Matcha Frozen Yogurt Pops (Low Carb and Gluten Free)


Once upon a time, in a far away land called Trader Joe’s, there was a flavour of yogurt that was favoured above all other flavours. At least, it was favoured by a young Trader Joe’s fan. It was one of a trio of “coffeehouse” flavours. There was the Caffe Latte, and the Mocha – these were both very good. But they were outshone by the third, the Matcha Green Tea Yogurt. It was truly a one-of-a- yogurt flavour. It was light and sweet, without being cloying, and the green tea paired beautifully with the milky yogurt. Alas, it did not gain the favour of enough other people, and the beautiful Matcha Yogurt was pulled from the shelves. The Trader Joe’s fan was crushed, utterly crushed.

In the intervening years, the Trader Joe’s fan had three children and became a diabetic, so she had to give up flavoured, sweetened yogurts, and eat only plain, greek yogurt. But she often thought fondly of her favourite and wondered if any other manufacturer’s made such a flavour. Then she started making her own yogurt, and it suddenly occurred to her that she could make her own darn Matcha Yogurt! Who needed the third party manufacturers??? All she needed was a little Matcha Green Tea powder and a little low carb sweetener, and she could eat all the Matcha greek yogurt her little heart desired.

She was a tad horrified at the cost of the matcha powder, but she finally bit the bullet and ordered some. By the time she got around to creating her beloved yogurt, it was summer and she was in the middle of a heat wave. So she decided to take it a step further and create a frozen treat that would cool her down and give her the taste experience she so desired. She whisked up a bit of the matcha powder with boiling water to create a thick matcha paste. Then she grated some lemon zest and squeezed some lemon juice, to give the yogurt a little zing. She sweetened the yogurt with a bit of powdered erythritol and liquid stevia, and stirred in a bit of the matcha paste, tasting and adjusting as she went. And when she was done, she had four Matcha Frozen Yogurt Pops, just waiting to be eaten.

The Results: First, I am going to stop talking about myself in the third person, because it’s getting annoying. Second, I am going to tell you that these were everything I had hoped they would be. The green tea flavour comes through perfectly, without being bitter or overpowering. They are lightly sweetened, and I think that the bit of lemon helps to bring out all the flavours nicely. If, like me, you are horrified at the cost of matcha powder, rest assured that a very little goes a long way. And miracle of miracles, I managed to make exactly enough of the yogurt to fill the four holes of my popsicle mold perfectly.

If you like the flavour of Matcha green tea, you will love these. You could make it as just Matcha frozen yogurt, by churning the mixture in an ice cream maker. That would be a lovely treat too!

One little note on making popsicles. I am no expert but I’ve noticed that the plastic sticks that come with my popsicle molds are pretty lousy when you try to pull the popsicle out. More often than not, it just comes sliding right out on its own, leaving a pop with no stick still stuck in the mold. I bought a bag of wooden sticks at a craft store and I use those. I also reuse ones from storebought popsicles. The wood is a rougher surface and seems to bind better to the frozen treat.

Matcha Frozen Yogurt Pops

1 1/2 tsp matcha powder
1 tbsp boiling water
12 oz greek yogurt
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp lemon zest
3 tbsp powdered erythritol
6 drops stevia extract

In a small bowl, combine matcha powder and boiling water and mix well create a smooth paste.

In a large bowl, whisk together yogurt, lemon juice, lemon zest, erythritol and stevia until well combined. Stir in matcha paste until fully incorporated.

Spoon mixture into popsicle molds and freeze 1 hour, then add the popsicle sticks, pressing them down into the pops about 3/4 of the way. Continue to freeze until solid, at lease another 3 hours.

To remove popsicles from the molds, run under hot water or submerge most of the way in a bowl of hot water. Then gently tug on the sticks to loosen.

Makes 4 regular-sized popsicles. Each popsicle has a total of 12.3g of carbs, but most of this is from erythritol. NET CARBS = 3.3g

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  1. Lindselicious says

    I used to love that TJ Green Tea Yogurt! I've been on a greek yogurt kick, but you're right they are gone- I dont remember seeing them. These sound awesome! Gonna have to try it soon. =)

  2. Evan @swEEts says

    I've been dieing to get my hands on some matcha powder to start trying to make some desserts but I haven't been able to bite the bullet yet!! These sound delicious

  3. The Mom Chef says

    I'm seeing matcha powder all over the place these days; in ice cream and now this. The color is gorgeous.

    I like the fact that you found the wooden popsicle sticks. There's just something about sucking the juice out of one when you're done with the popsicle itself that's just so summer.

  4. Karen says

    I had a bit of sticker shock too at the price of the powder! But these look like they'd make it all worth it. Great idea, and the light green color is so pretty. I love the photo of the pop with the bite taken out!

  5. Cassie @ Bake Your Day says

    These sound so good and actually healthy. Great alternative to the high sugar and high fat treats that we are surrounded by!!

  6. Sandra says

    Amazing..never had Matcha before, but reading your recipe and looking at your mouthwatering pictures sounds incredible!

