Turning 40 and a Bob’s Red Mill Giveaway

Coconut+Flour+Pancakes+4You know when you are a little kid and excited for your birthday or Christmas, and all the adults tells you that giving is better than receiving?  You look at them in disbelief and think “yeah, right, bring on my presents please!”.  Then you get a little older and you see a little glimmer of what they mean when you find the perfect gift for a loved one and can hardly wait to give it to them.  Then you get a little older still, making your own money, and you find that it really is quite pleasurable to spend it on someone other than yourself.  And then suddenly you are a grown up, with little children of your own, and you hardly think about your own wants or needs at Christmas and birthdays, but find yourself wild with excitement at the thought of watching your kids open up their gifts.  That’s when you finally feel that it might be true:  it is better to give than to receive.

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cake

Well, dear reader, here I am, two days after my 40th birthday, and I am giving gifts to you.  Or rather, I am giving you the opportunity to win a gift here on All Day I Dream About Food. As you probably know, many of my recipes are made with products by Bob’s Red Mill, and I usually have at least 3 or 4 open Bob’s packages in my baking cupboard. They also happen to be very nice people and I’ve had nothing but good vibes when I’ve worked with them in the past. So I asked them to help me celebrate my birthday, the big 4-0, and they agreed to let me host a little giveaway of my top 5 favourite low carb, gluten free products.

pumpkin bran muffins 4 @dreamaboutfood

I love their hazelnut meal, it was the inspiration behind my Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake, so that had to go into the prize pack. And I use their golden flax seed meal all the time for pancakes and muffins, like my Pumpkin “Bran” Muffins. Their coconut flour is perfect for making my Light and Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes. And I use their xanthan gum all the time in baking, my single bag has lasted me a good 2.5 years, and I bake a LOT! It was a toss up for the last product, as I find so many useful. But I settled on their shredded coconut, which is perfect in treats like my Cranberry Almond Macaroons. It’s a great prize pack and perfect for any low carb, gluten-free baker!

Low Carb Coconut Almond Macaroons

Please note that Bob’s Red Mill simply agreed to provide the products for the winner of this giveaway. I did not receive any product or compensation from them for this post.

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  1. Those cranberry almond macaroons look fabulous. I think I’d start there if I won this great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    Bob’s Red Mill products are definitely a staple for my clean eating! I love the golden flax seed meal for my smoothies and a great egg substitute for my vegan eaters. Cheers to your 40th!

  3. Happy Birthday and wow – thanks for thinking of us! My own bday is right before Christmas so it doesn’t seem that special sometimes.

    • I clicked on the raffle thingie and just saw what I needed to do so —

      I would make pancakes with the coconut flour! Biscuits next:-)

    • You need to have a 6-month birthday. This is how it came into being for me. When I was about 16 I lamented to my older sister that it was too long to wait 12 months for my birthday and I suggested that I should have a 6-month birthday, on, you guessed it, the day 6 months after my birthday. As with so many of my genius ideas I completely forgot about it until my sister presented me with a surprise chocolate layer cake on my 6-month birthday. Ever since then I have celebrated my 6-month birthday, and my husband knows better than to forget about it!

  4. Well I already make your bran muffin recipe on a weekly basis, so that would be a good start, but I’d like to branch out and try something new, especially with the hazelnut meal, which I’ve never used. Hazelnut-chocolate loaf, perhaps, for a nutella-like breakfast bread.

  5. I’ve been thinking about some sort of yummy cheesecake. These products would be a great addition to any recipe! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  6. I’m a big fan of BRM products! I think their coconut flour is my favorite – I use it in a lot of my cooking/baking.

  7. Katherine says:

    Happy Birthday! I would try the coconut flour first. I’ve never used it, and now is a great time to give it a go!

  8. I love coconut flour! I’m all out so I’d definitely use it to make some muffins. I’ve never tried the other products but they all sound great.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I would make the coconut flour pancakes…eggs get old somedays :)

  10. Wendy Jones says:

    I would use the coconut flour and shredded coconut to make some sort of coconut pie or bar…yum.

  11. so many options as to what to make! I have a couple muffin/cake recipes in mind for that hazelnut meal!

  12. Christina K says:

    I have a coconut flour cinnamon roll recipe all queued up and ready to go!

  13. I have an ongoing love affair with coconut so I would definitely use that to experiment making some yummy low carb candies for Easter!!

