Coffee and Music: Folgers Jingle Contest


iced coffeeI am not really a creature of habit or routine, I tend to crave variety in my day-to-day activities. But there is one morning ritual I simply can’t live without and that’s my coffee time. My preferred morning ritual is to get up at least a half hour before the kids, get a large cup of coffee, and sit down to my computer to write. In fact, I am doing that very thing at this moment. It’s my way of coming back to life and getting ready to face the day before the chaos of three young children descends upon me. Peace and quiet is a rarity in my house, so I savour it when I can get it. And it goes best with a cup of coffee.

Once the kids are up and about, it can get pretty hectic. Getting them all fed, dressed and ready for school seems to require me to be in 3 different places at once. One child needs more peanut butter, another can’t find her shoes, the third probably forgot to do his homework and now needs my help. It’s never a smooth process and it is definitely not a routine we have down pat. I am not sure we ever will! Once we’re out the door and into the car, I breathe a huge sigh of relief. And then I turn on the radio to our local pop station and we groove along on our way to school. It helps calm us all down and get us back to our happy places. And I get such a kick out of it when my three year old knows all the words to the latest pop song. She’s a walking juke box, that kid.


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So when Folgers asked me to help promote their annual Jingle Contest, which supports aspiring musicians, I happily agreed. Because whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, music plays a large part in all our lives. It is the most basic human art form, and it’s an integral part of all societies. It brings us together, it moves us, it teaches us. It can take the most arduous chore and make it enjoyable. When we want the kids to clean up, we crank up the music to turn it into a fun task. Music should be a part of every young person’s life and the Folger’s annual Jingle Contest helps support that. Plus it’s fun and you could win fantastic prizes just for voting for your favourite jingle!


Check it out: Folgers Jingle Contest



Vote for the best Top 10 Finalist in Folgers’ Jingle Contest! Meet the Top 10! Take a look at Folgers® Jingle Contest Finalists, and listen to the tracks that earned them a spot in The Top 10. Cast your vote once every day through June 19th. You could win exciting prizes, like free Folgers Coffee, iTunes® gift cards, signed CDs from Gavin DeGraw, and even a $10,000 Grand Prize just for voting! Before you vote, follow the Road to the Jingle on Facebook to see how they traveled the U.S. to track down the Top 10 contestants! Remember, you can vote once a day through June 19th! Click here for official rules.


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  1. says

    Loved reading about your morning routine Carolyn! I just wanted to jump right into your photos and grab that iced coffee, YUM!! :)

  2. says

    Wow I just listened to all 10 jingles – what fun! They were all so good and creative. Now to go back through to pick just one. I had 3 or 4 that I liked best but 2 in particular. So glad you shared this. I will forward this to friends.

    No doubt about it, it is the best part of waking up. Sitting down first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee helps me to put my day in perspective while it relaxes me. In fact as a little girl I use to sit on my daddy’s knee and sip his coffee. Who knew I’d be drinking it the same way he took it still 50 years later. Some things never change!

  3. Gladys says

    I clicked on your Folger link to discover dozens of coffee recipes.
    It will take some due consideration to convert them to low carb…however, it is possible.
    I never knew that there was so many taste options.
    There is no coffee company out there with better more heartwarming ads than Folders.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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