Almond Joy Pancakes – Low Carb and Gluten-Free


Hearty, healthy coconut flour pancakes with all the flavours of an Almond Joy candy bar. Low carb and gluten-free.

Low Carb Almond Joy Pancakes with Coconut Flour

So on a scale from one to ten, how sick are you of cooking and baking? I am thoroughly sick of it myself. I will tell you that this holiday season was like a marathon for me, with a sprint to the finish, and now I am wiped out. Just thoroughly exhausted and I need a few rest days to recover. Thankfully, we have plenty of leftovers to see us through for a few days and I don’t need to cook or bake a thing. But if I were inclined to whip up something interesting, I may very well want to make these low carb Almond Joy Pancakes again. They’re easy, fun and healthy, so they’re a perfect post-holiday, get-back-on-track, fuel-you-through-a-workout  kind of breakfast.

This recipe came about in a funny sort of way, when I accidentally tripled my Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancake recipe. How on earth does one accidentally triple a recipe, you ask? Um, yes, it takes a great deal of talent! I had intended to do a recipe and a half, to make enough pancakes to freeze some for easy school morning breakfasts. But I grabbed a 1/2 cup meausre and used it 3 times to measure out the coconut flour. I suppose I was thinking it was a 1/4 cup and I was putting in a total of 3/4 cup. Not sure what was running through my mind at the time, quite honestly. So as I added eggs and liquid, I was wondering why it was so thick and gummy. And then it hit me that I’d actually put in 1 & 1/2 cups of coconut flour. Whoops!

Almond Joy Pancakes Low Carb Coconut Flour

Thankfully, I had enough eggs and almond milk to keep adding those and thinning it out until it was the proper consistency. And then I stood over the skillet and did round after round of pancakes. I finally got to the last third and thought I needed to shake it up a little and change up the flavour, lest I die from boredom. So I searched my cupboards and decided to toss in some shredded coconut, some toasted slivered almonds, and a little chopped chocolate. They were delicious!

It also happened that I owed a recipe to my friend Liz of The Lemon Bowl. She recently had her second child and put out the call for healthy guest posts. I figured this was perfect. A low carb, gluten-free breakfast treat that would allow me to talk to her readers about working with coconut flour. I’d love for you to check it out the recipe and my post on The Lemon Bowl!

Low Carb Almond Joy Pancake Recipe

Low Carb, Gluten-Free Almond Joy Pancakes

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  1. says

    One of my favorite candy bars in a guilt free form? Genius, Carolyn!! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas, my friend…and wishing you a joyous New Year! One of the highlights of my year was finally meeting you in person :) xo

  2. says

    A baking mistake that actually turn out well?! Yay. That’s awesome! And such a rarity (at least for me!)

    These look so yummy. I’m not a fan of the candy bar but I love all the separate elements so I know that I’d love these!

  3. says

    Wow…this is a great recipe. I love almond joy and pancakes! Great idea. I will try it soon since I’m trying to go gluten free :) thanks for sharing!


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