Cowboy Chili Stuffed Peppers – Low Carb and Gluten-Free


Hearty paleo cowboy chili stuffed into peppers and baked, for a delicious low carb meal. True comfort food to ward off the last remaining vestiges of winter.

Low Carb Cowboy Chili Recipe

It may be the end of March, but I am not ready to give up warm comfort food yet. Although I am eager to shed my heavy layers of clothes and see the last of the snow melt away, I know we have a long way to go before soup weather is over. And I am okay with that part, at least, because I love soups and chilis and stews. They can take a cold, blustery day and make it seem worthwhile, as you warm your hands, your mouth and your insides on their comforting goodness. And the best part about warm comfort foods is that they are typically easy to make, in huge batches that can be frozen ahead and ready for your next Nor’Easter. We have made this cowboy chili countless times this winter and every time, I think how I should have made even more of it.

Low Carb Cowboy Chili Stuffed Peppers

I haven’t made stuffed peppers very often in my life, but it seemed like a natural fit for the cowboy chili. And it really didn’t take much more effort, either. Just whip up the chili, cut the peppers in half, remove the ribs and seeds, sprinkle some cheese and bake for 35 minutes. Voila! Comforting cowboy chili in its own little self-contained pepper. The peppers were cooked to a perfect tenderness by the liquid in the chili, and the cheese was all melty on top. They were a hit with the whole family!

Please see my Cowboy Chili Stuffed Pepper Recipe on A Sweet Life Diabetes Magazine.

Paleo Cowboy Chili stuffed in Peppers

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  1. Jill says

    OMG, this looks so awesome – I don’t like usually like peppers but I will definitely be giving this recipe a try!!

  2. says

    Made these last night for company. (How’s that for confidence in your recipes? I’ve never had a fail yet!) They were absolutely delidious. “Awesome” was one comment I heard. I was out of cayenne, so we topped them with Cholula sauce. I will try them with cayenne next time.

    Thank you Carolyn for all you do!

  3. Melanie says

    OMG – – I have just been looking thru all your posts – – these look amazing! Thanks so much — DON’T STOP TRYING NEW RECIPES AND POSTING THEM FOR US !

  4. Chocolate Rose says

    I would love to make these for a potluck at work. I’m thinking I would use the mini peppers to that people could try them, but also have room to try all the other foods that will be brought. But, you say to serve these immediately. I would have to bake them at home and then reheat in a microwave at work. Do you think reheating them would be a disaster? Any suggestions on how to make these work for a potluck?

    • Carolyn says

      No, I don’t think reheating would be disastrous at all. It’s just when you are about to eat them, you want them hot…hence the serve immediately. :)

      • Chocolate Rose says

        Thanks for responding so quickly!! Good to know. I thought maybe it was because the peppers would get mushy or something. :-) I’m excited to give this recipe a try. It’s for an October harvest themed potluck!


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