Keto Lemon Curd

This easy Keto Lemon Curd takes only 4 ingredients and is the creamiest, dreamiest lemon dessert sauce. And it has less than 1g of carbs per serving!

• Eggs • Swerve     Confectioners • Allulose or     BochaSweet • Lemon zest and      juice • Butter

Set a glass or ceramic bowl  over a pan of  barely  simmering water.


Whisk together the eggs,  sweeteners,  lemon juice,  and lemon zest.


Keep whisking until the  mixture  thickens, about  10 minutes.  Watch carefully  as it will thicken suddenly.


Immediately  remove from  heat and add the butter. Let sit a  few minutes to  melt and then  whisk until  smooth and creamy.


Serve alone, with fresh berries or spread over some keto scones.

You can also use it as the filling for these Keto Lemon Bar Cookies.

Or make this gorgeous Keto Lemon Lush!

You can also use it to churn up a batch of Keto Lemon Ice Cream.

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