Raspberry Coconut Muffins (Low Carb and Gluten Free)


I like to think of myself as a fair and just person, one who does not play favourites. Alas, when it comes to berries, this is not the case. I love all berries, but I do not love all berries equally. Raspberries are far and away my favourite and I will go to great lengths to get my hands on some. And unlike strawberries, which I pretty much only like fresh, I love all sorts of raspberry baked goods and raspberry concoctions. Raspberry jam is tops, raspberry ice cream is delicious and raspberry pies and tarts make me swoon. And lucky for me, raspberry season is in full-swing in Massachusetts. Viva la raspberry!

Loving raspberries as I do, I find dreaming up recipes that include them is a delightful endeavour. I know that there are some ways to use them in savoury dishes, but when I think of raspberries, my mind automatically goes to sweet baked goods. Muffins, scones, tarts, that sort of thing. Raspberries go so well with so many other flavours. I had muffins on the brain, as I often do when I’ve run out of breakfasty treats, and so I knew it would be some sort of raspberry muffin. Or scone. Or muffin. Or scone. I really couldn’t make up my mind.

My first inclination was a lemon raspberry muffin. But I had no lemons and my eyes fell upon some leftover coconut milk from another recipe. I was struck by how well raspberries and coconut would go together. I know it’s not an unheard of combination, but I can’t think of when I’d ever tasted it myself, so I thought I would give it a go. I still waffled back and forth between whether it should be a muffin or a scone, but somehow, muffins won out in the end. I love scones, but this go round, I wanted something moister and cake-ier, bursting with raspberry flavour. I also thought that muffins would be an easier recipe in which to incorporate the coconut milk to use it up.

The Results: Viva la Raspberry Coconut Muffin! These are so good, I can hardly contain myself. Coconut and raspberry is just a spectacular combination. I can see now how it will parlay itself into a number of other recipes for me. But back to the muffins, they are so moist that they almost fall apart when you take off the muffin paper. I suspect that some of this tenderness comes from the coconut oil. And I packed a fair bit of raspberries into the batter, so the muffins were bursting with them. Really, what could be better?

I will confess, once again the glaze is almost more for show than for flavour. The muffins have fantastic flavour by themselves and don’t really need the glaze. Sure is pretty, though!

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Raspberry Coconut Muffins

2 cups almond flour
3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup granulated erythritol
1/4 cup vanilla whey protein powder
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
4 oz cream cheese, softened
3 tbsp coconut oil, melted
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
16 drops stevia extract
1/4 cup coconut milk
1 1/2 cups raspberries, fresh or frozen

1/3 cup powdered erythritol or xylitol
2 tbsp coconut milk

Preheat oven to 325F and line 12 muffin cups with paper liners.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the almond flour, coconut, erythritol, protein powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and coconut oil together until smooth. Beat in eggs, vanilla extract and stevia extract. Add half the almond flour mixture, beating to combine, then the coconut milk, and then the remaining almond flour mixture, beating until just combined. Gently fold in raspberries.

Divide evenly among muffin cups and bake 25 to 30 minutes, or until tops are golden brown and a tester inserted in the center comes out clean.

Remove from the oven and cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

For the glaze, whisk coconut milk and powdered erythritol or xylitol together until smooth. Drizzle over cooled muffins.

Makes 12. Each muffin has a total of 12.3g of carbs and 4.2g of fiber, but only 8g of carbs if you subtract erythritol. Total NET carbs = 3.8g.

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  1. Hester Casey - Alchemy says

    I have just discovered a bounty of wild raspberries growing near me. They are tiny but sweet and very "raspberry" and perfect for this recipe. What good timing!

  2. kitchenarian says

    I just made some raspberry muffins this week, but now I want to make your version. I love the glaze on top.

  3. Lauren at Keep It Sweet says

    I need to try raspberries in baked goods more often! Usually blueberries and strawberries are my favorites, but I don't really discriminate:-)

  4. Pretend Chef says

    Raspberries remind me of my grandfather and his garden. Sigh. This is a recipe I know he would have loved and one I want to make to transport me back to summers with him. What a fantastic recipe. They sure look beautiful. Yummy!

  5. Parsley Sage says

    Viva la awesome flavor combos! This sounds like a genius muffin :) Raspberries are absolutely my favorite too! Buzzed

  6. RavieNomNoms says

    What an awesome combo!! I would never think to put them together…yum Carolyn!

    If you are a big Raspberry fan AND you live in Mass you HAVE to go on the Connecticut wine trail to a winery called White Silo. Their wine is OK, but they have a raspberry patch and they always have the most amazing treats and things going on there! Just some food for thought, literally!

