Pork, Mushroom and Cabbage Stir-Fry – Low Carb and Gluten-Free


Tender pork, shiitake mushrooms and finely shredded cabbage in a spicy sauce. Cabbage is a great low carb alternative to noodles or rice.

Low Carb Pork and Mushroom Stir Fry with Cabbage

Cabbage is not one of those particularly inspirational vegetables.  It’s ubiquitous, it’s always there and it appears to be present in almost every cuisine in some form or other.  It’s a background noise vegetable, it’s one you just don’t consciously think about much.  I actually really love the stuff and yet I still don’t think to purchase it very often.  It’s either in the summer for slaw or in March for St. Paddy’s Day.  Other than that, it typically escapes my notice.  Poor ignored cabbage.  I really ought to pay you more attention.  I promise I will in the future.

Spicy Pork and Mushroom Stir Fry with Cabbage

Especially when it turns out that you are a great substitute for noodles or rice in Asian-inspired meals!  When stir-fried, you wilt just enough to have some crispness and you soak in the flavors of the sauce and other ingredients so well.  You also help bulk up the meal without a lot of carbs, making it far more satisfying that it would be without you.

 Nicely done, Cabbage.  Nicely done indeed.  You are welcome at my house any time.  Come again soon.
Serves 6.  Each serving has 9.5 g of carbs and 4.2 g of fiber.  Total NET CARBS = 5.3 g.
Pork, Mushroom and Cabbage Stir Fry
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  1. Kimberly says

    I just walked in from my corner grocery with a head of cabbage to make my standard quick meal, sliced up sausage fried with cabbage. I love the flavor of the cabbage when it gets to that just slightly charred point. However, this recipe may inspire me to eventually get more ambitious with my cabbage and try adding some sort of sauce. Thanks.

  2. Alice B says

    Cabbage is my favorite vegetable. Thank you for a new recipe for it.

    I love it steamed with butter, s&p, and a bit of nutmeg, and that’s usually how I make it since I love it so.

    This variety sounds wonderful, Carolyn.

    Thank you!!

  3. says

    Yum!! Planning this for this week with some sale pork I scored. I don’t usually use arrowroot powder – any suggestions for a substitute since my small town grocery will not have it? I do have xanthum gum powder – do you think that would work? Thanks for all your wonderful recipes – made your pumpkin coconut bread this week for about the hundredth time 😉

  4. Susan says

    Looks wonderful! I used to cook a lot of Asian food pre-low carb, but I haven’t ventured back into it since. I am inspired! One question about Arrowroot starch. Is it different from Arrowroot flour? I checked nutrition data and the carb count for the flour (the only Arrowroot option there) was high – 113 gms/oz. Cornstarch – the more traditional thickener – is only 26. gms/oz. I know there are gluten-free cornstarches, so I’m wondering what the advantage to using Arrowroot may be. Thanks!

    • Carolyn says

      I don’t think arrowroot starch and flour are the same. The arrowroot starch I use only has 7g of carbs per 1 tbsp. It’s like cornstarch.

      • Susan says

        That would explain it. When I searched around I only found the flour or something called “powder,” which was also over 50 gms carb per teaspoon. Obviously I’m not yet finding the right! Thanks!

        • Carolyn says

          I just found some “arrowroot starch/flour” from Bob’s Red Mill at Whole Foods. It has 28 g of carbs per 1/4 cup, which is exactly what I said…7 g per tbsp. I can’t figure out what it is you are seeing!

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