Final Reader Appreciation Month Giveaway

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

Well, here it is, the end of March.  How the heck did that happen?  I don’t know about you, but that snuck up on me.  Of course, these days everything seems to sneak up on me.  Day to day, week to week, month to month, I am constantly looking around in a rather bewildered state, wondering where the time has gone.  It just seems to keep on speeding up and moving faster, and I rarely have the time to catch my breath.  I keep expecting things to slow down a bit, that there will be a quieter time just around the corner where I can catch up on all the things I’ve been meaning to do.  Alas, I think this is my new reality.  Life with three kids, a household to run and multiple pokers in the fire means that I am going to feel perpetually behind no matter what.  And the best thing is just to accept it and do my best to keep up, even when that means letting some things fall by the wayside.  Like housework.  I am okay with letting that slide!

Pecan Turtle Bars

So today marks the penultimate day of March, and the last of my Reader Appreciation Giveaways.  My congratulations to all the winners thus far, I hope you are enjoying your low carb prizes.  This final giveaway is a prize pack I am putting together for one lucky winner, a little “Low Carb” care package, if you will.  

I asked special permission of our publisher to give away a copy of the book, because I very much wanted it to be a part of my month-long birthday/blogiversary/reader appreciation celebrations.  It is a project I poured my heart into for the majority of 2011, as did my co-authors.  It is a collection of over 300 low carb, gluten free recipes from very talented people and I consider myself honoured to be among them.  So I felt it deserved a very special place in my giveaways and the final one seemed like the best way to highlight it.  Consider this the crown jewel in my collection of giveaways!

I will send this awesome Low Carb Prize Pack anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.  Yes, I decided to include my homeland in this, even though the shipping will cost me a fortune!  Because I know I have lots of readers in Canada, and I want them to benefit from these tasty treats too.  Love y’all!

To Enter:  
1.  You must hop on over to our Facebook Fan Page and “like” Low Carbing Among Friends, if you don’t already.  We’re almost at 2000 followers and it would be lovely to have that number up!

2.  Come back and comment and let me know you liked us

For additional entries, you can… (and of course, leave comments to let me know you did!)

  • Follow any of my co-authors blogs (links located in the right-hand sidebar, check them out!)
  • Retweet this giveaway
  • Stumble or Pin this post

Contest will run until Thursday, April 5th at midnight, Eastern time, at which point I will pick a winner at random.  Good luck!

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  1. What a month!!
    If I wasn't in the dark ages and had a Facebook page, I would definitely go "like" your book, but instead I'll just say how much I like it here! Such an awesome project and I can imagine how good it must feel to be a part of. Congrats again, Carolyn!

  2. Jamie H. says:

    What a great package. Definitely happy to "like" you on Facebook and as always, happy to follow your blog and recipes. Everything is so delicious!!

  3. Giuliana says:

    Woo! Bless you for opening it up to the Cancuks this time!

    I've liked the book on facebook, retweeted and stumbled the giveaway! Thanks!!

  4. The Hearty Herbivore says:

    I liked your Facebook page!

  5. What a great finale giveaway package! I like your page! :)

  6. Facebook fan! Thanks so much!

  7. katherine d says:

    i liked you on facebook – yay :)

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot)c om

  8. Liked you on facebook. Looks like an awesome giveaway!

  9. liked you on facebook

  10. Liked on facebook!

  11. Also tweeted the giveaway!

  12. Girl, I'm with you. It's Christmas. BAM It's Easter. BAM It'll be Halloween before we know it and I don't have a costume yet andOHMIGOSHI'MSONOTREADYFORIT!!!

    Phew. Way to panic, Parsley. Lovely giveaways, darling! So generous :)

  13. What a generous giveaway! LIKED on Facebook.

  14. What a great giveaway! I liked Low Carbing Among Friends on Facebook. :) Happy blogiversary!

  15. New FOLLOWER of 24/7 Low Carb Diner.

  16. What a nice huge giveaway and happy blogiversary – FB fan too!

  17. Happy blogiversary! I love reaching these milestones. I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog…I have several co-workers with strict low carb diets or gluten allergies that at times it's frustrating to come up with treats the they can enjoy as well. Thank you do much for sharing these recipes! You've been liked on facebook, and I'll certainly pin this post to spread the blog around. here's to many more years to come!

