Low Carb Baking Essentials – Get the Right Tools!


My recommendations for all the best bakeware for your low carb kitchen. Plus a giveaway of a few of my all-time favourite baking items.

low carb baking collage

A few months ago, a friend texted me to ask if I had a mini-muffin pan she could use for her son’s birthday.  I laughed and texted back “Of course!  I have every baking pan known to man!”.   This isn’t strictly true, of course.  I am sure there is some bakeware out there that I don’t own.  But I do own a lot of it.  As in several-cupboards-and-a-large-shelving-unit-in-my-basement-are-full-of-baking-pans.  Because let’s face it, new bakeware is a bit of a cheap thrill.  The  majority of it is priced under twenty dollars, even the good non-stick stuff.  And buying a new pan in a fun new shape makes your old recipes seem exciting again.  Yep, it’s the little things in life.

I’ve been asked numerous times for my recommendations on bakeware and other low carb baking essentials, so I thought it was time to formalize it.  In reality, none of this stuff is “essential”.  You could get by with one cookie sheet, one round cake pan and a 9×13 rectangular pan.  But why would you want to?  The holidays are coming so if you love baking as much as I love baking, I suggest you send this link to this post to your friends and family.  Having lots of fun bakeware can definitely keep you on track in your low carb, gluten-free journey.

I’m also going to give away a few of my of my favourite pans and other baking items to one lucky reader!  Ironically, one of my favourite pans is one I once vowed never to own because I couldn’t see the purpose of it.  But I will eat crow and tell you that my muffin top pan is one of the most-used pans in my arsenal.  Oh yes, indeed!

The Basics:

Round 8-inch or 9-inch cake pans.  You need these, preferably 2 of them.  They need not be an expensive brand.  I can honestly say I don’t even know where mine came from, I’ve had them so long.  They are extremely useful and it’s easy to get low carb cakes out of them if you cut parchment circles for the bottom and grease them well.

9 by 13 inch rectangular pan.  You need this too, for brownies, bars and rectangular cakes.  Again, mine is so old, I don’t even know what brand it is or where I got it.

Magic Cookie Bars with Homemade Sweetened Condensed MilkLow Carb Magic Cookie Bars

8 x 8 inch square pan.  Some brownie and bar recipes call for a square pan (many of mine do).  These are also great for cakes.

Loaf pan.  It’s kinda hard to bake low carb bread if you don’t have a loaf pan.  They come in slightly different sizes.  I have an 8 x 5 inch pan from Wilton.  I also have a slightly larger 9 x 5 pan (brand unknown).  They seem to bake equally well and I haven’t even really had to adjust the baking times.

Standard muffin pan.  The ones by Wilton are good non-stick pans, but I still line them with liners most of the time, for easy removal and easy serving.  Plus I have a thing for pretty cupcake papers!  Mini muffin pans are also great…because  everyone loves a miniature muffin or cupcake.  I also use mine for baking mini tartlets.

Chocolate Pecan Pie MuffinsChocolate Pecan Pie Muffins

Cookie sheets.  I have a number of cookie sheets, some with the higher sides (also referred to as jelly-roll pans).  But I am partial to my larger, insulated baking sheet.  It keeps things from burning on the bottom, they bake more evenly and I find the larger size more useful when baking things that are rolled out, like crackers.

Springform pan.  Cheesecake is the ultimate low carb treat.  You need a springform pan so you can make a nice big one and release it easily.  I love my Kaiser pan because the bottom has a deep groove that the sides sit into.  It rarely leaks any oil from the bottom, as some other springform pans do.

Specialty Pans:

Muffin top pan.  I used to see these at the store and giggle a little, thinking it was a little silly to own a pan just to bake the tops of muffins.  Oh how I need to eat my words (and my muffin tops).  I received one in a package from Wilton a few years ago and I use it all the time now.  Muffin tops are really the perfect portion size, especially for little kids.  We love to make muffin tops out of my Almond Butter Cake and spread them with nut butter for breakfast.  I also love to make muffin tops from my Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe.  It makes 18 to 20 muffin tops and I freeze most of them for quick breakfasts during the week.

