Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake and a KitchenAid Juicer Review

This low carb Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake is a much, much healthier grain-free copycat of the Starbucks treat. Enjoy with your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Low Carb Raspberry Swirl Pound CakeIf you pay any attention to food trends, you have probably noticed that juicing is quite a hot thing these days. Particularly during the January “diet season”, when everyone is all about detoxing from the excesses of the holidays. Heretofore, I haven’t paid much attention to this trend, in part because I didn’t have a juicer and in part because juice isn’t often consumed on a low carb diet. When you think of juice, you typically think of high carb fruits squeezed of all their liquids, thereby concentrating their natural sugars even more. I’ve been bypassing the juice aisle in the grocery store for quite some time now. It may be a healthier choice for some people but it’s not as easy for this pre-diabetic mama.

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Chocolate-Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies

Deliciously soft, low carb peanut butter cookies stuffed with creamy milk chocolate. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Low Carb Chocolate Stuffed Peanut Butter CookiesRemember a while back when I said that I felt no need to stuff one dessert inside another, as is the hot food blogger trend? Yeah, well, I lied. Or rather, I simply changed my mind. And I am not sorry in the least. It’s a woman’s prerogative, after all. Not the lying part, but the changing her mind part. We are creatures of whimsy, saying one day that we would never dream of succumbing to the silly fashions of the day, that we have far more sense and individuality than that. Then the very next day, there we are, donning the ostrich feathers or floppy hats or skinny jeans. Or stuffing one dessert inside another. If you dare to call us on it and remind us that we said we would never, we will just stare at you, sniff haughtily and turn away, incredulous that you would question our tastes and desires.


Chocolate Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Collage

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Homemade Maple Sage Breakfast Sausages

Low Carb Maple Sage Breakfast Sausage

Making your own homemade breakfast sausage patties means you can skip the added sugars but still get all the great flavor! After years of declaring that I didn't really like breakfast sausages, I seem to be turning into quite an aficionado. … [Continue reading]

Paleo Thai Chicken Zoodle Soup

Paleo Thai Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Craving healthy Thai food without all the sugar and carbs? This rich and spicy low carb soup recipe will warm you up. Is it possible to be addicted to a kitchen gadget? I don't mean addicted to kitchen gadgets in general; that's a pretty common … [Continue reading]

The Best Low Carb Hot Fudge Sauce

Best Low Carb Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

This low carb sugar-free hot fudge sauce is so good, you will want to eat it with a spoon. Enough said. Here we are in the dead of winter and I am craving ice cream. Granted, it's not as cold in Portland as it was in Boston; it typically stays … [Continue reading]

20 Low Carb Hot Drink Recipes to Warm You Up!

Low Carb Hot Cocoa Recipes

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Slow Cooker Barbecue Meatloaf

Low Carb Slow Cooker Barbecue Meatloaf

Low carb BBQ meatloaf made in your slow cooker. Dinner is stress-free, grain-free and sugar-free. And it's delicious! I recently had a plea from a reader to add more dinner recipes to All Day I Dream About Food. I do actually have quite a … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Espresso Torte

Low Carb Chocolate Espresso Torte

This rich low carb torte is deceptively light and airy and worthy of any celebration. Chocolate and espresso are simply made for each other and the sugar-free chocolate curls are the icing on the cake! Everybody loves quick, easy recipes. Just … [Continue reading]

Healthy Eating Strategies for the New Year

Wondering how to get started with a healthy eating plan? It can be easier and more delicious than you think! I often joke that I intend to take over the world and make it sugar-free, but the reality is that I have a much more realistic goal in mind. … [Continue reading]

Greens, Eggs and Ham Salad

Low Carb Spinach Egg and Ham Salad Recipe

A delicious low carb salad with all the makings of a full meal. Greens, eggs and ham, and the cilantro ranch dressing is amazing. This post is sponsored by Jones Dairy Farm. It's amazing how you can find hidden gems of restaurants in the most … [Continue reading]