  18. Pat Garay says:

    I love your blog! I have diabetes in the family and (probably) had gestational diabetes with my youngest who was born at 10 lbs!!! Staying fit and trim at 55 with recipes like yours! Liked Low Carbing on Facebook! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Liked! Retweeted as @loopylamb. Already following (and loving) Maria's Nutritious and Delicious journal, but now following your other lovely co-authors. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Jordan D says:

    I liked Low Carbing Among Friends on facebook.
    What an awesome month of giveaways! I love your blog, and this only makes it more awesome.

  21. Iliked, Iliked!! Thanks for the chance to win…

  22. Just liked "LCAF" on FB. Love your blog and the others too! Thanks for showing me that I can do this without feeling deprived.

  23. Lucy Merrill says:

    I liked it. I wanna win!

  24. Lucy Merrill says:

    I re-tweeted!

  25. Michelle says:

    I liked Low Carbing Among Friendsd on FB.

  26. Have LIKED for a long time, love your recipes, and I would love to win your cookbook! I am pinning and tweeting also :)

  27. Michelle says:

    I follow 24/7 Low Carb Diner

  28. Michelle says:

    I follow Kalyn's Kitchen

  29. Liked your site and LCAF on Facebook!

  30. I love your site. Liked you on FaceBook. Wishing and hoping to win this wonderful prize. Thanks for your generosity and for sharing what you love with the winner.

  31. Chris Ziegler says:

    I liked your Facebook page.
    chrisziegler69 (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. Chris Ziegler says:

    I tweeted!/ChrisZiegler6/status/18609
    Love your blog! Hope I win this wonderful, healthy prize pack!

    chrisziegler69 (at) gmail (dot) com

  33. Chris Ziegler says:

    I am following your blog via GFC (Chris Ziegler)
    chrisziegler69 (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. Great giveaway prize! Liked! Thank you!

  35. Awesome giveaway! I 'liked' the page!

  36. I already follow Maria's blog

  37. Donna Rhodes says:

    Just recently found you. Awesome blog! Thanks for being here!

  38. Donna Williams says:

    I "liked" the site on FB. Thanks!

  39. Donna Williams says:

    I also pinned this on Pinterest.

  40. Have liked you on fb for a while,now.Would LOVE to win a copy of the cookbook,fonances are poor,now,so winning a copy would be wonderful,thanks!

  41. Alicefithappy says:

    I "liked" you a while back! Thank you for the chance to win! Love love love your recipes!

  42. Liked you on facebook! I'm already (closely ;)) following you and all your awesome co-authors. What a great month it has been!

  43. I Liked you! And I hope I win! You have a great blog and I joined your facebook several days ago. Good stuff!

  44. Also just "pinned" you at pintrest. Also April 5 is a my birthday so I would really love to win!

  45. Really loved Maria's Nutritious Journal….thanks.

  46. I liked Low Carbing Among Friends on Facebook!

    me (at) abandon-reality (dot) net

  47. I also re-tweeted this giveaway (@alauruin).

    me (at) abandon-reality (dot) net

  48. and, finally, I followed one of your co-authors' (24/7 Low Carb Diner) blogs! :)

    me (at) abandon-reality (dot) net

  49. Liked more than one. This is a great contest, Thank you!

  50. 1. Liked FB fan page for Low Carbing Among Friends (didn't realize it had a FB page!)

    2. Noted above.

    3. I did each of these:
    Followed each of your co-authors blogs (not sure if I found Jennifer's)
    Retweet this giveaway
    Pinned at Pinterest

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! I absolutely love and adore your blog – it's my first place to visit each evening!

    Am making your Flourless Chocolate Cakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache tomorrow for my Aunt's BD on Monday (she's been LC'ing for about 2 months) and it will be nice to me for there to be a LC lovely to eat Monday night instead of abstaining while everyone else goes for sugared items!

