Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies – Low Carb and Gluten-Free


Tender low carb sugar cookies with a sweet lemony glaze. And make your own sugar-free sanding sugar for a colourful, festive Easter treat.

Low Carb Lemon Sugar Cookies

You know, I like to think I am pretty adept at this low carb gluten-free baking thing, but there are times when I come face to face with the fact that I don’t really have a clue what I am doing. As I joked on Facebook the other day, it’s all a big crapshoot. I get an idea, I consider the properties of the ingredients I can use, I head to the kitchen and I get a-mixing. Most of the time, this approach works really well for me and the results are as good as or even better than I had hoped. Every so often, however, my dough, my batter or my sauce just won’t do what I as I ask and I can’t seem to coax it into behaving, no matter how hard I try. Thankfully, the problems tend to lie with appearance and texture, but not with taste. So if it tastes good, it’s usually salvageable in some form or other. And if I’m lucky, I can regroup and get something good out of the deal.

Low Carb Sanding Sugar Sprinkles

These lovely little cookies were never meant to be a rolled, cut out cookie. My original intention was to make them into the pretty twisted Lemony Greek Easter Cookies (also known as koulourakia) I saw on my friend Erin’s blog, Dinners, Dishes and Desserts. I saw them and instantly wanted to make a low carb version, and I really thought I had the right idea for the dough. But my dough thought otherwise, apparently and just would NOT hold together enough to be twisted into shape. Or rather, it would, but not without a serious amount of coaxing and effort on my part. I felt it would be unfair to bring my readers a recipe that took that much work. But the lemony flavour of the dough was so nice, I couldn’t scrap it altogether. I ended up gathering all the dough back together and rolling it out for sugar cookies. Then a little lemony glaze and some homemade low carb sanding sugar, and I ended up with delicious cookies worthy of any Easter celebration. Phew!

Please see my Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies on A Sweet Life Diabetes Magazine.

Low Carb Easter Lemon Cookies

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  1. Sarah G says

    Awesome! Love lemon!

    Please don’t give up on the Greek Easter cookie idea, though. When I was growing up our elderly neighbor always made us those at Easter, except they had these unusual but scrumptious little black seeds on top. I have missed those for many a year and would so love to share them in a healthy version to my family!

  2. Veronica says

    What about shaping them like a pretzel, or “praying hands”? We used to do this with our children at Easter, using Bonnie Stern’s recipe, but it should work with yours too. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes, I’ve used many of them and really appreciate your “gifting” them to us. Have you ever considered making GFLC crumpets?
    Happy Easter!

  3. Barb Sacco says

    Carolyn, if I wanted to make this luscious cookie with other flavors, what to use in place of the lemon juice? Does it have to be an acidic like lemon juice, or can it be any liquid like almond milk, etc. I’d love to do this in several flavors, like mint, orange (easy swap!) almond, etc. Our charitable group does bake sales to raise money, and these are easy and would not be expensive to make, but we would like to have several flavor options.

  4. Dawn says

    Hi Carolyn, I’m dying to make a low carb fruit pizza for Mother’s Day (treat to myself!). Would this make a good replacement for the sugar cookie crust or would the Halloween Cut out cookies work better? I know you have a chocolate fruit pizza recipe but I’m missing the chocolate gene most women have and would pick almost anything over chocolate. Thank you!!!

  5. Melissa says

    Iced lemon sugar cookies – wanted to make these but link leads to a blank page on A Sweet Life. If I do a search on A Sweet Life and click in the link, it leads to the same blank page that your link does.

  6. Erin says

    Hi, these look great! If I want to swap out the Swerve for thm Sweet Blend what would be the ratio? Thank-you!

    • Carolyn says

      I’d do 1 tbsp for every 1/4 cup. Not sure how it will work in the icing, though. That requires the consistency of powdered Swerve.

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