Homemade Mascarpone Cheese 3Muffin tops with homemade mascarpone cheese

Donut pan.  Let’s face it, there is no donut shop in the world that sells low carb donuts.  So it’s up to us to make our own!  I love my donut pan and I definitely recommend the Wilton one.  I had a cheaper one and it lost all of its non-stickability very quickly.

Bundt pan.  Cakes made in a bundt pan just look more…elegant.  I have several bundt pans, one from William Sonoma that cost more than it should and has funky sharp high peaks.  But I recently bought this traditional shaped Cuisinart one and I love it too.  The more rounded shape means it’s easier to grease and the glaze settles more evenly.

Low Carb Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake - Gluten-FreeLow Carb Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake

Mini Bundt pan I do love my Wilton mini bundt pan too.   Unlike some mini bundt pans, the center part of each cavity comes all the way to the top.  Which gives your mini bundt a hole all the way through the middle…perfect for filling with delicious things like lemon curd!

Tart pan with removable bottom.  If you’re going to make lovely large tarts with fluted edges, you need one of these.  The removable bottom is brilliant and you don’t risk breaking your lovely crust as you would with stationary tart and pie pans.  I also have a set of 6 small tartlet pans with removable bottoms that I love.

Mini cheesecake pan.  This little mini-cheesecake pan from Norpro is perfect for making tiny two-bite cheesecakes.  It’s incredibly non-stick.  Just make sure you put a pan under it while baking, because the little removable bottoms let oil drip through in your oven!

Mini Maple Pumpkin Cheesecakes 2Mini Maple Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Other Baking Essentials:

Parchment Paper.  Parchment paper is a low carb baker’s best friend so you should always have some on hand.  Low carb, gluten-free baked goods don’t hold together as easily as conventional treats, so parchment allows for quick release from cake pans.  It also allows you to roll out low carb cookie and pastry dough without having it stick to your roller!

Parchment paper liners.  I also love using the parchment paper muffin liners.  Unlike regular muffin papers, these are non-stick and your muffins practically fall right out of them.  No more peeling the paper off and losing half your muffin or cupcake!

Offset Spatulas.  Offset spatulas come in many sizes, but I find this little guy from Ateco the most useful.  I use it to spread the tops of my batter in pans, to spread frosting and to get under rolled-out cookies or pastry to gently lift it from the parchment.

Silicone baking mats.  These mats are as useful as parchment paper when baking low carb cookies and I use mine often.  I only have one…I really need a few more!

That’s it!  This is the bakeware that I have and love and that I would highly recommend to other people.  I have a few other specialty pans like an ice-cream sandwich pan and a square individual brownie pan, and even a star-shaped whoopie pie pan.  Most of these have been given to me and I don’t use them with any sort of frequency.  But they are rather fun!

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  1. Cheryl says

    I love to bake too and am thankful you have so many great low carb baking recipes! I find the silicone pans are helpful in low carb baking also. I have a mini tart and a muffin pan in silicone.

  2. Kristi says

    I like and use all my bakeware, but my favorite pan is my grandmothers old corning cornflower casserole dish, which I also use as bakeware.

  3. Jennifer says

    Love your blog! I’ve been re-learning how to cook low carb for the last year and somedays it’s a real challenge!! Thanks for the giveaway! These will help!

  4. Kirsten says

    Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for sharing this list.
    What are your thoughts on metal vs. glass for baking, such as loaf pans?
    Thank you!

    • Carolyn says

      I typically stick with metal. I do have some glass and ceramic bakeware and it’s good stuff, bakes up quite well. But a good non-stick metal coating really helps when dealing with low carb and gluten-free, so I mostly use that.