    Thank you for all you do, Carolyn!!


  51. I liked LCAF on Facebook! :)

  52. I am now following 24/7 Low-Carb Diner (which looks awesome!)

  53. I'm also now following Maria's blog. She's awesome.

  54. susan meyer says:

    Amazing cookbook and authors blogs. Can't wait for the next cookbooks to be out.

  55. A Mosco says:

    Loved the facebook page!

  56. I liked you on FB

  57. I get email updates for Splendid Low-Carbing by Jennifer Eloff

  58. I get email updates for Maria's Nutritious & Delicious Journal

  59. crinnythefirst says:

    Congratulations on your “birthday/blogiversary/reader appreciation celebrations” month. I get the Splendid Low-Carbing newsletter from Jennifer Eloff and was directed here, from there. Boy, am I glad!!! Just one look around and I’m hooked on your site—can’t wait to try the recipes.
    P.S. I liked Low Carbing Among Friends on Facebook!

  60. I follow (get email updates) for Atkins Diet Geek Blog

  61. I follow (get the RSS feed) for 24/7 Low Carb Diner

  62. Shirlangell says:

    I liked Low Carbing Among Friends on facebook today.

  63. jennifer says:

    already liked. love your blog. love your recipes. looking forward to more. hope i win.

  64. sandy burge says:

    Liked the page. I own the book already, but would love the other items, and would love to give a copy of the recipe book to a new lc friend!

  65. Shoshannah says:

    I liked on facebook. Would love to win

  66. Wonderful giveaway! Have just "liked" you on FB and was glad to see that you had a presence there as well. I am a Type 2 diabetic and your recipes have been truly life-saving for me. Winner or not, I thank you for the work you do.

  67. Sorry I had not 'Liked' before this as I am on FB often. And LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookbook!!!! Also, loving LC WOE. I have never been this small in my life. Yet not one person I know wants to change their eating but would rather ask me how I do it and not change. Oh well, I am loving it! Thanks for all the great recipes that keep me so happy (guess you figured out by now that food is a big part of my life, ha!).

  68. Michelle says:

    I liked you on Facebook (a while ago)…would really love to win this giveaway!

  69. Just getting into low carbing and feeling great. I so appreciate all the great information and look forward to seeing your posts. Liked LCAF today, too.

  70. Janetta Dobler says:

    I liked @Low Carbing Among Friends on FB! Can't wait to read more!!

  71. Jean Spataro says:

    Liked your book on Facebook, it looks awesome:-)

  72. I liked on fb!

  73. Jean Spataro says:

    Liked your book on Facebook, it looks awesome:-) Oh, and I also pinned it, the cookies and the Turtle bars………yum!

  74. Kim Pinkleton says:

    Just became your Facebook Fan & would LOVE to win!!!!!!!

  75. Kim Pinkleton says:

    Now a follower of "Atkins Diet" ~ Would LOVE to win!!

  76. Alrighty, thanx to Maria for telling us about this and I liked you on Facebook.. Now I got to go check this out because this is the first time I have seen your Facebook page! Some good looking pix of snacks on this page! YUM Thank you for the chance to win.R

  77. Kim Pinkleton says:

    Already a fan of 24/7 low carb diner :)

  78. Kim Pinkleton says:

    Already a fan of Maria's Nutritional Blog & Website & Facebook ~ LOVE HER!!!

  79. I "like" you on FB. Looks like great recipes. Fingers crossed!!

  80. Liked you on Facebook – great recipes!!

  81. Following your blog too!

  82. And following Maria's blog – thank you!!

  83. I liked the FB page!

  84. I also follow Maria Emmerich on FB!

  85. Waynette says:

    I liked your FB page. I saw the link to this from @Maria Body Mind Health's Facebook page. I have loved her books and to know she was a part of this cookbook … It's got to be good.

  86. Michelle Tasker says:


  87. Jennifer says:

    LIked you on FB – thanks!

