offices large and small, so that the employees can have fresh coffee without the waste.

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Lucky me, I am getting the opportunity to test drive a new Tassimo Professional Brewer and it’s on its way as I write this.  Since I no longer work in an office enviroment, my husband has happily agreed to allow me to bring it to his office so he and his coworkers can try it out.  I have a feeling that I am going to be a pretty popular lady around those parts!

The Tassimo Professional Brewer is quite the machine, it would seem.  It doesn’t just brew single-serve coffee, but it also makes cappuccinos and lattes using Gevalia coffee and real milk creamer.  I’m a sucker for a good cappuccino, so that’s the feature I am excited to try.  The Tassimo Brewer also brews Twinings Tea and Suchard Hot Chocolate.  With such premium brands available in their T Discs, I don’t see how this machine won’t be a hit.  I wish it had existed back when we were trying to get a coffee maker like this into our office, I  might have campaigned a little harder!

If this sounds pretty good to you, you can actually sign up for a FREE DEMO of the Tassimo Professional Brewer for your office.  Tassimo Professional free demo

I have to say, the folks at Tassimo are pretty smart about creating single serve coffee makers for the workplace.  They’ve designed the Tassimo Pro Brewer so that the T Discs cannot be used at home.  Each T Disc has a double bar code that makes it incompatible with home Tassimo Brewers, meaning that employees can’t pocket the discs.  The brewer also has an LCD display for clear instructions for brewing and maintenance, and brews specialty drinks in under 2 minutes. 

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It certainly looks like a great machine, and my husband’s officemates are looking forward to my visit.  If you are an employer thinking of adding a single cup brewer to your office, make sure you sign up for the Tassimo Professional free demo  And even if you are not the employer, consider starting a campaign to get one in your office. 

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  1. says

    I think these are pretty darn cool. I've been eyeing a single cup brewer but just don't know if I want to commit MORE counter space to a coffee-related appliance. Decisions, decisions…

  2. says

    This does look fantastic….if I had an office and people in it, I'd consider it for sure. As it is, we go through a pot of coffee between Hubby and me. That's a lot of discs a day.

  3. says

    How bizarre! My hubs and I just bought a single-serve home coffee machine today – a competitor, sorry to say… Still, we're excited. Have fun with your demo!

  4. gerryspeirs says

    Sounds like this is the way forward for coffee, especially in the workforce. This is good because we all know what the end result is of the untended urn and its thick black liquid :(
    Take care…

  5. says

    I have a Nescafe single serve coffee machine that makes cappuccino (and hot chocolate)! I love it since I don't have to clean it after and I always had to make too much coffee when I was alone before. And also because I looove cafe latte but don't care much for regular filter coffee ;). This one looks great too!

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