  5. Lorna S says

    My favorite baking pan is the jelly roll/cookie sheet pan. Not only does it adapt to so many recipes, but it also doubles as my kitchen ‘mule’. I use it to move multiple things at once from one place to another (think canning jars to the pantry shelves, condiments to the picnic table, etc). My cookie sheets get a real workout!

    • Lorna S says

      Oh, and I also use them to freeze things flat, i.e., fresh sliced peaches and bagged shredded zucchini. They also work great to catch the mess when I’m decorating cookies, candies and pouring liquid into containers. Great in the oven to catch spills, too. Just can’t live without my cookie sheets!

  6. Marion Summers says

    Current favorite is wilton jelly roll pan that I use to make cookies. I have been eyeing donut pans for a year and would love to win it! Thanks.

  7. Maggie says

    LOVE my 10×15 heavy metal jellyroll pan, bought back in the 1970’s–one of my first baking purchases. Not non-stick, which I prefer. Great for jellrolls, of course, as well as cookies and even beef jerky!

    • Lisa says

      I am new to the low carb gluten free lifestyle. I have a muffin top pan and it is awesome. I use it to make mini pizzas. Makes a crispier crust when its smaller.

  8. Leslie says

    My favorite and most used pan is my stoneware mini jelly pan. It’s perfect for single serving sizes and reheating leftovers in the toaster oven.

  9. P.J. says

    My workhorse pan is my cookie sheet, which gets used for everything from chocolate chip cookies, to roasting green chile and toasting nuts. My favorite fun pan, though, is my mini muffin pan. It’s so dang cute!

  10. Michelle Matos says

    My favorite pan is my muffin top pan! I use it for small sandwich rolls, whoopee pies and of course muffin tops! The next most used pan is my cookie sheet with the high edges. I love it!

  11. Serena says

    I’m with you on having an obscene amount of baking pans. I think my fave ‘uncommon’ pans are the Baker’s Secret Square springform pan (Frequently used to make your magic cookie bars!!) and my individual cheesecake pan (makes 6 small, not mini cheesecakes). I also have about 50 different silicone muffin cups and 24 mini muffin cups (in addition to actual silicone mini muffin pans). I find some dark non-stick pans over brown my almond flour baking and I don’t like that, so I’ve got almost as many silicone pans and forms as I do non-stick/metal.

  12. Beth says

    I am such a sucker for bakeware! I never thought of the usefulness of the muffin top pan before. Might have to get one of those! And I didn’t know about the parchment muffin liners. I will definitely have to get some of those!

  13. Alisa says

    The donut pan would be awesome to have (as would they all, but that one in particular is hardest to justify as a “necessary” purchase!)

  14. Carolyn says

    I have two favorites. One is an ancient round cake pan with a built-in turning arm that scrapes the bottom and sides to loosen the cake so it pops out perfectly. I love it so much I’ve scavenged Goodwills and garage sales to find more. I’m up to 3 now, perfect for our classic 3-layer birthday carrot cake. I also have a combo springform/bundt pan by a German company which I love. The gooey top of a cake is always tastier than the floury bottom, and with the bundt with removable sides I can serve our favorite pumpkin cranberry coffee cake right-side-up instead of flipping it over. Now I just need you to convert them to low-carb.

  15. Kathy says

    Too bad that Amazon.com and Amazon.ca can not co-ordinate to allow Canadians to enter the contests too…I would love to be part of the fun! I just ordered a 5 pound bag of almond flour from .ca so I can make your pumpkin spice cake for tomorrow’s dessert. Even though my children are long past the trick or treat stage, I know they are going to love THIS treat!

