Chipotle Cheese Crisps – Easy Eats Magazine

Quick post to say please check out my latest article on Easy Eats Online Magazine.  This is the third variation on a delicious cheese cracker that I’ve made.  The first was made with a special low carb flour, but contained gluten.  The second was made with almond flour, and was so good, but crumbled really easily and since it contained nuts, I couldn’t send it to school or camp.  This go round, I made them with gluten free flour from Bob’s Red Mill.  I couldn’t eat too many, but the kids loved them so much I didn’t even get pictures the first time I made them.  They were gobbled up so fast, I didn’t stand a chance!

For the article and recipe, please see Easy Eats Magazine.

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  1. They look lovely Carolyn!

  2. These cheese crisps look great!

  3. spicy cheese crisps? were you thinking of me when you made these? :) Theresa

  4. Sorry Caroline, the link for the Chipotle Cheese Crisps is dead.

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