  14. I would have to try those delish looking coconut macaroons!!!

  15. Happy 40th!! And thanks so much for this site!!

  16. I would make coconut pancakes – yum:)

  17. I would make the Cranberry Almond Macaroons first! Happy Birthday :)

  18. Happy Birthday! Love your products! Love the sound of those macaroons!

  19. Happy Birthday! Love your products! Want to make those macaroons!

  20. All your recipes are fantastic. I love your chocolate cake and would make it as my birthday cake yummy!!

  21. Jessica Blunt says:

    All these recipes look amazing. I hope I can win so I can use these flours

  22. Macaroons and Hazelnut bundt cake!

  23. I think I am going to have to try those Macaroons soon!

  24. Happy birthday! Those look amazing!

  25. Shelley W says:

    Happy birthday! Those macaroon look delicious!

  26. I love Bob’s Red Mill products! I use their almond meal all of the time, as well as flax meal (those “bran” pumpkin muffins of yours are delicious, Carolyn) and garbanzo bean flour (I make a mean farinata).

  27. Hmmm…I love Bob’s red meal. I use the almond meal a lot, but have been wanting to try the hazelnut meal and the xanthum gum. I think I would try that hazelnut chocolate chip bundt cake first! :D

  28. Kathy Holley says:

    Your website has changed my life. I have made so many of your wonderful recipes, and I, too, love Bob’s Red Mill.

  29. First thing I’d make is that lovely bundt cake! Happy Birthday! (I turn 40 as well, next month.)

  30. I’d definitely make some coconut desserts and that hazelnut cake- oh yum!

  31. I will try the macaroons!

  32. Breakfast!! The pictures of the pancakes are making me hungry :)

  33. How exciting! I’ve been wanting to try some of your recipes, but haven’t gotten around to buying ingredients yet.

  34. Ashley G says:

    I love Bob’s!! I didn’t know they had hazelnut flour, though! YUM! :D

  35. I would definitely make the Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bunt Cake! Thanks for sharing these!

  36. Susan Thompson says:

    I’ve never bought the hazelnut flour before. I think I would have to try some hazelnut chocolate cookies. Maybe even some waffles!

  37. Happy birthday – I think i would have to try the hazelnut bundt cake

  38. Peggy Cole says:

    I’m just beginning to use Bob’s Red Mill products, but I’ve baked a couple of things with almond flour and coconut flour. Would love to try the hazelnut flour for that cake as well as make the macaroons!

  39. I would love to try the hazelnut meal!!! Chocolate + hazelnut is my jam.

  40. I’d have to make those coconut flour pancakes with extra coconut!

  41. Michelle says:

    Those macaroons look absolutely delicious – I would make those first, for sure! :)

  42. Kate Troxell says:

    I love all your recipes, and I’m a big fan of Bob’s Red Mill too!

  43. Julie Cole says:

    The hazelnut bundt cake would be my first choice.

  44. Happy birthday! The xanthan gum is amazing. This remind me to try your bran muffins

  45. Happy Birthday to You! Would love to try the hazlenut meal – I haven’t ever seen it in any of the stores I frequent.

  46. I’ve never tried the hazelnut meal and would be excited to experiment with it!

  47. i would make a pie with coconut and hazelnut flour crust

  48. Dawn Dahlgren says:

    Happy Birthday!! I would make that awesome looking Hazelnut bunt cake! I use the coconut flour but have not seen the hazelnut in my area.

  49. With Passover on the horizon I will for sue be making low carb macaroons. Never liked the ones in a can and yours look fabulous.

  50. I would love to try to make chocolate-hazelnut macarons with the hazelnut meal.

  51. I love their golden flaxseed – use it for muffins and crackers all the time!

  52. I’m really interested in trying the xanthan gum!

  53. Happy Birthday to you! I would makes all my favorites!! Those are exactly the same 5 I would pick if I had to choose my favs!!

  54. Christina M says:

    I would love to make some coconut scones with the coconut flour and shredded coconut!!

  55. I hooked on your biscotti recipes, in fact I’m making the chocolate hazelnut ones this morning! Hazelnut flour, my favorite!

  56. Forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  57. Um…You’re 40?!?

    Girl, I want to have some of whatever you’re having…oh and some of that hazelnut meal.

  58. Amazing! Happy Birthday to you! Those coconut pancakes have been calling my name…!

  59. I love hazelnut! The hazelnut chocolate bunt cake looks delicious. Happy Birthday!

  60. Happy Birthday! I’ve never tried the Hazelnut flour but now want to so badly! Thanks for spreading the cheer on your special day!