    • Serena says

      I know I’m still bitter Honeyville took so long to come to Canada, so I am a little biased. JK Gourmet sells it cheaper than Honeyville, and theirs is also a very fine grind. It’s where I prefer to buy mine. They also offer small discounts for purchases at the 20lb level and up. (Did I buy the 25lbs? Of course I did). I’m pretty fussy, and the JK Gourmet flour is fine enough for cake baking- my relatives had no idea it was a cake made from almond flour, not wheat flour. And they had thirds…

  16. Ruth says

    I have tried so many of your recipes …first one was last fall the maplepumpking mini cheesecake…I used my silicone cupcakes and they worked wonderful… I would love to try something in the donut pan!!!
    Smiles, Ruth

  17. Brook says

    My favorite is a toss up between my glass 9×13, which I use for everything, and my bread loaf pan, because I love the low carb bread I make with it so much! lol

  18. says

    I’ve been wanting to buy a donut pan for a long time, and I’ve never tried parchment muffin liners, but I sure do love regular parchment paper. I use it all the time, not just for baked goods, but for things like baked chicken breasts and roasted vegetables. Nothing sticks!

  19. Bonnie says

    I don’t know about a favorite as such, but I recently got my first tart pan, and it’s quite a revelation – way cooler than a pie pan! :o)

  20. Cassandra d says

    My favorite baking pan is a beautiful molded loaf pan with an autumn pumpkin motif. It was a gift from a family friend. It’s not the easiest to grease but it works beautifully. Most recently used it for Carolyn’s pumpkin-coconut loaf. When I had to cut out sugar and try to go low-carb, I thought I’d never get to use it again! I’m happy to have it back in rotation. Thanks for hosting a generous giveaway!

  21. Christina M says

    My favorite baking pan is my mini cheesecake pan, however mine is gradually losing its non-stickability! But it’s by far the funnest pan to use in my kitchen!

  22. BeckyR. says

    My favorite pan would have to be, I suppose, one that I use most frequently. I have two cookie sheets (jelly-roll pans) that I bought from a supplier at our school kitchen. They’re not really anything special, just perfect sizes and lightweight. As for the muffin top pans… I’d have to admit still being in the mindset that you had previously found yourself. I mean, your muffin top still has a bottom, after all – ha ha.

  23. Lisa says

    I hate to admit it but I’m not much of a cook HOWEVER it’s never too late and I’m a low carber (I know that is not a real word) so I’m VERY interested in low carb recipes as well as the essentials for making them. Wonderful blog, awesome giveaway!

  24. Eric says

    I use my tart pans with removable bottoms most frequently, partly because I like the look or a tart more than a pie. Weird, but true.

  25. Monica says

    It would be very great if I won this package. I am new to baking and Gluten free diet, so I need them so that I can start cooking all of these wonderfully delicious recipes. :-)

  26. Kristin says

    My favorite baking pan of the moment is my mini muffin pan, but I would love to try a muffin top pan for making gluten free and low carb treats!

  27. Jen says

    I bake a lot in stoneware. Would love to try a muffin top pan and my kids were just complaining that my baked doughnuts have flat bottoms!

  28. Allyson Oberts says

    I don’t really have a favorite baking pan… I’m really rather new to the whole baking thing. I’m a recent college grad and simply haven’t tried my hand with much baking prior (unless you count the box mixes…). I’m excited to see what I can make from scratch!

  29. Marcia says

    I had to laugh because I too have a “need” for so many pans!! I often find great pans at my local Goodwill for just a couple of bucks – I wait and only buy the good stuff. I love your site and your recipes – thank you sooooooo much!!

  30. Mari says

    I love my muffin top pans and my cookie sheets. I am going to have to break down and buy a donut pans. Recipes are everywhere for low carb donuts, and I have to get in on that!

  31. Debra Schramm says

    I added several of your suggested baking pans to my Amazon wish list! I’d love to win this giveaway and try baking low carb doughnuts!

  32. Jill Hartley says

    LOL this is purely pregnancy craving… right now a donut pan! I’m craving a chocolate donut in the WORST way!!!

  33. Mandy says

    I “love” my heart-shaped muffin silicone pan! (Well, I love all my silicone pans, but there is just something special about eating heart-shaped frittatas or meat muffins!)

