Rosemary Grapefruit Martini


I don’t post cocktails on this blog very often. I think there has been one true cocktail recipe on here, and that would be my Lemon Ginger Martini. Beyond that, I posted Cranberry Ginger Mulled Wine, which didn’t have much alcohol content left in it after mulling, although it does make a lovely warm winter […]

Cranberry Ginger Mulled Wine (Low Carb and Gluten Free)


I try to treat this blog like a real job. It started as a hobby, most certainly, but it has grown far beyond what I thought it would be. To get the most out of it, I find I have to approach it as I would a regular job, one that has a schedule and […]

Ginger Lemon Martini


Sometimes a girl just needs a cocktail, the sort that comes in a trendy glass in a trendy bar in the downtown of a trendy city. Last Friday was that day for me, a day filled with the exuberance of decidedly non-trendy children in a decidedly non-trendy suburb. There wasn’t anything particularly bad about the […]

Almond Milk Eggnog and a Holiday Shortbread Giveaway!


I’d never had homemade eggnog until the first time I spent Christmas at my in-laws house. Up to that point, I assumed it came in a carton and that was that. Like Athena from Zeus’s head, it sprung fully-formed from grocery store shelves. So my father-in-law’s homemade version came as quite a revelation. Thick and […]

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