Overnight French Toast Bake – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

Low carb pan bread baked into a delicious breakfast casserole. Studded with pecans and topped with a rich caramel topping.

Low Carb Gluten-Free French Toast Bake

I am starting to believe that almost anything is possible on a low carb and gluten-free diet. There are a few things, like really good yeast breads, that might be a little beyond reach at the moment, but I don’t feel much like it’s a “dietary restriction” at all. The more I play around with recipes, the more I believe this to be true. It’s a lot less limiting than I thought when I started out. Even some of my old breakfast favourites, like waffles and french toast, are something I can enjoy. I just have to be prepared to make them in a completely different fashion.

So when Live Better America challenged me to recreate their popular Overnight French Toast in a low sugar, low carb package, my response was “game on”. I knew it wouldn’t be a hard to get the buttery, gooey, caramel-like topping with some of my alternative sweeteners. It was the bread that was the harder part, since I can’t exactly go to the store and grab a loaf. But a quick, lightly sweetened pan bread was just the thing. I actually based it on my Cheesy Skillet Bread, but I skipped the cheese, and added a little sweetener and some vanilla. I then cubed it and let it dry for a few hours in a warm oven and my Overnight French Toast was ready to assemble!

Low Carb Overnight French Toast

Please check out my Almond Flour Pan Bread and Overnight French Toast Bake on Live Better America

Please note that Live Better America’s nutritional counts do not calculate net carbs. Factoring out the carbs from Swerve and fiber, the NET CARBS are 4 g per serving.

Low Carb Low Sugar Overnight French Toast

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  1. Yum.

  2. You’ve done it again! Can’t wait to cook this one.

  3. Sarah G says:

    I love the step by step pictures and that it feeds 12. In my house I’d still need to double it but I can do that!

    Don’t worry, Carolyn, I have faith that you can eventually come up with a yeast-type bread! You are good at defying the odds in the “low carb, gluten free baking” world. :)

  4. It seems that some people like their French toast a little more “wet,” while others prefer the finished product to be more “dry.” Can you tell me where this recipe falls on that scale? Thanks!

  5. This is giving me an idea of how I might adapt an overnight blueberry French toast recipe I have from pre-low carb. It has chunks of cream cheese and fresh blueberries throughout and a quick fresh blueberry sauce for serving. Maybe I’ll make both! Thanks again!

  6. I wish when you did recipes for other sites you are able to use the ziplist feature for your recipes. It is so much easier to save the recipes you want to try with that app. Is that possible or are you able to repost the recipe on your website with zip list? Thank You!

    • Carolyn says:

      I understand but if it’s on someone else’s site, there’s not much I can do. I can’t repost it on my site, it wouldn’t be fair.

    • Heidi, You can put the ZipList Recipe Clipper button on your bookmarks favorites menu (I have a Mac, so not sure what it would be called on another PC) and whenever you see a recipe on any site you just click that button and it will be saved to your recipe box. Very easy!

  7. wow!

  8. Hello Carolyn:
    is there any way to substitute the molases?, i can’t wait to try this!. Thanks!

    • Carolyn says:

      What would you like to substitute it with? It’s only 2 teaspoons so it adds a total of 10 carbs for the entire recipes and gives the brown sugar taste and appearance.

  9. I have a couple questions about the almond flour pan bread. The carb count from MasterCook says it’s 8g carbs and 1 g fiber. Is that right? 7g net carbs seems high. Also, the recipe says to put in in a 9×9 pan, but the picture looks like a loaf pan. I’d like to bake it in a loaf pan. A 9×5 would be too small I guess. Did you use a longer pan, or mini pans? I assume changing the pan would change the cooking time, too. Do you mind letting me know what you’ve tried? Thanks in advance! I know you’re gracious with questions.

    • BTW, I made the bread as Cheesy Skillet Bread for Spicy Sausage Stuffing at Christmas. It was so good I had to stop myself from eating it so I’d have enough for the stuffing! Some of my non-low-carb family members liked it better than the regular stuffing. :)

    • The photo is from an older post. Live better America decided in the end to post them separately and I didn’t have a photo of the bread on its own. I am not sure if it would bake well in a loaf pan because I haven’t tried. I use Mastercook too and I know that the carbs were not that high! Did you manually enter some of the ingredients into MC? Because when I first started doing that, I had some of the way off due to how you have to enter both the weight and volume measurements and it threw my carb counts off. So let me check on my end. I think I still have the pan bread on its own…

    • Actually…I just checked the pan bread in my MC and it is right! So yes…8 g of carbs and 1 g of fiber. I think it’s because I usually say 16 servings per a recipe like that, but for LBA, they wanted it to match the recipe I was trying to “makeover” so we called it 12 servings.

      • Very strange! No matter how I calculate the bread (even with the only substitution being egg whites & liquid stevia), I still seem to be getting around 4 net carbs for 12 servings…7g total carbs and 3g fiber – which I expected, since almond flour and flax are so high in fiber. And this is including baking powder’s carbs, too! Can I ask how you’re getting only 1g per serving? I definitely don’t want to be underestimating my carb count.

        • Carolyn says:

          I am not sure where you are seeing 1 g net carbs per serving. I never stated that. In fact, right at the end of the post, I say:

          Please note that Live Better America’s nutritional counts do not calculate net carbs. Factoring out the carbs from Swerve and fiber, the NET CARBS are 4 g per serving.

        • Carolyn says:

          Wait, you’re talking about just the bread, right? So what are you talking about when you say “only 1 g per serving”? The fiber? That’s what Mastercook gave me. What software are you using?

          • Yes, sorry – I tried replying to a previous comment thread about just the bread but didn’t make myself clear! I know this is an old post. I was referring to fiber with the 1g. I got about 3g of fiber for 12 servings…7g total carbs, for a net of 4 (the bread only).

            I use myfitnesspal, which calculates according to the brands of products, so I understand there’s going to be some variance, but it just seemed strange to me how different our results were! I guess there’s not much to be said for why it’s different. I’m sure Mastercook is reliable. I wonder if substituting egg whites like I did makes that much of a change?

          • Carolyn says:

            I don’t think the subs would change the fiber count. Probably just something with Mastercook, I am not sure. I’d rely on your counts for the time being.

  10. I would love to dry this, but no matter what I do, the links up there (and a lot of typing in Live Better America, etc.) only take me to http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes. Surely the recipe can be reposted if it’s impossible to even get to the other person’s website? I would really like to see this!

  11. I am glad you are working on it. I was going to make this for a brunch tomorrow… but now I will have to find some other goodie on your site to take.

  12. This recipe looks wonderful, but unfortunately the Live Better America web site is down – I’m not sure whether permanently or temporarily. If it’s permanently, can you post the recipe here?

    • I am working on it. It’s on my old computer which is having…issues, shall we say?

      • Hi Carolyn,

        Are these the 2 recipes described above? Just found this on Google:

        • Whoa, yes they are! I don’t know what that site is though…

          • Wowsa, Carolyn! You outdid yourself with this recipe!

            I made this recently for a Bible study my husband & I attend weekly. We’re in our early 30s, but the avg age of everyone else in the study is 65+ (so, lots of type II diabetes). I loved it, but wasn’t sure if their standard-American-diet palettes would agree. They went bananas for it! 4 women asked for the recipe at the end of class, so I introduced them to your site. Hopefully, they try some of your other awesome concoctions.

            Question: is there any way to adjust the recipe so the flavor is more like a bread pudding? If so, I’d love to make it for my mom for her birthday. Thanks!

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