  7. The Mom Chef says

    I'm with you on raspberries being the top dog in the berry family. That mus be why they end up costing more than all the others!

    Your muffins, as usual, are stellar.

  8. foodblogandthedog says

    Beautiful combination that I've never thought of but can't think why. And gluten-free too!!

  9. Butrcreamblondi says

    Love using almond flour in baking! That combined with raspberries and coconut sounds wonderful!

  10. Katrina {In Katrina's Kitchen} says

    Ooh! Loving the flavor combination going on here! I am the only raspberry liker in my family. well, my 4yo will eat them so long as they aren't too tart :)

  11. Shelby says

    OK, this is what I am going to make for Grumpy's next treat to take to the office. He has a co-worker who has to eat gluten free and she always misses out because I don't normally cook that way. One question – I'm assuming erythritol or xylitol is a sugar of some type. Where do I find this?

  12. Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny says

    Oh my! Raspberry AND coconut?? These sound fantastic and look delicious! Absolutely love your blog and so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  13. Jeanette says

    What beautiful muffins Carolyn – love the combination of raspberry and coconut, and the use of almond flour in these!

  14. Kate@Diethood says

    Yes, definitely Viva la!! I really really love this flavor combo… how I wish I had some raspberries right now.

  15. Kari says

    I think raspberries win out in my book too. I actually prefer strawberries fresh, and blueberries frozen, and cherries as a rare treat, but (as you say) raspberries are the only berry to work well in all forms. Including these muffins, I would say!

  16. Nami @ Just One Cookbook says

    Since you talked about raspberry scones… I have to tell you that I had the best raspberry scone ever in Santa Cruz the other day during our mini vacation. Oh my, that was so good. I am always a blueberry fan, but that scone totally changed my view toward raspberry. lol. Now looking at this…. I really wish that I have one with me. You know I don't bake….therefore I can only dream about this, while others would give it a try! Arrhhhhh….

  17. chefpandita.com says

    This panda has berry-envy. We only grow strawberries on this island and we get imported berries a few weeks a year but they are too expensive and raspberries are so delicate that by the time they reach our shelves they don't look that good. Coconuts on the other hand are available in every corner, I always make a stop for fresh coconut water when I go to the gym :)

    These muffins look delicious and they would be perfect for breakfast right now!

  18. Jill@MadAboutMacarons says

    Normally the muffin looks so bald but your moist looking beauties are all dressed up with that gorgeous glaze. I am so excited since your recipe has come just in time. My raspberry patch is full of white fruit looking so promising and ready to be made into these healthy treats.

  19. resistantnikki says

    Looks delicious! I have been yearning for some muffins lately…Might have to give these a go!

  20. Karen says

    Wow…another gorgeous treat! These sound wonderful…I just got a huge jar of coconut oil and haven't used it yet. Good to know the flavor works so well with raspberries. And I know you said the glaze is more for show, but I gotta tell you…it's making my mouth water!

  21. Nicole, RD says

    Hi! I am new to your blog! I found it through Cara on Pintrest when we pinned your refrigerator pickle recipe. YUM! I have some in the fridge now, but they don't have any salt in them?? They're okay….can't wait to try your pickle recipe AND these muffins. Really, everything looks WONDERFUL! Can't wait to read more!

  22. Celia says

    Yummm. My bar studies are taking me through Equal Protection at the moment…and I'm so glad the 14th Amendment doesn't apply to berries, because I totally play favorites with raspberries too – especially ripe midsummer ones. :-)

  23. The Procrastobaker says

    oh wowww, i love every single bit of this lovely recipe! Your photos are pure temptation also :) gorgeouuss

  24. Mandy @ Cater to Me says

    New to your blog, and I just wanted to say these look wonderful! Raspberries are my favorite fruit, and like you I am always interested in different ways to use them. This is definitely a winning recipe!

  25. Roxana GreenGirl says

    i'm with you, i love all berries but raspberries are my favorite.
    These muffins look great, never had a raspberry-coconut sweet treat before but i know I'm going to love it. Sounds too good not to!

  26. purabi naha says

    Definitely Viva la! I loved the combo of raspberry and coconut. I am sure that the muffins in themselves will be very tasty, plus the glaze? Oh, divinity! Fabulous!!

  27. briarrose says

    Mmmm….raspberry and coconut…I do believe that is a winner. Such a pretty interior picture too. Wanties!

