20 Delicious Low Carb Passover Dessert Recipes


Celebrating Passover while on a low carb or diabetes-friendly diet? I’ve rounded up 20 delicious low carb desserts that can be made kosher for Passover.

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When I was in my early teens, I attended a Passover seder at a family friend’s house. I knew little about the practices and traditions behind this holy day but I was already an anthropologist at heart and I paid close attention to everything. While my much younger sister grew restless with boredom, I followed every step with intense curiosity. And I remember a most delicious meal at the end, which made up for my confusion at having been served bitter herbs and a little matza for what I thought was dinner. I was still young enough to be somewhat confounded when the ceremonial glass of wine for  the prophet Elijah appeared to actually have been imbibed. I realize now that the elder son of our host family drank it when our backs were turned and I am quite certain he was not of legal drinking age in Canada at the time! Ah, what you can get away with on special holidays.

Beyond a few other very informal seders, there ends my experience with Passover. But A Sweet Life Diabetes Magazine asked me to round up some low carb dessert recipes that could be considered kosher for Passover and I was more than happy to oblige. As Passover excludes the use of gluten, grains, legumes and leavening agents, I realized that quite a few low carb desserts already fit that bill. There are so many wonderful possibilities, from custards to meringues to unleavened cookies.

Please check out 20 Low Carb Passover Dessert Recipes on A Sweet Life Diabetes Magazine!

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  1. Rica says

    They do so! You just need to dig a little deeper.

    Frankly, I would rather dig a little deeper, then go through all the time, effort and money, that these Bloggers, must go through to create their recipes. Not only are they FREE, but they do them with passion, on an ongoing basis. I know Carolyn often shares her creations several times a week.

    I for one Carolyn, don’t mind digging a little deeper.

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