  61. Happy, happy birthday! That hazelnut meal sounds divine. I use their flax seeds all the time and grind them as I need them! Love Bob’s Red Mill.

  62. I love pancakes so I think I would make a double coconut pancake.!

  63. I have never seen hazelnut flour, that sounds soooo good!!! And those cookies sound great!

  64. I use their coconut flour in all sorts of things, but I would probably first make scones.

  65. Love the coconut flour and the flax seed! Would love to try the hazelnut meal.

  66. wow wow wow! this is my dream giveaway! I just bought $20 worth of Bob’s Red Mill and after one batch of cookies, it’s half gone. I need more low carb baking products & quick! they also could save on shipping, since I live in the same area as the mill… just saying :)

  67. I just bought my first Bob’s Red Mill product this past weekend. Would love to try more!

  68. Stuftmama uses these products a lot! I’ve been wanting to make her Creamy Dreamy Ice Cream! You should check it out :) Happy birthday! You’re still looking like you’re 20!

  69. your Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake sounds amazing!

  70. Just wanted to say that I have made your lemon poppy seed bundt cake 3 times in the last month, and every person (including the regular carbers) have gone NUTS over it. So thanks!

  71. I’m totally making those pumpkin muffins

  72. Antoinette says:

    Definitely the macaroons!

  73. Happy Birthday! I’d be making those macaroons!! xx

  74. I have been dying to make the Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. That’s what I would try making first!

  75. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carolyn!

  76. Maybe cookies or granola.

  77. Happy Birthday! Great products and a great company!

  78. Happy Birthdayyy! I love Bob’s red mill coconut flour. It tastes amazing, maybe because I really like the texture of the product after it’s finished. I always make coconut flour ‘mug cake’ for breakfast! :D I would love to try the xanthan gum tho, I never really knew what it was for, even now. haha

  79. I’d love to try the pancake recipe!

  80. Those coconut flour pancakes look delicious. I would love to try them!

  81. I made the panini bread yesterday. It turned out great. What a treat for a person who can not eat bread.

  82. I am DYING to make homemade Samoas Girl Scout Cookies!

  83. Linda S. says:

    I think I’d try hazelnut biscotti.

  84. Happy Birthday!!

  85. Stephanie C. says:

    Cranberry Almond Macaroons

  86. I am looking thru this site frequently and have made pancakes with almond flour. I am just getting started on this journey and trying to overhaul my diet completely for health reasons and blood sugar issues. It seems overwhelming at first. But I am taking my time learning as much as I can and stocking a pantry with such goodies as you have mentioned. Have already used almost a whole bag of both golden flaxseed meal and almond flour/meal and coconut flour from Bob’s Red Mill. I have used shredded coconut in smoothies and coconut butter in bread. I have never used hazelnut meal but your recipe sounds delish!! I just ordered guar gum and psyllium husk powder and nutritional yeast flakes from the internet for several other recipes I am wanting to try. Hope I win. Thanks for the opportunity and I am very pleased with Bob’s Red Mill myself. All this stuff is all new to me. I’m a novice. smile

  87. Oooh! I want to make macaroons now! Happy Birthday!

  88. Local stores have stopped carrying coconut flour and I’ve been out for awhile, so I’d probably make pancakes or cheese biscuits if I won.

  89. I would love to make something with the Hazelnut Meal! I haven’t worked with hazelnut meal yet so that would be exciting!

  90. G.Parker says:

    I eat flaxseed in my oatmeal every day, and I think coconut would be a yummy addition to oatmeal as well!

  91. I use the flaxseed to make 1-minute cinnamon microwave muffins….and we always have a stash of frozen coconut flour waffles in the freezer.

  92. I would start by making muffins!

  93. Ooh, how rude of me–Happy Birthday to You. smile. You’re still a mere pup. :-)

  94. Melanie E. says:

    I would try the bundt cake, absolutely!!!

  95. First of all…. Happy Happy Birthday Carolyn!! Woo Hoo! Have a wonderful Day! :)

    What would I make with Bob’s Red Mill Products? Well, what wouldn’t I make with them is the question. Lol! I’ve used so many of your recipes to bake the most wonderful low carb items. Pancakes, waffles, cookies, Donuts, muffins, breads, and the list goes on! I am so grateful for the wonderful recipes that you have provided and these products from Bob’s Red Mill have saved my Type I diabetic hubby from a very boring existence. Now I can vary his diet and not worry about high blood sugar episodes. I think his most favorite item is the Pumpkin coconut bread recipe made with Bob’s Red Mill Golden Flax seed meal, Coconut Flour and Xanthan Gum. I use this recipe to make muffins. I make a big batch if I know that we will be traveling and put them in the cooler so that he can have them for breakfast. There isn’t a day that I don’t use Bob’s Red Mill products.
    Thank You again Carolyn for the recipes, and Thank You Bob’s Red Mill for making these products available!

