Rosemary Garlic Grilled Leg of Lamb


Grilling leg of lamb brings out some of its best flavours. A simple marinade of fresh rosemary, garlic and mustard is all you need to dress it up.

Low Carb Grilled Leg of Lamb RecipeI swear you can teach yourself how to do anything by watching YouTube videos. Don’t know how to poach eggs? Find a YouTube video. Need to figure out how to spatchcock a chicken? Check out YouTube. Have a leg of lamb that needs to be butterflied? Yep, there’s a YouTube for that too. Really, there’s no need for anyone to go to school to learn anything anymore. Just plop yourself down in front of your computer and watch YouTube. Okay, that may be taking it a bit far. You’re unlikely to learn how to split atoms or perform brain surgery on YouTube, although it would hardly surprise me if there were videos on these subjects. There really is an amazing wealth of good content on there. It helped my husband figure out how to fix our stove, and helped me fix our dishwasher. And I really did learn to butterfly a bone-in leg of lamb last summer, all thanks to YouTube.

I don’t necessarily recommend butterflying a leg of lamb on your own. It’s a time-consuming process and it’s far easier to purchase a pre-butterflied boneless leg of lamb. But I received a bone-in leg from our meat CSA last summer and was a bit stymied for what to do with it. It was hot out and I didn’t relish the idea of roasting it for hours in the oven. I really wanted to toss it on the grill, but all the recipes I found indicated it needed to be butterflied first. So I googled the subject and up came a lengthy but useful video that walked me through it. I set to my lamb and managed to do a pretty decent job of it, if I do say so myself. Then I gave it a nice marinade of mustard, garlic and fresh rosemary, and tossed it on the grill. It was a fabulous meal and I was immensely proud of my hard work.

Paleo Rosemary Garlic Leg of Lamb

But when I made it again the other day, I used a boneless leg of lamb. It may not have been seasoned with the pride of butterflying the lamb myself, but it was mighty delicious anyway. I highly recommend!

Please see my Rosemary Garlic Grilled Leg of Lamb recipe on A Sweet Life Diabetes Magazine.

Paleo Grilled Leg of Lamb Recipe




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  1. linda says

    Hi Carolyn, You are absolutely right about YouTube. I was able to rebuild my front step and walkway – all flagstones after watching videos. Also helped me repair my lawnmower, repair dripping taps and take care of my garden! I remember the days of Encyclopedias……

    Thanks again for all your creative work!

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