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You may recall that I was getting a chance to try out the Tassimo Professional Single Serve coffee maker recently.  I have to tell you, this was a really fun opportunity.  My son was off from school, so we made a day of it, driving into his dad’s office downtown and setting up the coffee maker for his coworkers.  I certainly had some more-than-willing guinea pigs.  And as one person rightly pointed out, I couldn’t have chosen a better group to test things out, since it just so happens that they work in Quality Assurance.  They’re used to looking things over with a careful eye and giving their true opinions!

Tassimo Professional

Here’s my impression of the Tassimo Professional Brewer.  It’s not a large piece of equipment, as you can see from the picture below.  Which makes it ideal for a small office environment that doesn’t have a lot of space for big machines.  There is a larger model available that can be tapped right into a water supply, but the model I tested, the T-65, is the smaller version that has a refillable water tank.  Still, it managed to make 6 or so drinks before the tank needed a refill, which surprised me.  I thought it would run out faster than that.

Remember that if you are interested, you can have a free demo of the Tassimo Pro in your office. Tassimo Professional free demo

Since my husband’s office already has a machine that makes regular coffee, there was much more interest in the mochas, hot chocolates and cappuccinos.  I think that only one person requested a regular coffee. Everyone was quite impressed with these coffee-house style drinks coming out of such a small machine and said that it was a definite selling point.  The machine and the T-discs were easy to use and there was little to no clean-up.  And I really do think that Tassimo is onto something with the bar-coded discs…they really can’t be used in the Tassimo home brewer, so there is no fear of employees pocketing them to take home. 

My husband and a coworker enjoying their mochas!

I myself tested out the cappuccino and it was quite good.  There’s no question that serious coffee drinkers can be picky about their coffee, but the general consensus was that the Tassimo Pro made very good drinks for an office coffee maker.  Several people declared that they would save a lot of money if they had one of these in the office, as they wouldn’t feel the need to hit the costly coffee bars in the area.  If your office is in the market for a one-cup coffee maker, I would certainly recommend this one.  I think the ability to make specialty drinks in the office is a feature that most office coffee makers don’t have and that employees truly appreciate!


So don’t forget to sign up for the Free Demo for your office.  Tassimo Professional free demo



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  1. lucy says

    I have one of these machines – it doesn't always give you a full 8 oz cup. 50% of the time it only gives 6%. Disappointed :(

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