  34. Betty Anne says

    I need more non-stick muffin pans. I’ve been searching for the parchment liners in my local stores with no success.

  35. Karen says

    I don’t have any fancy pans, but I have been getting ready for the holidays by using my pie pans a lot for low carb pumpkin pies.

  36. Karen says

    I’d like to try making homemade gluten-free hamburger buns with the muffin top pan. Do you think it would work?

  37. Maureen says

    Love your blog!!! I have made your peanut butter fudge brownies many times! They are always a big hit and no even knows they are low carb!!!

  38. says

    I do most all my baking in a countertop convection oven, so my pans are modified down. I have a six mini loaf silicone “pan” Well, I had a six loaf, I cut it down to two three loaf pans so I could use it in my oven. My actual favorite is a 9″ square silicone I can use for cakes or for chickens. I put it on one of the oven’s cooking sheets for stability. I watch for sales and pick up new pans…kind of an obsession

  39. Elizabeth says

    I personally use a lot of silicone bakeware these days. I have trouble with the muffin pan though. Once I get all of the cups filled, it’s very difficult trying to get the pan into the oven because the filled pan has nothing to support it in the middle. Needless to say, I could definitely use some new kitchen items :0)

  40. Sharlene says

    My favorite cooking essential is the silicone muffin liners. Thank you for you site and all you do to make our life better.

  41. Lisa Sedtal says

    My favorite pan is my muffin pan. I found a good recipe and make muffins all the time. My husband’s favorite is the spring form pan for cheesecake which he likes to make.

  42. Faith says

    My favorite is my mini-bundt pan – I would LOVE to win the muffin top pan – or anything! Simply love your recipes – you have been a lifesaver many times. Thank you. Faith.

  43. C says

    I would love to win~ I love my donut pan I got this past summer but I really need a bundt pan so I stop borrowing my grandmother’s! lol

  44. Sharron Timmins says

    Okay, get you on the shipping costs thing, but perhaps next time, you’ll consider offering us Canucks an opportunity to win some goodies. I, for one, would be willing to pay for the shipping costs if it meant I didn’t have the chore of having to go buy this stuff! :-)

    Lovin’ your site AND the recipes!

    • Carolyn says

      Being a Canadian, you know I feel for you. I have to ship all of my Xmas presents to family in Canada and oy, it’s a pretty penny! Wish Amazon.ca wasn’t so limited.

  45. kymber says

    I’ve never been a baker…so I don’t have a favorite pan. All I really have is my cookie sheets, but really want and need others!

  46. debbie says

    It’s always fun to get a new pan, I agree ! I’m thinking the donut pan would be fun. I like your ideas for the muffin top pan and think I need a second one, do all my baking in one batch! The freezer is my friend.

  47. Linda Mc says

    Oh, what a sweet giveaway! I was looking at these pans at Michaels and wishing about getting them. Lol, I really need the donut pan! Thanks for the chance to get one.

  48. mindy says

    I have a donut pan on my Christmas wish list but now… thanks to you, I will add a Muffin Top pan! Thanks for this list.

  49. Sherie LaPrade says

    My favorite cooking pan is my cookie sheet by far, I use it for everything! It’s not the perfectly flat kind, it has slightly raised sides so occasional sauces don’t run over, I love it!

  50. Cyn Tolstyga says

    my fav pans are any that I can bake with ease! non-stick and durabel, all of the listed above for giveaway fit that category! love them1

  51. Gina Demaree McKee says

    My favorite baking pan has got to be our muffin tin! We cook so many more things than just muffins in them!

  52. Debbie Jennings says

    I didn’t know my beloved parchment paper came in liners!!! Thank you….can’t wait to get some of those. What a fabulous giveaway – thank you so much for the opportunity. You included in it all the goodies I decided I MUST have as you described them. : )

  53. Lisa says

    I love the muffin top pan (they are perfect for ‘hamburger’ cakes), but I had to leave it and a lot of my other baking pans behind when I moved, so I’d absolutely LOVE to win!