  96. Beth Miranda says:

    I would make that hazelnut cake, yum! My 40th is in August, would be a great birthday cake!

  97. My hubby would go nuts over those coconut bites!

  98. I have never used hazelnut flour so I would love to try the Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

  99. First of all, Happy Birthday!
    Now, what I would make would take a while to decide as every recipe I see on your site sounds even better than the one before. I use almond meal/flour, flax seed meal, coconut flour, xanthan gum and coconut almost every day but I’ve never used the hazelnut meal so I would definitely find one of your recipes to use that first and, actually, that Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake sounds fantastic!
    Thanks for the giveaway; it makes life more interesting!

  100. I am making low carb lemon bars with the coconut flour right now! Yum!

  101. Happy Birthday! Those macaroons look like a good place to start :)

  102. I’ve been making my own almond milk (it’s 100 times tastier than anything you can buy in the store) and then using the almond pulp to make grain-free “granola” with it. With the almond pulp, I put all sorts of seeds and nuts and I think these different sorts of meal and the coconut would be a perfect addition!

  103. Mary Hall says:

    I’d make a (gluten free) bread!

  104. Happy Birthday, Carolyn! Hope you had a grand day. I use Bob’s products all the time, but think your Hazelnut chocolate cake looks particularly good. That would be my starter recipe.

  105. I love Bob’s Red Mill. I have to have a gluten free diet, so there range of alternatives is super awesome! :D

  106. Happy, Happy Birthday Carolyn!!! As I have a good amount of experience in the 4th decade of life, I can assure you that it’s the best yet. Cheers!

  107. I’d make a special birthday cake for our gluten free friends. Thanks for offering the chance to win. We love Bob’s Red Mill products.

  108. Happy Birthday! I would used the golden flax seeds for my buttermilk low carb bread and the hazelnut flour in an italien chocolate torte.

  109. I can’t wait to make your Light and Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes!

  110. I’d make pancakes!!

  111. Skylar S says:

    I’m still relatively new to low-carbing, but I’d love to try the coconut flour pancakes. They sound so delish!

  112. Pat Garay says:

    I would most definitely make that hazelnut chocolate bundt cake! Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. First thing I would make is the hazelnut chocolate cake…it’s calling my name. :)

  114. I would love to make the cranberry almond macaroons! Those look delicious!!

  115. Hi Carolyn, I hope you have had a wonderful birthday! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. I have recently moved to a low carb diet because I felt I had completely let myself go. When I would try and “low fat diet” I was starving all the time and I knew I needed to take a different path. Since cutting the carbs my life has changed dramatically. I am in great form, I have energy and I have lost 20lbs and I don’t feel deprived. However, I am somewhat of a cake junky and it was the only thing that I was really missing from the way I used to eat. And because of this I thank you. Your blog has been an inspiration. I love reading about each of your recipes and how they came about and making them (or at least trying to :)) has been something I have really enjoyed doing. Looking forward to future culinary adventures :)

  116. Connie Narr says:

    I would love to try your “Light and Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes ” They look so good

  117. I like Bob’s Red Mill products….would love to win these. Happy 40th, my daughter turns 40 this week too. Of course I am not any older LOL. I really enjoy your recipes..have tried several Thanks for all of them

  118. All of us in my family are GF and my husband and I are also LC. I have really been craving some pancakes, so I would first make pancakes!
    Thanks for all the great recipes:)

  119. Cherry Hazelnut Macaroons for sure! Happy Birthday Carolyn!

  120. David Marshall says:

    Congrats on 40! Love the blog and mornings wouldn’t be the same around here without your recipes. I’ve yet to try hazelnut flour and that bunt cake looks like a great place to start.

  121. I would make coconut pancakes…LOVE them! :)

  122. I would love to try the hazelnut flour, too. The bundt cake looks awesome! Thanks for these amazing recipes. :)

  123. Meghan Finley says:

    I’m thinking cupcakes

  124. I’m dying to make your vanilla ice cream recipe with the xanthan gum! (Will provide my own vodka…)

  125. Happy Birthday Carolyn! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family. I’ve always enjoyed using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free products, their coconut flour is in my cupboard right now and I just made some muffins with it the other day!