  88. I am now a Facebook fan! :)

  89. Tiffany Brooks says:

    liked on facebook, tweeted, followed 24/7 Low Carb Diner

  90. Brenda N says:

    I "liked" on Facebook! Would love to get the cookbook! And I may have to go back and make that Mexican Dip I saw…

  91. connie wells says:

    I liked your Facebook page and look forward to following !! Thank you

  92. i like your facebook page….and I'd like it even better if I'm the winner!!

  93. Liked!!!

  94. Liked Low Carbing Among Friends. Liked the co-authors FB pages. Signed up for all their blogs: Maria's Delicious and Nutritious Journal, Atkins Diet Geek Blog, Splendid Low-Carbing with Jennifer Eloff, 24/7 Low Carb Diner

  95. Rebecca says:

    I liked! I also checked out Maria's website and liked her too! great site and great giveaway! thanks, Rebecca

  96. I love your website. I liked it on facebook along with the book. I am an avid reader of MAria's page also and liked her on facebook. what a great giveaway!

  97. SANDY Rodriguez says:

    Love your page…………….I have a low carb page TOO..I would love to win your low carb book.

  98. Awesome give away!

  99. Rachel Burlingame says:

    I heard about your incredible giveaway through Maria Emmerich ("Maria Mind Body Health"). I'm now following your page on Facebook! Grateful for another healthy food blog to inspire what I cook for my husband and me.

  100. I liked your facebook page! I would love to win this :)

  101. Karyn becker says:

    I liked your FB page! Great giveaway!! Great info!

  102. Mary Ann says:

    I follow you on FB and I also have this book, would love to win it for my sister to get her started on eating healthy !!!

  103. I like you on facebook a long time ago. The give away looks amazing.

  104. I LIKE YOU!! Thank you for the giveaways…the more people that follow your passion, the better! Follow me at my new blog:

  105. Liked a long time ago!! I love Maria Emmerich – I learn so much!

  106. Wendy M says:

    Liked you on Facebook!

  107. Liked the book on FB. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  108. heidi B says:

    I liked Low Carbing Among Friends on Facebook. What an awesome giveaway!

  109. Debbie T. says:

    I liked your Facebook page, even though I am not a regular Facebook-er. I am rediscovering eating low carb again after regaining all the weight I lost on the first go-round, and then straying and trying other eating plans. :( Your giveaway offers me the chance to make the journey more enjoyable and your blog is MUCH appreciated. Thank you so much!

  110. How did I not know about this site or this boook?! Maria Emmerich sent me over here. Thanks Maria! I am graduating in May and can't wait to have more time to start baking! Also, been on a diet since January, > 20 pounds down and can't wait to reward myself with these guilt free treats!


  111. I got my book awhile ago and can't seem to put it down! I so far tied almost all the recipes and boy are they good. I was diagnosed over a year ago with diabetes. At first I found it hard to cope but with my never give up attitude and help from everyone's, including yourself, knowledge and recipes I went from 16.4 mmol/L to 6.2 mmo/L l in a matter of 4 months. I just wanted to say thank you even though the word thank you doesn't cover how much gratitude I have for what you and other have done. Please don't add me into your contest, I believe that there is someone out there that will need it more than me. I just wanted to say thanks.

  112. LIKED!!! too bad I couldn't "LOVE"

  113. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!! I'm a facebook fan!!

  114. Shirley W. says:

    I liked on Facebook. what a great giveaway this is!! Thanks for the chance to win! :))

  115. chefgeoff says:

    Like you??? How about loved you!! Your blog and the book are totally awesome and do everything to reinforce the LC WOL!! Thank you!!!

  116. Theresa Hiles says:

    Wow – this would make an awesome birthday present! Liked!!

  117. Shoshannah says:

    Just checked out Maria's Nutritous and Delicious blog for an extra entry, Thanks!

  118. Shoshannah says:

    Just went to Jennifer Eloff's Splendid low carbing blog. Thanks for the extra entry opportunites!

  119. Shoshannah says:

    Love Ken's videos at Atkins Diet Geek blog. What a transformation he went through! Thanks for the extra entry!