  54. S. Harris says

    My favorite baking pan is my *new* donut pan I just got. Its FUN to make donuts!!! It’s even funner (not a word, I know) to EAT gluten free donuts! Yay donuts.

  55. Carol says

    My favorite pans are anything made by USA Pans. Nothing sticks to them. Be careful taking your pizza out of the oven. If you tip it, the pizza will slide right off!!!!

  56. Monica says

    My favorite pan is really just my plain ol cookie sheet. I love scones, cookies, macaroons all of which just need a simple cookie sheet.

  57. Jamie K says

    I think I will be asking for a donut pan for Christmas :) I have resisted so far, because i have several specialty pans I don’t use that often…but man. Donuts. My favorite baking pan right now is a square muffin pan I have. I use it all the time, because it’s my biggest muffin pan (makes the most, not bigger in muffin size) I have, and people go CUH-RAZY for it. The idea of a square muffin/cupcake seems to make people even happier than the muffin/cupcake itself. LOL.

  58. Bryony Blood says

    So far for my favorite baking pan I guess it would be my loaf pan because I love bread loaf shaped things, ha! However, I think my favorite would become a mini muffin pan or mini cheesecake pan (s) if I had them :)

  59. Della says

    I cannot thank you enough for your work! You make eating fun again for someone with diabetes! Your recipes are amazing :>)

  60. Julie B. says

    My favorite is my mini muffin pan, because I like to make mini quiches for potlucks and they always look impressive.

  61. Dani says

    I made your black and white muffins and shared them with some non-low carb friends. … they didn’t even know the difference! :)

  62. Holly Ellerton says

    I love to bake. I am not sure one is my favorite. They all have a purpose, but if I have to pick one it would be my half-sheet pans.

  63. Peggy Cole says

    I love to bake too, my favorite pan is my springform pan, since going low carb, I use it and muffin pans every week. Would like to try the mini bundt pan, since there’s only two of us, a whole bundt cake is usually too much.

  64. says

    I always thought the muffin top pans were silly, too, until we started low-carbing. Now I use a muffin top pan to bake “buns” for our Egg McMuffin-style breakfast sandwiches. Num!

  65. Dita says

    My favorite pan would be a donut pan. I love your site and your terrific recipes. They help keep me on my LC lifestyle.

  66. Paula says

    I have 2 of the cheaper donut pans and after 6 months they are for sure losing their non-stick ability…which ticks me off! :) I have a good spring form and most basic pans. I’d love some better bakeware.

  67. Maria Hicks says

    I love my mini muffin pan for making bite size treats, but would LOVE to get a muffin top pan! Think I’ll have to get one now … that is the best part of a muffin! (:

  68. Maureen M. says

    I have wanted a muffin top pan and a donut pan for ages! They have been “saved for later” in my Amazon cart for so long. I just haven’t gotten around to buying them yet. I do have mini-cheesecake pans that I love, and use a bunch.

  69. Jackie says

    I don’t have a muffin top pan (reason as you mentioned, Carolyn), but my favorite would be the donut pan. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. Hope I win!

  70. Jess says

    Mini things are so cute, but I love the versatility of my regular size muffin/cupcake pans because I can make more sweet OR savory items 😀

  71. Pam says

    I am having difficulty getting the giveaway entry to load. I’ve tried both on my laptop and my tablet, and it won’t seem to load. Any suggestions? I would love the muffin top pan! I have debated buying it too many times!! 😉

  72. Nancy Meek says

    I have some USA made baking pans I bought with ridges and nothing EVER sticks to them – and they’re not teflon or your typical non-stick surface. I would love to have some mini muffin pans and doughnut pans (which I didn’t know existed until I read this blog). Since eating this way, I’ve learned how important parchment paper is, and would love to get the silicone sheet. I learn so much from your blog! Thank you!