  7. Michelle O says

    These make me think of healthy jello pudding pops. They stopped making those too. What's wrong with these people!? Low carb "pudding" pops. Well done :)

  8. Happy When Not Hungry says

    These yogurt pops look delicious! I've never tried making these before. The Greek yogurt in them sounds delicious!

  9. Kari says

    As someone who loves frozen yoghurt…wow. These look great. Much better than the juice varieties of popsicles that I struggle to get excited about!

  10. Jill@MadAboutMacarons says

    Carolyn, these are fantastic! Agree that Matcha is pricey but it is worth it and with your genius idea of adding the lemon to bring it out more, then that will help enormously.

  11. Pretend Chef says

    I can't stand it when I find a product I really love and then it gets pulled. Grr! Lucky for you though. I am happy that you found the perfect alternative and it's so much better for you. These popsicles look and sound delicious. Yummy!

  12. Lauren at Keep It Sweet says

    It is always so disappointing when a favorite product is pulled from shelves! Love that you came up with your own fantastic recipe.

  13. Kate@Diethood says

    I really like yogurt pops…I make them for my little one all the time, but I have never tried these flavors… if I can find matcha powder in this midwestern town, then I'll consider myself lucky! :)

  14. Parsley Sage says

    Amazing! Alas, I've never been Trader Joes but I keep hearing such lovely things about it. Despite this though, I'm positive yours are much better!

  15. foodblogandthedog says

    This sounds amazing! I love my jasmin green tea in the morning but it's too hot at the moment. Now I know what to do, but first I need to find some moulds, it's impossible here!

  16. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says

    I hate when Trader Joe's pulls good thing from their shelves. I used to love the ginger jo joes and those sadly are no more either. :-(

  17. Priscilla - She's Cookin' says

    Yep, over the years I've been disappointed many times when TJ's discontinues items. My daughter and I love matcha green tea – adding to the frozen yogurt flavors I want to make!

  18. Foodiva says

    I love matcha anything and always keep a stash in my pantry (you're right, a little goes a long way). And frozen desserts, especially pops…especially with yoghurt, is right up my street. Yummy!

  19. Jeanette says

    I was shocked by how expensive Matcha was when I first found it several years ago, but well worth it. Lovely popsicles! I agree, those plastic sticks don't work very well – I have a box of wooden sticks from eons ago that I use.

  20. The Harried Cook says

    These sound divine! And they look really good too :) I totally agree about the plastic sticks! Wooden sticks are so much more reliable! Thanks for a great recipe :)

  21. Xinmei @ Pudding Pie Lane says

    I was looking for matcha recipes and then I found this – what a great idea! I have green tea mung bean ice cream in China, you've just reminded me of those summer days :)

  22. dwidlebug says

    I am reading your post with my son is sitting next beside me, he said I want that mommy it looks very good!

  23. FamilySpice says

    I have never had matcha before. I keep seeing it on the web, but after reading your post I definitely need to find me some! This looks so good!

  24. Amy says

    These sound so refreshing and perfct for this hot summer! The combination of matcha and yogurt would be wonderful in a frozen treat!

  25. Nami | Just One Cookbook says

    Carolyn, thank you for sharing these Matcha frozen yogurt pops! I love anything with Matcha because I grew up eating and drinking it. I've never had Matcha with Greek yogurt but this sounds wonderful! I bought Popsicle maker too.. =D I must try with wooden stick because I know what you mean, I have the same issue! I love today's pictures are "Asian" theme. ūüėČ

  26. LisaB. says

    I cannot wait to try making these, my 10-year old will love them.

    About the cost of matcha…are you buying ceremonial grade in the little 30 gram tins, or are you buying culinary grade? The culinary grade actually holds up better(because it's a little more bitter) with other ingredients and is much more economical. Not to plug my website, but we sell it there (www dot three tree tea dot com), and it's quite reasonable, & a little still goes a long way. If you're in an Asian market(or online), just look for culinary or cooking grade Matcha, they are usually packaged in bags.

  27. Roxana GreenGirl says

    i had to bite my tongue when buying the powdered green tea but I have to see it's worth it and a little goes a long way.
    I love this popsicles, so much fun to make and eat!

  28. dustybaker says

    I love using tea in frozen things – and these seem much more delectable than my simply freezing incredibly strong tea :) Can't wait to try a variation – cheers!

  29. Maria says

    Omigosh! Just found your blog thru Pinterest and let me tell ya, you are my saving grace! I was just told to go on a low carb diet and was so sad at the thought of not baking and/or eating sweet treats but now I've already got four items pinned from your blog that I need to make asap! Thank you!

  30. says

    If I replace the sweeteners with actual sugar.. would that be a direct swap in terms of amount? 3 tbsp seems like a lot… or would you suggest adding sugar to taste? Erythritol and Stevia aren’t available where I live…

    • Carolyn says

      I’d probably go with a quarter cup of sugar to equal my sweeteners. Maybe a 1/3 cup if you like things a bit sweeter.


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