Mini Brie and Bacon Tartlets – Low Carb and Gluten-Free


Low Carb Brie and Bacon TartsMy eldest daughter is a master of hyperbole.  She freely peppers her speech with “never” and “always” in an effort to evoke some sort of response in her parents.  “You NEVER let me have my way”.  “You ALWAYS make me do all the clean-up”.  You may have let her have her way only moments ago, or made her brother do all the clean up the day before, but she conveniently forgets these things in the heat of the moment, in the height of her passion.  I find myself shaking my head and wondering where it comes from.  And then I remember.  Oh wait…she’s her mother’s daughter through and through.  While I’ve learned not to be quite so dramatic, I know I am guilty of this sort of intentional exaggeration when I feel strongly about something.  And I often feel strongly about something.    Particularly when it comes to foods that I love.  “I love chocolate more than life itself”.  “Smoked salmon is my favourite food EVER!”.  How about “I could eat my weight in brie every day!”.  Or in this case, I could eat my weight in Brie and Bacon Tartlets every day.

Low Carb Tarts

Do I need to tell you what an amazingly delicious combination brie and bacon are together?  Do I need to go all hyperbolic on you?  It’s, like, the most amazing food combination EVER!   Really, I mean that.  Forget chocolate and peanut butter, forget buffalo wings and blue cheese, forget whatever flavour combination you love, brie and bacon is the best.  I’ve used it in quiche, I’ve used it in sandwiches, and now I’ve made sweet little low carb bacon and brie appetizers.  Of course, if I have a plate of chicken wings in front of me, or a low carb peanut butter cup, I suppose I might sing a different tune.  I am very in the moment with my food loves.

Gluten-Free Tart Crust

I made these little tartlets for a New Year’s Eve appetizer party that never happened, when both our hosts’ kids came down with strep throat.  I was disappointed with the lack of evening activity, but I can’t say really I minded having all of these goodies for me and my husband.  And talk about making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  The dough for the low carb tart crust is actually the same dough I used to make my not quite successful ham and cheese rolls.  Even as I was struggling with those rolls, I knew the basic crust was flavourful and tender, and had uses beyond what I was attempting to make at the time.  And it worked wonderfully for these little mini tarts (it would also hold up to larger tarts as well).  It was easy to work with and I re-rolled the dough several times without losing any tenderness.  I greased the tart pans, but the finished tarts came out of the pan so easily, it may not even be necessary.

And really, what better way to get brie and bacon into my mouth than little bite-sized tartlets?

Low Carb Tart Crust

Mini Brie and Bacon Tartlets – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

Yield: 36 tartlets

Serving Size: 4 tartlets

Low carb, gluten-free tarts made with almond flour biscuit dough and filled with brie cheese and bacon. Grain-free.


  • 7 slices bacon, chopped
  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 3 tbsp unflavored whey protein powder
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 6 oz brie, cut into 1/4 inch pieces


  1. Cook chopped bacon in a medium saucepan over medium heat until crisp. Remove and let drain on a paper towel lined plate.
  2. Preheat oven to 325F and lightly grease two mini tart or muffin pans.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together almond flour, whey protein, baking powder, garlic powder, salt and xanthan gum.
  4. Stir in eggs and butter until dough comes together. It will be quite sticky.
  5. Turn out dough onto a large piece of parchment, and then pat into a rough rectangle.
  6. Top with another piece of parchment and roll out to 1/4 inch thickness. Peel off top piece of parchment paper.
  7. Using a 2 inch round cookie cutter, cut circles out of dough and press into cavities of prepared tart pans. Re-roll dough scraps as necessary.
  8. Divide crumbled bacon and chopped brie between tart shells.
  9. Bake 15 minutes, or until brie is bubbly and melted.
  10. Remove and let cool 10 minutes in pan, then gently lift out with a sharp knife. Serve immediately.
  11. Can be made one or two days in advance and rewarmed.


Serves 9 (4 tartlets per serving). Each serving has 5.7 g of carbs and 2.6 g of fiber. Total NET CARBS = 3.1 g.

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  1. S. Harris says

    These look tasty! I’m already thinking of other wonderful cheese-and-meat combinations I could bake in these cute little tart shells. I’m wondering though, could this recipe be made without the whey powder? I’ve noticed many of your recipes call for it but I don’t have any (yet!); could I just leave it out of recipes like this one or would the results be sad? I’m not sure what it does for a recipe so I don’t know what would happen if I left it out!

    • Carolyn says

      In this case, you could leave it out. Your tart shells won’t puff up during baking much, but for this recipe, I think it won’t matter.

  2. Dita says

    Are these baked in mini cupcake tins or regular cupcake pans?? Can’t tell from pictures. They look scrumptious!!!

  3. says

    I laughed so hard at the first part. Hyperbole is overused in our home, too, and while I’m chastising my daughter, my husband is reminding me that I do it, too.

  4. Susan says

    I just made these last night. You ARE on to something…the pastry was divine! Buttery, “flaky,” had a real high-carb feel and taste to it. I can’t wait to use it in other ways. Crab and cream cheese maybe? The bacon and brie was also inspired and delish, but I’ve got to say the pastry is what really wowed me. The only problem I had was that they stuck like the devil to my mini-muffin pan, which is not only non-stick, but I also sprayed with oil. Maybe I under-baked them a bit, worried about burning them. Dunno, but I will have to figure out a way around this small problem. Can’t wait to make these again!