  73. says

    Hands down, my favorite pan is always the muffin pan. I love other fun baking pans though. I’ve always felt I needed a donut pan in my life, not sure why. Mini loaf pans are also fun, but the muffin pan is such a classic. I could use a new one since mine is pretty rusty, so thanks for a chance to win this awesome giveaway!!:)

  74. Tina says

    The muffin top pan is my favorite by far. Who doesn’t love muffin tops? Except when they are on our bodies of course :)

  75. KellyJo says

    I have these pyrex storage containers I use to send food in my husband’s lunch, but they are also great for making Jiffy English Muffins in the mic or baking small serving items in the oven.

  76. Terry says

    I love my silicone mat – that and parchment paper – I don’t know what I did without them…………especially when making cookies!

  77. says

    Parchment paper! That’s the most essential baking tool in my meager arsenal of baking pans and such. When it comes to cookie baking time, my two cookie sheets become many. :-)

  78. Cami says

    Muffin top pans! So THAT’S what those are, I’ve been seeing them and wondering what the heck to do with them, thank you for clearing that up for me 😀 yes, I’m baking challenged hehehe. Looking forward to making more almond meal recipes <3

  79. says

    Love your blog! I just started eating low carb and you gave me hope I could still enjoy food! I love a pyrex pie pan I have. It is pretty and easy to clean!

  80. suzi says

    I would say the donut pan because I do not have one and have a bunch of printed baked donut recipes I have been wanting to try. thanks for the chance!

  81. Leigh Ann Hofferth says

    I have yet to try silicone pans. Will try soon! And, I’ve never owned a mini muffin pan! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  82. Susan says

    What a lovely thing for you to do for us!! You have just posted the Christmas list I need to get for my step-daughter and my future DIL – they both love to bake. Awesome giveaway – thank you so much!!!

  83. Sherrie says

    Sorry, my computer has taken over and entered a blank entry….I think :-%
    My favorite is any Pampered Chef Stoneware but it’s a toss up as to which one gets used the most. Probably the most versatile would be my 9×15 that used to be called a jelly roll pan.
    Thanks for all the great recipes and useful information! You’re the greatest!!!!!

  84. Karen Anthony says

    I’m an old fashion girl, I love my cast iron skillets. I use a 10″ to bake krupsula or dutch baby in. I’d made it with almond flour would like to try coconut flour. We top it will blueberries & sliced banana..yummy! Karen Anthony

  85. Donna says

    Didn’t know there were parchment muffin liners. Even if I don’t win them (but I REALLY want to) I’ll have to have some. Hate it when half the muffin sticks to the liner.

  86. Nancy says

    I love my stoneware. I have a pizza stone but really love my larger stone bowl that is the closest thing I have to a Dutch oven and use it for stews and other one pot meals and cook them on low for long periods of time in the oven.

  87. Angie Jerde says

    I would have to say the basic cookie sheet because it is so versitile. I would love to venture out and discover new ways of baking!

  88. Jill R says

    These are the ones on the list that I DO NOT have. Been dying to get a donut pan – “when I have the extra money”… Maybe never. Maybe I should ask Santa! :)

  89. Melanie says

    I have good luck with my bundt pan! Like my mini muffin pan, too. Would love to try the ones in your giveaway. You’re awesome!

  90. Kate says

    I have a battered old Bundt pan that always makes perfect rum cakes. It’s powder blue on the outside, white on the inside, and it sticks terribly but I love it!

  91. Mary Bahls says

    My favorite is probably a Pyrex 8X8 – a gimme from Mom. I have a good recipe for LC coconut bars that bakes in the microwave in 5 minutes. Perfect!

  92. Sarah says

    My favorite baking pan is an 8×8 pan. It’s of course great for desserts, but also great for cooking dinner meant for 2 people. I can easily cook two chicken thighs in it, or maybe a potato casserole!

