Cosmopolitan Jello Shots


Have a refreshing summer cocktail in solid form! These low carb Cosmo Jello Shots are a fun way to chill out at your next backyard bbq or get together.

Sugar-Free Cosmopolitan Jello ShotsYay, it’s Friday! It’s the end of a long week and you deserve a cocktail. Or maybe you’re on vacation right now; perfect excuse for a cocktail. Or maybe you work weekends and you just need to relax a bit before your workday starts. Have a cocktail! Really, let’s face it, any time is a good time for a cocktail. Especially when they are sugar-free, delicious and served in cute little lime wedges.

Okay, so jello shots aren’t really cocktails. I mean, yes, they have all the makings of a cocktail but they are in solid (semi-solid) form and you can’t sit there and sip them slowly while chatting to friends. And I don’t know too many people who are going to sit around and pop enough jello shots to equal the strength of a real cocktail. Perhaps some college-age kids might be up to the challenge, but I’d feel a little silly trying to make my way through happy hour by downing jello shots. Still, these low carb Cosmopolitan Jello Shots are so fun and cute and perfect to serve as a little treat at a backyard bbq or summer get-together. Just don’t get them mixed up with the kids’ jello. Then we might have a problem.

Low Carb Cosmopolitan Jello Shots

Summer is in full swing and the folks at Swerve wanted me to come up with a fun hot-weather treat to showcase the low carb sweetener. An adult treat, if you will. The kids may be out for summer but they don’t get to have all the fun! We deserve a little too, especially while the warm weather is here. So why not feel like a kid again and make a little jello. Jello with an adult edge!

Please see my low carb Cosmopolitan Jello Shot recipe on Swerve Sweetener

Makes about 18 to 24 shots. Each shot has approximately 37 cal and 2 g of carbs (all other counts are negligible).

Low Carb Cosmopolitan Jelly Shots


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  1. Lin says

    Not sure About Jell-O shots, but I wanted to let you know that I had three of your fabulous recipes for dinner last night; Spicy Tandoori Meatballs, Roasted Broccoli with sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette, and your quick and simple berry frozen yogurt (I used the frozen strawberries I had instead of red raspberries). Oh, hubby and I were in heaven!

  2. Nancy says

    That is so funny that you have these on your blog. I found a similar recipe for these on another site and made them for a party earlier this summer. If you sprinkle them with poppy seeds, it really makes them look like watermelon! The biggest problem I had was getting all the rind out of the limes. Anyway, I am going to try your recipe as the one I found used boxed jello and yours looks (and is) much healthier.

    • Carolyn says

      I had trouble getting the flesh out of the lime rinds too, but once I figured out that if I basically flipped it inside out, I could peel out the flesh more easily, it went a lot faster!

  3. Teresita Nelson says

    Adore your blog! Could you consider reprinting (or sending ) the recipe for Chia seed brownies? It is no longer on the Bob’s Red Mill site. Thank you.
    Tess Nelson

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