Cheddar Asiago Crackers (Low Carb)

Santa was especially kind and thoughtful to me this past Christmas. Knowing as he does that my favourite part of the holiday is the stockings, he made sure to fill mine to the brim. And he took care to be mindful of my dietary restrictions, steering clear of the gourmet jams and chocolates he’s given me in the past, and focussing instead on fun little kitchen tools and lower carb treats. He even thought to give me a subscription to a diabetic magazine, so what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Bret Michaels staring out at me from the front cover on Christmas morning! A little scary perhaps, but very thoughtful, nevertheless.

One of the low carb treats Santa included was a bag of Vermont Cheese Powder from King Arthur Flour. Santa truly is omniscient, if he is aware of both my diabetes and my love of all things King Arthur Flour. The back of the package has a recipe for cheddar cheese crackers, made with flour, of course. But it got me thinking of the Buttermilk Ranch Snack Crackers I’d made a while back. They were delicious and I’d always meant to make them again but never got around to it. My new cheese powder was a perfect opportunity to play around with the flavours and create a whole new snack for myself!

The Results: Run, do not walk, to your nearest computer and order yourself some of this cheese poweder. These crackers were phenomenal! They have a tangy cheesey bite to them and I literally could not stop eating them when they came out of the oven. I had to tear myself away so that I wouldn’t spoil my dinner. And my kids were like vultures, hanging around and nibbling at the little edge pieces until I made them stop. The ranch-flavoured version of these crackers was good, but these were way better and I definitely won’t wait long to make them again.

And this time, they stayed crisp even after they cooled and were put away in a tupperware container overnight. I rolled out the dough very thin and I left them in the oven after I’d turned it off, so that may be the reason. It may also be that the cheese powder and the grated asiago helped them retain their crispness as well.

I couldn’t call these gluten free because the package says that the product is made in a facility that also processes wheat products. But if you can find yourself a comparable cheese powder that is GF, the rest of the ingredients are gluten free.

Cheddar Asiago Crackers

1 1/2 cups almond meal
1/2 cup flax seed meal
1/3 cup Vermont Cheese Powder
1/2 cup finely grated asiago cheese (could sub parmesan)
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 tbsp melted butter
2 egg whites

Preheat oven to 225F.

In a medium bowl, combine dry ingredients and mix well.

Add in butter and egg whites and stir until a cohesive dough forms.

On a large cookie sheet, roll out into a rough rectangle between sheets of parchment paper to desired thickness. Can be made very thin, but make sure that it is of even thickness all over so the edges won’t burn before the middle crisps up.

Remove top layer of parchment. With a sharp knife, score into desired size of cracker.

Bake one hour or until firm and edges are crispy. Turn off oven and leave crackers in oven another half hour to an hour.

Total carbs for the entire recipe is about 50g. I rolled mine very thin, and got about 50 small crackers, each cracker having 1g of carbs and 0.5g of fiber.

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  1. Melissa - Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach says:

    I've never tried making crackers before but these really do sound tasty. I'm going to have to see if I can get them to send the cheese powder to Canada!

  2. Christina says:

    These look amazing! I'm going to have to give cracker baking a try…it's something I've never done! Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Amy Bakes Everything says:

    Beautiful! And low carb? Get outta town! I have a lingering crush on Bret Michaels, I saw him in 1988 when "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" was just peaking. Totally awesome.

  4. Damn! I loved the buttermilk ranch version, which I made just a few days ago…was psyched about making these. But the cheese powder is not available for purchase at the moment. Hopefully, it only means they will be re-stocking…

  5. I looooove cheese crackers. I haven't had breakfast yet, but "cheese something" sounds good now. I wonder if I could find the powder at whole foods or our local Natural foods store? They look great!

  6. Lauren at KeepItSweet says:

    I just emailed this recipe to my sister, they look and sound great!

  7. Cookin' Canuck says:

    I have never used cheese powder before. What a fun find! These crackers look positively addictive.

  8. Angie's Recipes says:

    Love cheese crackers…and yours with almond, and flax seed…that's just irresistible!

  9. Crackers are one thing that I've never never thought of making at home for some reason. Now that I think about it though I like the personalization that you can do. They look really delicious and I am sure that they tasted even better!

  10. Belinda @zomppa says:

    Looks fantastic. Would have never thought about cheese powder, but am huge fan of King Arthur!

  11. These look great. Perfect for a midday snack (which means I could use one right about now!) Quick question though….where do you get VT cheese powder?

  12. They look as delicious as they are gorgeous! How thoughtful is Santa to give you that. I can't get over how perfect they look- yum!

  13. delicious this crackers!!!;-)
    Buon 2011 a presto bacini Cara:-***

  14. says:

    Yum! I've never made my own crackers. Where do you get Vermont cheese powder?

  15. says:

    Nevermind! Just saw that — I got so excited about the recipe that I skipped everything else. Gotta order some.

  16. briarrose says:

    Oh those look beautiful and so perfect. ;) My homemade crackers never look this good…ehehehe. I fear I could do some serious damage with the cheese powder…must keep my eye open for that.

  17. jennaseverythingblog says:

    Oooh, I bet that cheese powder would be fantastic on my stovetop popcorn. Yum . . .

