Maple Rosemary Cocktail Nuts


These cocktail nuts are the perfect low carb salty sweet snack! Just a little sweetness goes a long way and the maple and rosemary are amazing together.

Low Carb Maple Rosemary Nut RecipeI love traveling for many reasons, not least of which is the opportunity to explore new foods. And I am not even talking about foreign countries with fascinatingly different cuisines, although that’s wonderful too. But I’ve always gotten a real kick out of being in a new city on North American soil and checking out their restaurants and snack bars and stores for interesting brands of goodies I can’t get at home. Even new grocery store chains hold an appeal for me as I wander the aisles, picking up this and that, wondering how I can fit any of it into my suitcase to take home with me. And I often come home inspired to whip up my own version of something I tasted on my travels. I am a food dork, through and through. I guess I’ve picked the right profession!

On my recent trip to Miami for a conference, I picked up some packaged nuts in the airport to have as a snack. Yes, even airport food can inspire me! They were maple rosemary and although they were made with real maple syrup, the carb-count was reasonable enough for a diabetic low carb snack. They were delicious and the ingredient list wasn’t full of unpronounceable words, so I was impressed. They were just lightly sweetened, nice and salty, and the maple rosemary combination was wonderful. So of course I had to try my own version when I came home.

Low Carb Maple Rosemary Cocktail Nuts

And even though the packaged version was wonderful, I think I like mine better. I kept the sweetener to a minimum and I tossed them with butter, fresh chopped rosemary and salt. They are divine and a little addictive, actually. The perfect low carb salty snack.

Please see my Maple Rosemary Cocktail Nuts Recipe on A Sweet Life Diabetes Magazine.

Sugar-Free Maple Rosemary Cocktail Nuts

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  1. says

    Ok, so I’m a gal who can spend the better half of the day surfing Pinterest mindlessly and I have never seen anything like this! Maple rosemary? wow.

    Rosemary is my all time favorite herb! Love love love the taste. And did you know it makes the best mosquito repellent? I try to grow them in pots on my patio to keep the skeeters away!

  2. Lisa says

    I made two batches of these nuts because I had a big bunch of rosemary left over. They are awesome! Then tonight I was chopping up some cold cooked chicken in order to make chicken salad, and I happened to notice the container of these. I chopped some of these nuts up and threw them in with the chicken. It was the best darn chicken salad ever! Thanks for the recipe. I have no doubt I ‘ll make them regularly.

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