  93. Jan says

    My Mom gave me a gift set of four Wilton mini loaf pans and they work great with Carolyn’s wonderful cranberry lime bread. They are heavier than most and the loaves just tumble out and clean up is a breeze.

  94. Rita says

    I have to pick one as a favorite? Oh my – I guess I’ll go w/my bundt pan. Got it at a garage sale some 28 years ago and use it all the time! I’m a kitchen ware junkie though and am never finished adding to my stash :)

  95. Anna says

    You have convinced me now about the muffin top pan. I have some silicone bakeware and liners now and they are great too because everything comes out so easily.

  96. Laura E says

    I love my jelly roll pans! Do you have any recipes specifically for the muffin tops? I think my daughter would love muffin tops!

  97. Sabina says

    I love the idea of muffin top pans. And now that I know about the mini cheesecake pans, I know what to put on my Christmas list…

  98. Erin says

    I just moved into a new apartment and am woefully understocked on baking supplies… this would be such a blessing!

  99. Melanie says

    Favorite pan is probably my 9″ cake pan. I line the bottom with parchment and use it for cheesecakes instead of my springform pan so I don’t have to worry about leakage when baking in a water bath. Cheesecake comes out so much better with the water bath!

  100. Sandi G says

    Very excited to have found this site. Some how I don’t have any of this equipment in my house. I would love to win. Thank you for sharing.

  101. Leia says

    I love to try these pans. Right now I love mini loaf pans. Perfect fro small loaves for gifts or for my husband’s lunches.

  102. Julie says

    I have this little 8in square pan that is the perfect brownie pan. It is the perfect size and I have never found another one I love so much.

  103. Candy says

    My favorite would have to be my mini muffin pans. I make everything in them from actual mini muffins, to mini cupcakes, to mini pies (so everyone can truly try every kind of pie without blowing their diets if I decide to make 5 different kinds!), to mini meatloaves.

  104. Kay says

    I think a donut pan would be my favorite… But I do not own one yet!! Would love to though!! In the meantime I do enjoy the springform pans that I have!

  105. Sheryll Ziemer says

    I would give the donut pan to my daughter because I have one and love it. These are such helpful tools!!! Thanks for the contest!

  106. Sue Huckins says

    I love your blog. I’ve learned so much about low carb/gluten free baking. I’d love to have the muffin top pan and donut pan. I think they’d be so much fun to experiment with!

  107. Jeri Hastings says

    I don’t collect shoes or jewelry or clothes or knickknacks, but I love my kitchen stuff! Having been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in the last year and a half I’ve had to rethink what and how I cook. I love your site. I always “share” with all my diabetic friends. If I’m lucky enough to win, I would be proud to add to my kitchen “essentials”. LOL. Thanks

  108. Susan Hayes says

    My favorite bakeware would be the jelly roll style baking sheets I bought from the school’s kitchen back when my mom was a “lunch lady.” They are in constant use and have stood the test of time. For fun I have some silicon snowflake shaped muffin pans.

  109. kim mariano says

    Current favorite is the mini bunt pan! I’m already thinking up recipes that I could make for Christmas- I think this pan could help me make some special homemade gifts :)

  110. Charlotte says

    I love my muffin pan and use it for lots of things other than muffins, but I would LOVE one of those donut pans!!!

  111. Shona says

    Hi I just found your website while hunting for gluten free recipes for scones. They gluten free is new too me. As for pans I love my mini muffin pans. I even use them with liners to make mini cheesecakes

  112. shari w. says

    great list of bakeware and I do enjoy using my mini cupcake pan for sweet treats!! Thanks for all the good ideas, recipes and of course the wonderful give-aways…

  113. dana says

    Since starting this woe, i have accumulated a few new pans including a muffin top, donut, mini muffin, and on its way from amazon is a springform pan as i want to make a cheesecake for christmas.


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