  28. kita says

    I don't know that I could say what a raspberry tastes like, as I've only ever used them in things… and even them, Im not sure I taste tested thoughs… I cant turn down a muffin though, and these look lovely.

  29. Winelady Cooks says

    I feel the same way about raspberries, I have them every day with my breakfast cereal and I make sure I always have them in the fridge. This muffin recipe looks terrific with the inclusion of coconut.

    Thanks for sharing

  30. Terra says

    I have been having fun making new muffins. I was thinking it is time to make a gluten free one, AND you know how I love your almond flour love, YUM! Raspberries are pretty fantastic, and mixed with coconut make them amazing!
    Hugs, Terra

  31. Tiffany says

    Haha! This post cracked me up. I don't profess to be fair AT ALL! LOL… And I must confess, raspberries are the only berries I do not like (I hope we can still be foodie friends!!!). BUT I'd love to make these muffins with a different berry (I especially love the use of almond flour!!!)

  32. Claudie says

    Coconut and raspberries is definitely a winning combination in my mind (or on my tongue? :) ), and looking at your muffins I can say only one thing: yum! They look great, moist and soft. Just perfect!

  33. Kim Bee says

    Stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this. Your muffins look so moist. I cannot believe how moist they look. And coconut. I must bookmark these for a cooler day. Just a lovely recipe and the pics are so inviting. Great job!

  34. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    These look divine! I think I could gobble an entire plate. Hmmm…maybe I shouldn't make then, but, I think I will. :)

  35. Roxanne_low_carb_dessert_lover says

    I just made these muffins yesterday and they’re ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I wanted to use up some frozen raspberries in my freezer and have now discovered a new favorite muffin! Very substantial & perfectly moist, each bite is a delight. I used ground almonds for my almond flour and desiccated coconut. When I was mixing the batter I double checked to see if I had measured too many raspberries. But once I tasted the finished muffins, I realized how awesome they are when truly bursting with so much raspberry flavor! I’ll definitely be making these again, many times over – they’ll be a great aid in helping me avoid the temptation of the vending machines at work during my breaks. Thank-you so much Carolyn!

  36. Anonymous says

    Oh my goodness Carolyn… THANK YOU for a perfect muffin recipe! Seriously, the texture (non-crumbly), smell (bakery fresh), taste (sweet, tart and moist) and look (nicely browned) of these is just like a regular high-carb muffin!

    They do not even have that "wet" look from typical low-carb baked goods when they are still hot from the oven. I baked them straight into silicone muffin pans (no paper liners) and they slid out perfectly after 10 minutes -per your directions. After another 10 minutes from being out of their pans, they all "dried" on the outside to this perfect "normal muffin" texture, slightly firm to the touch. Your recipe is truly amazing and delicious. Even my husband could not believe how much they tasted like "regular" muffins. I used individually frozen berries and kept them in the freezer until ready to incorporate into the batter. They baked up perfectly, just like fresh -and their juices didn't run.

    Thanks to your honest "results" commentary, which I truly appreciate (plus separates your recipes from other blogs), I replaced the coconut milk in the glaze with lemon juice. WOW! What a nice punch! I realize there is no lemon in the muffin, but like you said, it goes so nicely with raspberries that it really works well together.

    My husband got up before me this morning and snuck TWO muffins before I came downstairs. When I asked what happened to them he said, "you SAID they are high protein right? … I had them for breakfast!"

    A recipe to make for company, with guests who don't "do" low-carb. But ESPECIALLY for low-carbers. We REALLY are the ones who needed this recipe. Thank you so much. You truly are making our new lifestyle so much easier to maintain when we can have treats that taste this delicious!

    Another one of your grateful readers,


  37. Carolyn says

    Wow, Gabriela, this is about the best testimonial EVER. THanks so much for taking the time to write such a nice comment. Glad you liked them.

  38. Debbie says

    I do not have diabetes but Type II runs in my family so I decided to eat low carb for prevention and health. I haven’t been eating low carb for very long and just found this recipe – so glad I did. I am a muffin lover and make them all the time for my grandchildren. I usually make two or three recipes and freeze them to have when they come for a visit or to take to them – as well as have a snack with my coffee. This is a perfect muffin even without the glaze. I also used lemon juice for the glaze – always good flavor with berries. I made one recipe with fresh strawberries and they were just as good. My husband had one warm out of the oven with butter and was surprised he liked one of my low carb recipes. Thank you for creating recipes that are delicious and healthy.

  39. says

    I was wondering if you could tell me what granulated erythritol is? I have never heard of it and am thinking of using this recipe to surprise a friend for her birthday.

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