  126. Must try the pumpkin “bran” muffins! Love pumpkin and love Bob’s Red Mill golden flax seed, which I use in smoothies and grainless granola.

    Sending birthday blessings!

  127. Happy Happy 40th Birthday
    Love your recipes and love Bob’s Red Mill.

  128. I really like their products and your blog – a perfect match. Happy Birthday – I loved turning 40 – thought wow this is cool!! I would be so excited to win those cookies sure look good – think I’d give them a try.

  129. Happy 40th….Is it just me or are the people turning 40 these days looking more like “late-20’s/early 30’s-ish???…Forty is so YOUNG…now!!

    Moving on…I would make every single recipe here…especially the hazelnut chocolate chip bundt…and I have a favorite family dessert “Filbert Torte”….from an old 1984 “Best of Food and Wine” cookbook… which uses a full pound of ground hazelnuts!..The page is stained/”loved” beyond recognition as I make this at least once a year…twenty-five years running!…Love that Bob’s …and filberts are so Oregonian!!!…My sister lives five minutes from the Bob’s Red Mill HQ!!…Very friendly …”family feel” environment…they have great tours and a superlative café as well!

  130. Happy birthday and thanks for thinking of us with Bob’s Red Mill Products! Love them!

  131. You had me at macaroons… or was it bundt cake…?

  132. Happy belated birthday!!

    I just saw the hazelnut flour in the store last week and almost bought it but didn’t, so I would love this mix to try your Chocolate Hazelnut Bundt Cake. This gluten free is all pretty new to me since I just diagnosed myself with gluten sensitivity because the Drs.. couldn’t find anything wrong with me by doing CT scans, MRI’s , etc, etc. I decided to try gf and guess what I ‘fixed’ myself!!

  133. I’ve never tried Hazelnut flour – so I would start with that. I find it a bit funny that you’re talking about Bob’s Red Mill and there is a King Arthur flour mug in the back of your muffin photo. LOL I like both companies!

    • LOL, that’s funny, I never even clicked to that. I think KAF is great but since I can’t use flour anymore, I just use some of their kitchen products!

  134. The first thing I’d make? A paleo coconut bread recipe I’ve had my eye on for a week now! But cupcakes isn’t out of the question, either ;)

  135. Jennifer Reda says:

    i’d make a coconut pie!!

  136. Tonnia Williams says:

    I love BMPs. I just bought some Xanthum Gum yesterday. :)

  137. Linda Gangitano says:

    My family also loves hazelnut and would start with the bundt cake

  138. Pamela Moore says:

    I would use the coconut for a crust for key lime pie!

  139. Happy birthday! I’d make the pancakes first. :-)

  140. Beth Endres says:

    Shredded coconut is a staple for my Low Carb, High Protein Energy Bars. Can’t make it through the day without!

  141. I hope that you had a FABULOUS 40th!! I agree, giving the “perfect” gift is the best feeling!

  142. Happy birthday Carolyn!! Hope you’re enjoying it :) I’d try your coconut flour pancakes – I’m still trying to perfect a recipe and these look absolutely scrumptious.

  143. Jill Hartley says:

    I would love to make bread or muffins first!!!

  144. I would love to try the Hazelnut flour — I have fallen in love with the Bob’s almond flour/meal and would love to try others. Your blog is my favorite — I think we have the same tastes! :-)

  145. Happy Birthday!! the food looks amazing as always..

  146. I would make one of your brilliant recipes of course :)

  147. Ouida Lampert says:

    I didn’t know about the hazelnut meal, so the first thing I would make would be something using that. Maybe a flourless nut torte. Yum.

  148. Been trying to cut back on flour, this would help me expand!

  149. I love BRM. This is a great prize. I also love going to the Mill in Oregon, lots of fun.

  150. I would love to try your cake recipe with hazelnuts.

  151. Julie Richardson says:

    Happy Birthday! The Coconut Flour Pancakes look delicious! I will definitely have to try this recipe. Thanks!

  152. stephanie clark says:

    Your Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake sounds perfect for my in-laws. They love anything hazelnut and I love making bundts for company.

  153. Happy Birthday! What birthday cake did you bake yourself? I’m dying to make that chocolate hazelnut bundt cake!

  154. Oh, I think I would make that bundt cake first….but muffins, coconut bread and cookies afterward. I forgot how much I missed my wheat-based bundt cake – I would love a g-f alternative.

