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  1. Hi Carolyn, sandal wedges are so in style right now and surprisingly comfortable (heel won’t break or get caught in stuff lol) ! I’ve bought a few pairs for the summer already but had no idea Crocs has them too. Thank you so much for all your post & I think your recipes are amazing so post whatever 🙂

    • I have to tell you, Sherry. I am now a Croc devotee. I was SO surprised by the cute shoes they have. They have a couple of other wedges I have my eye on to buy.

  2. I swear by my crocs! I even have work shoes that are crocs. I work in fast foos and they are slip resistant and oil resistant! They hold up well too! I have one pair I’ve had for 6 years! Thoses are super cute and going on my “wish list”

  3. Carolyn love the shoes they look so cut on you. Thanks for the pics of those wonderful flowers. Made me homesick for them . Have you been to the rhodaderon gardens in the east Moreland neighborhood. We used to go there. All the time as kids my old stomping grounds they also have a duck pond. Then their is the rose test gardens up in Washington park by the zoo. Thank you for bringing back such good memories .

  4. I love Crocs! I wear them and my hubby wears them, He works in a hospital, they are very popular in that group. Those are great looking shoes for the summer, and a stroll around your new neighborhood looks lovely!

  5. Now those are very pretty. I would definitely think about purchasing them! Thanks for posting Carolyn 🙂

    • They are insanely comfortable! I wore them all day at this conference and it was like I was wearing slippers.

  6. Cooking and Crocs? Why of course I wear Crocs while cooking! I currently have 12 pair of Crocs in addition to their standard clogs. From lace-up Ked’s look-alikes to 3″ wedge black pumps I just wore to a wedding to fur lined winter boots, sandals, flats, winter sued look shoes, rain boots…It’ hard to want to buy anything else.

    • The orange flowers you saw are California poppies. As my neighbor to the north, I thought you’d like to know. They’re our state flower and always make me smile. Glad you liked them, come visit sometime!

  7. I. Love. Crocs. I have wide feet and they actually make shoes that are easily obtainable in wide widths and comfy too. I’ve been eyeballing some new sandals, adding these to the wish list!

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