St. Paddy’s Day Special on Low Carbing Among Friends!



No recipe today, my friends. I was away all weekend and I am too tired to write anything up. But I do have some great news for low carbers:


Whether or not you are Irish, or have any Irish heritage, you can celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in fine Low Carb, Gluten-Free style. Right now, ALL THREE volumes of Low Carbing Among Friends are on sale for $19.99 each. That’s $5 off the cover price. You do have to hop on over to the website and find the little green leprechaun, because this deal is only good until St. Patrick’s Day.  As you may already know, these books are packed with hundreds of great low carb, gluten-free recipes, many contributed by yours truly (Vol 1 and Vol 3).  My co-authors and I have worked very hard to bring you the best of our recipe writing talents.  I know that many of my readers already own at least one or two of the books, so if you were looking to complete the set, now’s your chance!

Low Carbing Among Friends

And please check back in with me tomorrow, as I will be hosting a great low carb, gluten-free giveaway in honour of my 40th birthday.  Yep, that’s right.  The big 4-0 is here!


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