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Let’s talk about school lunches, shall we? Specifically, let’s talk about the lunch box and how to make it a healthier place to be. I won’t pretend that I love making lunches for my kids. If you have small children, or if you ever had kids and had to make their lunches, I know you feel my pain. Catering to the  young, unsophisticated and often mercurial tastebuds of small children is about as fun and as gratifying as paying your taxes. Which is why I agreed to take part in the Rock The Lunchbox campaign, hosted by the folks at Honest Tea, along with Applegate, Organic Valley, Annie’s and Rudi’s. Rock the Lunchbox is a website dedicated to sharing tips and healthy lunchbox inspiration. I admit, inspiration can be sorely lacking in my lunch box duty.

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Of course, healthy food means different things to different people. I don’t think my kids need to be as low carb as I am, but I do work hard at keeping the sugars and additional carbohydrates in check. It can be really tough, as our schools are nut-free and many of the things I make at home can’t be sent in with my kids. So I try to strike a balance, with breakfast and dinner being lower carb and lunches being a little more lenient in that regard. But I am still very mindful of what goes into that lunch box – we aim for mostly organic lunch meats and cheeses (such as Applegate and Organic Valley), along with plenty of veggies, fruit and a yogurt. I usually skip the juice boxes and often opt for the lower sugar Honest Kids drinks. I don’t have anything against fresh juice in general but those 8 ounce juice boxes can pack a sugary punch!

My middle child's "ideal healthy lunch"
My middle child’s “ideal healthy lunch”

Now, I will admit that this isn’t necessarily my kids’ ideal lunch. Left to their own devices, they’d probably opt for pizza or chicken nuggets. But they are beginning to understand my insistence on healthier choices and they know I do it for their benefit. That doesn’t meant they don’t moan and groan about it with relative frequency. But I know I am slowly getting through to them, and when they make a healthier choice on their own, I quite literally dance for joy. We’re getting there, and every healthy lunch box is a step in the right direction. I had them draw their ideal healthy lunch and I have to say, their choices were pretty good. Of course, you can’t tell what everything is supposed to be and I believe my littlest included a hot dog in her picture. But she also included watermelon, an apple and some carrots!

Looking for more healthy lunch box inspiration? Head to Rock The Lunchbox and find great ideas and downloadable coupons from brands like Honest Kids, Organic Valley and Applegate.

Please note: I was not compensated for this post, I simply liked the idea of the campaign and because I use many of these products at home anyway. I did receive some coupons and the bento box that appears in the top photo.

My littlest's "healthy ideal lunch"...I think that's a watermelon in the middle!
My littlest’s “healthy ideal lunch”…I think that’s a watermelon in the middle!
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