Baking Without Sugar (Guest Post on Como Water)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Ever wondered about all the different sugar substitutes on the market and how they work in your baked goods?  Are they just as good as sugar?  Will you get the same results?  Can you substitute them cup for cup? I am certainly no expert, but Tiffany of Como Water asked me to outline my thoughts on the matter and write about my own experiences baking sugar-free.  I hope you will take the time to check out my guest post in her series “Favorite Veg on the Web:  Baking Without Sugar”.  And please, feel free to share your thoughts here or on her site, and your own experiences baking with sugar substitutes!


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  1. Fabulous post, Carolyn! I think I'll make it a permanent link on my blog, as it will really answer some of the recurring questions about sugar substitutes that I encounter so often on my blog! Thank you!

  2. this is a great post, Carolyn! i learned a lot about baking with sugar subs that i didn't know, and have always wondered about. thanks!!!

  3. Baking without sugar are so perfect for my parents. Great post from you my dear thanks.

  4. foodstoriesblog says:

    I just hopped over to your guest post and it was fabulous. Being a diabetic, myself, I too try to low carb everything!

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