  155. I love to make granola energy bites and have used Bob’s Flax Seed Meal in them before! They have such great products. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn! Hope you had a very happy birthday.

  156. I’ve always wanted to try the hazelnut, so that would be first since most of the other products I use regularly.

  157. Many happpy returns! I’ll have to try the hazelnut Bundt cake. It looks awesome! I just sent my daughter a Bob’s Red Mill care package! Her birthday is next week, and she’s been doing so well on low Carb that I made her promise to make herself a birthday cake from your website!

  158. Dinah Sutton says:

    All of your recipes look awesome…I love the macaroons…

  159. I’m not sure, but I have their bread flour in my bread machine right this min.

  160. I haven’t tried any of the low-carb flours or mixes. I am craving cake so much these days, and I have an amazing looking strawberry cake pinned on Pinterest I really want to try!

  161. Marion Summers says:

    Definitely cranberry macaroons. Also need to try xanthene gum.

  162. Gina Jester says:

    That Hazelnut Chocholate Chip Bundt Cake looks heavenly. I love all things hazelnut!!!

  163. I would have to make the macaroons, pancakes and bunt cake…and most everything else on the blog!!

  164. Kathleen Davis says:

    I would make pizza crust! Yum! PIZZA!

  165. My husband loves macaroons! Those Cranberry Almond macaroons look like just the thing to make and surprise him!

  166. rachel bradford says:

    Pancakes! Yum.

  167. I would love to win this, I will be turning 40 on March 17 and I could make me something special withouth falling off the wagon!

  168. I would love to win this giveaway to stock up my pantry so I can make yummy low carb goodies for my husband and me to enjoy on our new Eating plan! Thanks!!

  169. Don’t know what I would bake, but sure it would be interesting! Lol……HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  170. The Cranberry Almond Macaroons will be the 1st recipe I’ll try!!

  171. Laura Ann Glover says:

    I love Flax in my shakes! I can not weight to try Coconut Flour in a cake!

  172. Sunshine Schulenberg says:

    That Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake looks quite yummy. I might have to make some now! :) Happy Birthday!

  173. Mmmmm…I have my eye on that Hazelnut bundt. YUM!

  174. Joy Denise says:

    I would start with that Hazelnut bundt cake! There are a number of your recipes I would like to try! Happy Birthday!

  175. Happy Birthday! I have a soft spot for coconut macaroons, so that would probably be my first go-to recipe!

  176. Judy Snitchler says:

    I definitely make muffins! I use the flax seed all the time in my shakes. I just grind them in the blender before I add my liquid and other ingredients.

  177. If I won your giveaway, I would make those delicious looking Macaroons. Thanks for sharing your birthday!

  178. I’ve only ever used their flaxseed, but I’m getting back into low carb and eager to try some other products!

  179. Being unfamiliar with these products, I don’t know what I would make. If I was lucky enough to win, I would consider it a chance to learn. I’d have to google up some ideas and try them.

  180. Pancakes would be on top of the list!

  181. First would be some kind of banana muffin with hazelnut meal and flax…and then some cookies of course. :)

  182. Cookies likely……:)

  183. Your baked goods look fabulous!

  184. just made a hazlenut cake last night and it was yummo. I love baking it’s nice that these product are easily found.

  185. Holly Ellerton says:

    I would love to try the coconut flour pancakes!

  186. I’ve wanted to try the hazelnut bundt cake for a while…so that one!

  187. Karlise G says:

    I think I’d have to go with pancakes or maybe some kind of bread so I could have toast with butter or something to dip in my egg yolks. Mmm. I miss eggs on top of buttered bread.

  188. I love Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Meal and Coconut Flour – I use them constantly for baking and for breakfast =) Would love the chance to try their Shredded Coconut and Hazelnut Meal!!

  189. Happy birthday!! Your hazelnut chocolate chip bundt cake looks like a good place to start!

  190. I would love to make them all but first try the pancakes…my kids love pancakes!!!

  191. Oh MY! Hazelnut sounds delicous! I would definitely go for the Hazlenut bundt cake first! YUMMM Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  192. Lisa Wilson says:

    Muffins for breakfast sound like a great treat!

  193. i use a lot of Bobs product but would LOVE to try the hazelnut meal!!!