    • Carolyn says

      Hi Susan…crab and cream cheese? YOU are the one who is onto something. Funny yours stuck because mine didn’t at all – my pan wasn’t non-stick but I did spray with oil. Do let them cool a bit before trying to remove. And maybe brushing with butter would be better.

      • Susan says

        Yeah, I’m thinking greasing with butter or coconut oil, rather than oil spray, might work better. Plus I need to let them cook just a little longer. They might release on their own, like when you brown something in a frying pan…it releases when the crust is formed properly. Either way, they will be made again! Thanks!

  5. deb says

    This is my first GF ‘pastry’ recipe to ever make and it was a great. Silly me– when the Brie wasn’t melting I realized I had used a half log of goat cheese! So I ended up baking tarts longer but they did not over-brown and they came right out. They were so delicious and my five year old grand daughter could tell you they definitely reheat!! I am looking forward to making pecan tarts using the recipe and of course Brie ones! This would be a quick breakfast for moms on the go.

  6. deb says

    And I did not have any whey powder and so like you wrote– they did not puff up like your photo. Believe me- it did not matter a bit!

  7. Judy says

    I’m going to try these for a superbowl gathering Sunday. One question — I don’t have xanthum gum, but I do have guar gum. Can that be subbed? Thanks for all you do to help those of us striving to live a GF/LC lifestyle! I follow your blog religiously!

    • Carolyn says

      I have a package of guar gum but I’ve never used it, because I am still working my way through a package of Xanthan gum! But I do think it can be subbed, I am not sure of the amounts. I think Bob’s Red Mill has some useful info for subbing one for the other, though.

      • Judy says

        Just wanted to let you know I made these to take to the superbowl gathering. They were a hit! (I subbed an equal amount of guar gum for the xanthum, & they turned out just fine.) These will definitely make more appearances on many occasions!

  8. RowJen says

    We made these tonight and they are incredible! Thank you for sharing this wonderful GF recipe. These tartlets are so tasty!

  9. Tara says

    Where does one find “unflavored whey protein powder”? Can it be found in the grocery store or do I have to go to a health store?

    • Carolyn says

      Some groceries might carry it, although they typically only carry vanilla and chocolate. But it’s easy to order on amazon too.

  10. Tara says

    How do I reheat them, if making them a day ahead? Also,do you think I could assemble them in the pan, put them in the refrigerator and then bake them the next day to serve hot out of the oven?

    • Carolyn says

      You could just reheat them gently in the oven (250F for 10 to 15 minutes) but I think they would be fine assembled ahead and baked too, because the filling isn’t liquidy at all. You may need to give them a little more baking time if you bake them straight from the fridge.

  11. Cici says

    I made these & they came out fantastic! What I really loved about them was the crust. The crust held together & was very um…crustlike! It was firm & didn’t flake apart or feel like I was eating dust! So, call me crazy, but I’m thinking empanadas. I’m thinking about rolling out the dough & cutting into squares, then stuffing, sealing and baking on a piece of parchment. Do you think this would work & do you think I would have to change anything else?

  12. Tara says

    Update… A few weeks ago I had a few questions and they were quickly answered…THANKS!

    I made the dough two days ahead of time and wrapped it in saran wrap and then ziptop bagged it and left it in the refrigerator. One day ahead I rolled out, cut and placed into the mini muffin pans, place cooked bacon and brie inside the tartlets. On the day of, I took the prepped, uncooked tartlets out of the refrigerator and let on the counter while the oven was coming up to temp. No adjustment on cook time needed.

    My only problem was mine were WAY too salty, perhaps my error in measurement or the fact that I used salt as called for in the recipe and salted butter.

    Need help again…. anyone else have an over salted issue? Do you use salted or unsalted butter?

    FYI – I did find unflavored whey protein powder at the grocery store in bulk/bin aisle which was great, I got to buy just the amount I needed.

    • Carolyn says

      I always use salted butter myself. So possibly a mismeasurement OR you are particularly sensitive to salt? Maybe for you, you should do unsalted for my recipes. I am a bit of a salt-aholic and actually tell people to put less in than I do! :)

  13. Tara says

    Oh, sorry, another question. Is there another low carb or carb friendly flour that I could use in place of almond flour? I have a friend that is allergic to almonds and she was so looking forward to trying these. I would like to make her a batch that she can eat.

  14. Cici says

    Well Carolyn, you know how much I love this recipe – especially the crusts! What do you think I should alter in order to convert them to mini dessert pie crusts? Obviously omit the garlic then add 1-2T Swerve? Anything else? I know you have other pie crust recipes, but this recipe was so absolutely perfect, I’m reluctant to waste my precious ingredients on a recipe that might not be ass good as this one is! That being said, I would gladly follow you to the end of the gluten free, low carb world, so if you say your pie crust recipe is as good & sturdy as this recipe is, then I will give it a try!

  15. Deborah says

    Thought you might like to know that I just used this pastry (without the whey protein powder) and baked it as ‘cookies’ rather than tartlets to put on top of chicken pot pie (obviously I cooked the chicken part and the topping part separately, just put a cookie on top of the chicken mix in a bowl). It was great!


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