  18. These look AMAZING I am totally going to make some!

  19. sara @ CaffeIna says:

    This is truly a recipe to keep. I love cheese and I love cheese crackers. If you make them with asiago and they are healthy I'm totally in for them! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  20. Wow, your crackers look so professional! And that cheese powder sounds amazing! What a fun find. I'll have to look that up right now ;)

  21. This sound amazing! I've never hear of cheese flour before! I am totally going to put on my nerdy hat tonight and do some reading about it! LOL! And on a semi-unrelated note… just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the narratives you write for your posts! Happy New Year!

  22. The Mom Chef says:

    Your crackers are amazing. I don't think I've seen any home made crackers that can put quality store ones to shame like these do.

  23. Torviewtoronto says:

    healthy delicious crackers

  24. Oh they come out perfect!!! I could not stop eating them myself LOL!

  25. Sugar Free Low Carb says:

    I can't believe these are homemade. They look like they came straight out of the box. I've been craving some crackers and have seen a few recipes, but yours looks the best!

  26. Mmmmmm…homemade crackers! Yours look perfect…and healthy to boot! Love that!

  27. I've never seen cheese powder, but these crackers sound really nutrient dense, with almond flour and flax seed.

  28. Kate @ says:

    I've made homemade crackers once before and they weren't anything close to the crackers that I was hoping for, but they were okay. Your recipe on the other hand sounds like the real thing … I hope that I can pull them off. Thank you!

  29. Nicole@ The Dirty Oven says:

    Sounds so good and I think I am going to have to put cheese powder on my Christmas list for next year. I bet they filled your kitchen up with all sorts of cheesey goodness. Happy 2011

  30. Charlie @ SweetSaltySpicy says:

    I love cheese crackers! Yours look so good – I have to try homemade cheese crackers :).

  31. says:

    Cheese powder?! I love it! I need to order some now! ;) These cheese crackers do look amazing. I have never made my own crackers before, it just has never crossed my mind. But now I think I need to!

  32. Magic of Spice says:

    These look amazing…and I adore your cheese choice here. The cheese powder does sound amazing as well :)
    I stopped by from Nancy's (Spicie Foodie) to say hi and I love your site :)
    Happy 2011!

  33. Island Vittles says:

    they`re so perfectly square, and I love that gluten-free (maybe not technically, but I`m not a technical gal) Great pics! Theresa

  34. Tessie of Germany says:

    My oldest asked me to make crackers I think this might be a good weekend project :)

  35. Homemade crackers are the best!

  36. Wowwww, these do look fantastic! One of my projects this year is to make crackers, so this is kind of perfect!

  37. Liz the Chef says:

    These sound terrific – it's hard to make really GOOD crackers…

  38. Pretend Chef says:

    I need to give this a try. Cheese crackers are a winner everytime and yours look incredible.

  39. These look fantastic! My mom is diabetic; I must try making these for her next time she visits! Beautiful blog, I'm now following :)

  40. Medifast Coupon says:

    Asiago cheese is delcious in anything, but these crackers truly look perfect! Great ingredients and better than anything you could buy!

  41. How fun to make homemade crackers! My family would probably love these. And it looks easy to veganize too. Thanks for sharing!

  42. I agree with Medifast here. Better than anything money could buy, and delicious – diet or no diet!

  43. Your cheese crackers look delicious, love the addition of almond meal, I love using this in baking, it adds a lovely texture.

  44. Luke @ WellJourn says:

    I'll have to give these a try!

  45. Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having says:

    Santa was so good to you! You must have been extra nice this year :)
    Your crackers look amazing. I'm just missing the flax meal to make them, maybe I'll try some gf baking.

  46. blackbookkitchendiaries says:

    this sounds so yummy! thanks for sharing this with us..i cant wait to try it out soon.

  47. Cake Duchess says:

    I never tried cheese powder. If these crackers are low carb, I will eat even more!lol. They look amazingly addictive!

  48. TheFlavorJunkie says:

    Carolyn, these look so ridiculously tasty. I'm suffering from cracker envy now. Buzz, buzz.

  49. Susan: My Food Obsession says:

    You have been a good girl!! I love Santa :P

  50. says:

    Cheese powder is a gift from the heavens. Those cracker look beautiful. The texture and color makes them art.

  51. Nice! These sound so old school and good. You're amazing, Carolyn…!

  52. Elizabeth says:

    I can't wait to try these!!

  53. Oh, these are good!

    I found parmesan powder at a bulk foods store, and used instead of vermont cheese powder – an inferior substitute, perhaps, but they turned out so well. I loved them with a little bit of red wine (helps with blood sugar control!)

  54. I just ordered some things from King Arthur's and scoured that catalog dozens of times…I didn't see this cheese powder – so interesting!

    Love these crackers, especially using asiago. Thanks for the tip on the Vermont Cheese Powder. :)

  55. Oooh waw!! these gf cheesy crackers look delightful!! tasty food!

    Easy to make too!

    I just moved my blog to Could you pop over & update your RSS,please?

  56. Mr. & Mrs. P says:

    we have to make these!!! We make some with parmesan and thyme that we love, so im sure we will love these!


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