  194. I would definitely make macaroons first and would snack coconut right out of the bag! I am a cocoNUT!

  195. i use a lot of Bobs product but would LOVE to try the hazelnut meal!!! I would make pancakes first then pumpkin muffins


    I’d make your Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake…I’ve not used hazelnut meal yet! I’d LOVE to give it a try….plus, it’s almost my birthday, too, so it would be a perfect time to try it and the recipe out! :)

  197. Sandra White says:

    I would make your pancakes and the hazelnut bundt cake :)

  198. I love Bob’s Red Mill. I would make a grain-free German Chocolate Cake with these ingredients for sure.

  199. I love Bob’s flaxseed meal for yogurt parfaits and baking and also their GF cornbread mix. Thanks for the chance!

  200. Michelle says:

    I don’t know what I would make first, maybe your pancakes? So many choices!

  201. Wow, lots of comments! First, I hope you had a great birthday! I think I would make something indulgent like the chocolate chip hazelnut bundt cake, but ‘legal’ at the same time!

  202. I think I would try your Hazelnut chocolate chip bundt cake!

  203. Mmmm the pictures are making my mouth water!

  204. Happy Big 40! Love Bob’s stuff! Want those cranberry macaroons ummm!

  205. Karen Olayo says:

    Happy Birthday! THanks for the opportunity to win!

  206. Jo-Anne Moreau Bougie says:

    Oh my gosh I would NOT know where to start.. All those recipes look fabulous!!!

  207. What would I make with these products? MIM’s of course!! Muffins in a Minute!

  208. What would you make first with these items?
    I would def be looking over your blog posts for new breakfast ideas. We love pancakes and cookies, “sweets” for the start of our day and I REALLY need to freshen life up!!!

  209. The 1st thing I would make is your peanut butter pie and then try some different pancake/crepe sort or recipes.

  210. I would live to try your blueberry muffins. The recipe is on my fridge. Happy bday!

  211. Happy Birthday Carolyn!! I would LOVE to try Coconut Flour, I keep hearing some great recipes with it

  212. Oh, wow…I’d go on a baking spree! I just saw a recipe online for a chocolate hazelnut cake! I’d probably start there! Happy Birthday!

  213. Haley Southey says:

    Something Chocolate!!! (: YUM!

  214. Low carb panini and sub bread! Thanks!

  215. Carolyn Curielli says:

    I would make coconut flour pancakes!

  216. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Definitely need to make the pumpkin “bran” muffins, yum.

  217. Happy Birthday! I would try anything with chocolate. This is the second week of low carb eating and I would kill for something chocolate!

  218. JennCutt says:

    Happy Birthday! I love their coconut flour – it’s good to use for my friends who have allergies to the almond flour. thanks!

  219. Happy Birthday Carolyn! It is so true, the older you get, the more you realize how much better it is to give than to receive. I love Bob’s Red Mill products – I’ve tried many of them, but not their hazelnut flour.

  220. I have not tried the hazelnut flour definately would make your bundt cake first

  221. Marsha Lynne says:

    coconut flour panckes sound fabulous

  222. I would have to make something with the Hazelnut meal because that’s one I haven’t tried yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  223. Happy birthday and I love your recipes. If I won, I would definitely make some hazelnut pancakes! And that Almond macaroon is irresistible!

  224. Cranberry Almond Macroons look yummy. I can’t wait to make them!

  225. Erin Rowan says:

    I LOVE to use their hazelnut flour! I use it in place of almond flour since I cannot have almonds. It works great! And it took me almost 2 years to go through a bag of xanthan gum to!

  226. Debbie Bray says:


  227. Erin Rowan says:

    Oh and I definitely have my eye on that hazelnut chocolate chip bundt cake! Yummy!

  228. Happy Birthday! Awesome giveaway!! I love Bob:)

  229. Shawna Meloy says:

    Happy birthday! I’ve used the gf mix & gf cornbread mix so.tasty! Would love to try the other stuff too!

  230. I love all the Bob’s Red Mill products I’ve tried so far and would love to try these. Not sure what I’d make…. but my wheels are turning!

  231. Happy Birthday I have tried the coconut flour & it was amazing. I would love to try the others especially the Hazelnut Flour & those macaroons look delicious.

  232. Kris Reeves says:

    I’d make biscuits! Yum!

  233. I could make some macaroons!

  234. Coconut flour pancakes!

  235. i’d make a pie!

  236. Hope you had a great birthday, Carolyn!

    I’d love to make something with hazelnut meal. Yum!

