Death By Chocolate Ice Cream

Low Carb Death By Chocolate Ice Cream

A serious chocolate lover's low carb ice cream recipe. I don't mess around when it comes to healthy chocolate desserts! I often write a blog post thinking about what I have to say about a particular recipe. But today we are going to flip that on its head: what does this recipe say about me? I think this one is speaking loud and clear. This recipe is saying that I love deep, dark chocolate and I love rich, creamy ice cream. This recipe is saying that when it comes to chocolate cravings, I … Continue Reading

Low Carb Caramel Sticky Buns

Low Carb Caramel Pecan Sweet Rolls

The ultimate low carb breakfast treat! Tender cinnamon rolls baked in a sweet caramel sauce and studded with pecans. So what do you call these things? I've heard so many names for them, I am not sure I can think of them all. Sweet rolls, sticky buns, carmel rolls. And when I was growing up, there was a similar sweet roll called a chelsea bun. Surely there are more names for this delicious cousin of the cinnamon roll, because there seem to be infinite variations. But I call them sticky … Continue Reading

Multi-Purpose Low Carb Bread Recipe

The best low carb bread recipe, it can be used for rolls, loaf bread, buns, pizza and more!

This might just be the best low carb bread recipe, and you can use it for rolls, sticky buns and pizza! Yesterday afternoon I did something I rarely let myself do: I completely blew off work. It was a glorious day here in the Pacific Northwest, not a cloud in the vibrant blue sky, a perfect 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It was CIT - "Carolyn's Ideal Temperature", and I just couldn't let it go to waste, sitting inside working on blog posts and articles and photos. The glorious spring weather was … Continue Reading

Caramel Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Frosting

Low Carb Caramel Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Frosting

Sweet low carb caramel cupcakes topped with creamy sugar-free milk chocolate frosting. You will never believe healthy can taste THIS good! The other day, a blogger friend and I were discussing just how easy it is to accidentally "copy" another blogger's idea. Or more to the point, to seem like you are copying someone else's idea when you post a similar recipe a short time after they do. The reality is, however, that you never saw their recipe and you both quite independently struck upon … Continue Reading

Bringing Families Together with Panasonic HomeTeam™

HomeTeam 2

A great new app for staying in touch with distant family members. Plus a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card! As you may know, I recently moved from one coast of the country clear across to the other, uprooting the lives of 3 young children in the process. This was not an endeavor that was entered into lightly. My husband and I wanted to shake things up for us and expose our kids to new and different experiences. And so we left the Boston area, which was the only home my children had ever … Continue Reading

Strawberry Shortcake

Low Carb Grain-Free Strawberry Shortcake

The summertime classic dessert gets a low carb, gluten-free makeover. This almond flour strawberry shortcake recipe is simply divine! Strawberries might be among the most beloved fruit, at least in the Western world. They are almost universally loved and widely cultivated all over the world. And the first taste of a fresh-picked strawberry makes you see why. That sun-warmed sweet-tartness is the taste of summer, the taste of childhood, the taste of home and family, all rolled into one. … Continue Reading

Cookie Butter Cups

Low Carb Cookie Butter Cups

Low carb dark chocolate cups filled creamy sugar-free cookie butter. Trader Joe's ain't got nothing on these healthy treats. Let's discuss cookie butter, the astonishing phenomenon that all began with some crispy European spice cookies given out on Delta flights. These cookies developed something of a cult following, especially as they were hard to find on this side of the pond, outside of air travel. Biscoff, the brand that introduced these speculoos cookies to the wider world, then made … Continue Reading

39 Splendid Low Carb Strawberry Recipes

Best Low Carb Strawberry Recipes

Impatient for strawberry season? Get ready with 39 of the best low carb strawberry recipes the internet has to offer! It happens like clockwork every year. The weather begins to warm up, however imperceptibly, and I start dreaming of fresh local strawberries. It doesn't matter where I live or what's going on in my life, I start stalking the U-Pick websites, eagerly waiting to see when they're ready for picking. I know I have a few months yet but I've already researched when Oregon … Continue Reading