  120. I Like "low carbing" the page & the way of life. Lost weight & feel great. A great prize package you are offering. Would love to try walnut oil.

  121. I liked your Facebook page! (I am Natasha Garcia on FB).

    I have also followed Maria's blog and Facebook page for ages now.

  122. I can't wait to try all of these recipes! I was referred by Maria's blog so I know you have some great recipes. Liked on facebook and your friend blogs.

  123. murphmitch says:

    Like to win this giveaway. Your food looks amazing!

  124. sherma edmunds says:


  125. jennifer says:

    Liked, pick me please!

  126. new follower on FB. Saw the comment on Maria's FB page and popped over. Great site! Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Great contest! I liked you on facebook!

  128. Liked Low Carbing Among Friends on Facebook and I follow Splendid Low-Carbing, Maria's Blog, and 24/7 Low Carb Diner.

  129. Michelle Kobel says:

    I can't find my post. I posted a couple of days ago on my phone. Let me try again. I LOVE LCAF!!!!!!!! I found Jennifer Eloff's blog and it lead me to LCAF!!! I now follow this blog and Maria's in addition. I would love to win the cookbook if I am chosen! Low carb has changed my life and health and helped me change the ones I love and their diet lifestyle. My mother and father now follow, my son and soon my husband will be totally on board. I am on a quest to make everyone healthy via eating this way! All the knowledge of blogs, cookbooks make it that much easier!

  130. Gwen Howell says:

    facebook fan. thanks for the contest!

  131. Amanda Gee says:

    Having a child with Type 1 Diabetes, that cookbook would be helpful!! Great Blog and giveaway! TY

  132. Stephany Stephany says:

    I like you on FB. Would so love to win.

    Thanks again for the great recipes and encouragement.

  133. Stephany Stratton says:

    I like Low carbing among friends on FB too. Sure hope I am feeling lucky. :)

  134. Stephany Stratton says:

    I follow Jen's Blog Splendid Low Carbing.

  135. Stephany Stratton says:

    I also follow Maria's Blog and Liked her FB page.

  136. Stephany Stratton says:

    I follow Lisa's blog and liked her 24/7 Low Carb Diner page on FB.

  137. very much like!

  138. Liked your FB page, pinned this page in Pinterest.
    Awesome giveaway!

  139. Rheanna Smith says:

    So happy I came across your blog and Facebook page! Just 'liked' it. Thanks for the wonderful, healthy food information that you share with us!

  140. Kelli Larson says:

    Was happy to find Low Carbing Among Friends has a facebook page. I liked it! Looking forward to following it.

  141. I liked the facebook fan page and pinned the article with a picture of the cookbook. Love your blog with the great recipe descriptions and photos Carolyn!

  142. Liked a lot. Would love to win but will def buy the bok if I don't !

  143. hypohealthnut says:

    I liked on Low Carbing Amoung Friends on facebook – looks awesome!

  144. I liked your Facebook Page and pinned this post!

  145. I liked your Facebook page!! :)

  146. I also purchased your cookbook! I LOVE it!

  147. I liked you on Facebook :)


  148. I follow your co-authors, via GFC for 2 of them, one of them I subscribe to as she doesn't appear to have GFC :)

  149. I liked Low Carbing Among Friends of Facebook & I following Maria's blog.

  150. Airplane_mama says:

    Love the cookbook. It has replaced almost all of my previous low carb cookbooks. I have tried many of the recipes and they have all been wonderful. Can't wait for Vol 2.

  151. Elizabeth says:

    I liked the fb page ages ago….also following all of your co-authors. I really enjoy perusing all these low carb blogs. Low carbing has come a long way since I started back in 1998.

  152. Carol Williams says:

    I liked!! I was pleased to see Canada included! Jen, Barbo has been helping me transition back to low carb…so much has changed! Made your Gluten Free Bake Mix and plan to test it soon!!

  153. Liked on FB and retweeted……such an awesome giveaway!!!!

  154. I liked you on Facebook!

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