  237. I use Bob’s coconut flour, flax, almond…all of them! Love ‘em!

  238. Looking for healthy snacks for my kids.

  239. I already love all of these products… I’ll go through my favorite uses in a list :)
    –Hazelnut flour: Carolyn’s chocolate hazelnut mug cake
    –Golden flax meal: GF biscuits, GF pizza crust, quick muffins, added to granola… the list goes on!
    –Coconut flour: dark chocolate brownies (spiked with a little rum), pancakes
    –Xantham gum: a little sprinkle if I need some extra cohesion in baked goods
    –Shredded coconut: add it to my almond flour choco chip cookies

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  240. Stephanie says:

    Since I went low carb, I’ve been missing pancakes. So I’d definitely first try the Light and Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes. Love Bob’s Red Mill Products as part of my low carb pantry! Actually just going to make your Almond-Crusted Butter Cake – again! Have made it at least a dozen times now – loooooooove it!

  241. Dita MacDonald says:

    The first thing I would make if I won this Bob’s Red Mill giveaway would be the
    Pumpkin “Bran” Muffins. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway. I love all your recipes!!!!!

  242. Margaret Crook says:

    I’m new to the whole low-carb scene, and as of recent I’ve realized the overwhelming demand for flour and other products that Bob’s Red Mill has in stock. As they run a bit pricey, I have to hold myself back from buying as much as I’d like– I would definitely love to make more, and be able to try new recipes from your site (which I am in love with!) Thank you so much for all of the delicious recipes!

  243. Bake more low carb goodies!

  244. Brownie cheesecake for sure

  245. Happy Belated 40th Birthday! Just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful recipes you give us :)

  246. Oh I would most likely make a Hazelnut Chocolate Chip bunt cake! Looks way to sinful :) Then some coconut flour brownies, and I love making “Muffin in a Minute” buns with flaxseed for my egg muffin sammies in the morning or for my bacon cheeseburgers!

  247. Happy 40th birthday, Delicious. If I won I would like to try Bobs red mills coconut flour.

  248. Aww happy birthday- life is just beginning ;) I’ll be 42 on Saturday :(

  249. Jennifer says:

    Would love to make some coconut cookies!

  250. Love BRM!!! I would love to have those products stocked in my pantry too.

    Happy Birthday…belated as it is.

  251. Dyanne Spease says:

    I am sooo missing some FLUFFY pancakes, lol.

  252. Thanks for the generous giveaway! I’d make some chive and cheddar biscuits, Red Lobster- style.

  253. Pancakes or muffins!

  254. Hazelnut meal? Yes, please! I haven’t seen it here but since I discovered hazelnuts by using them in the Chocolate Nut Energy Bar, I will be scouring HEB’s shelves for it! Let’s see, sitting on my counter, I have Bob’s Coconut Flour and Xanthum gum out to make pancakes. In my fridge, I have open packages of the regular flaxseed meal (I go through the nut bars like they are candy, wait, they kinda are!) and the golden flaxseed meal (make pumpkin “bran” muffins last week). I have new packages of gluten free oats (I keep thinking I will figure out oatmeal cookies one of these days) and almond meal (absolutely perfect in your gingerbread scones). As for your 40th, all I can say is – Welcome to the 40s! Halfway through mine and, I can honestly say, I have LOVED my 40s. Happy Birthday, indeed!

  255. I found your website in Dr William Davis’ book, Wheat Belly. I can hardly wait to try some of your recipes. I think the first will be pancakes. Thanks for the blog! You have done the hard work. I will reap the rewards of it.

  256. I would make the coconut pancakes!

  257. Linda Thompson says:

    Oh, I would love to try the shredded coconut to make the Cranberry Almond Macaroons…those look so good!

  258. I would love to try some muffins with these ingredients. Happy Birthday to you!! I really enjoy your blog and recipes.
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  259. Kathie Ng says:

    I’ve just started exploring low-carb meals and baking happens to be one of my favorite pastimes! I would love to start incorporating different, healthier flours into my baking.

  260. Catherine H. says:

    I’ve been meaning to try those macaroons for a while.

  261. S. Harris says:

    Hmmm, I would make COOKIES!

  262. Coconut pancakes sound so awesome. Thanks!

  263. Ashley Smith says:

    I would like to try and make the hazelnut bundt cake with chocolate chips! I t sounds really good.

  264. I’d definitely have to try some hazelnut chocolate muffins with these ingredients. Bob’s Red Mill makes some amazing products, I’ve been wanting to try the hazelnut meal. Thanks for the giveaway!

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