25 Low Carb Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes


Whether your kids and husband will bring you breakfast in bed or you will make your own brunch, these 25 great low carb recipes are perfect for Mother’s Day.

25 Low Carb Mother's Day Recipes

How do you feel about Mother’s Day? Do you mark the occasion or not? We always did growing up, although it was often simply the obligatory bit of handcrafted artwork made at school, and perhaps a handwritten card. We didn’t do big things on Mother’s Day, although I am sure my siblings and I made a few messes in the kitchen attempting to bring our mother breakfast in bed. And she likely smiled delightedly, ate our under- or overcooked eggs/french toast/pancakes and then hauled herself out of bed to clean up the mess we made. As a single mum of three, she didn’t have much choice, but I know she appreciated our efforts nonetheless.

Now as a mother of three myself, I love the idea of a Mother’s Day brunch. My kids have yet to bring me breakfast in bed and I am okay with that. I’d like to stave off that for a good while yet, until they are old enough and mature enough to clean up the mess themselves. Which means I may be waiting forever! So I am perfectly happy getting up in the morning, supervising the brunch-making and opening their bits of handcrafted artwork. And then trying to find a few quiet moments to myself during the day.

Ah, a mother’s work is never done!

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    When my kids were young, they tried to make me breakfast in bed. I remember waking up to the fire alarm going off and the toaster oven smoking up. I have a burn scar from yanking the toaster oven off the counter and putting it under the stove vent, and now I look back with a big smile :)

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