Almond Flour Yogurt Waffles (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

Let me ask you a question: how do you bring good living to your life? In the chaos that is modern day existence, it can be so easy to forget to enjoy what life has to offer. I am often guilty of this. With three small kids and a chronic disease like diabetes, all of which require a lot of managing, I can lose sight of what matters to me. That’s when I have to take step back and remind myself to take the time for good living. And by “good living”, I don’t mean anything that requires a lot of money. Good living, to me, means taking enjoyment in what I do, who I am, and the people, places and things around me. It can be as simple as stopping to take in the scent of woodsmoke and the colour of the autumnn leaves. It can mean leaving the dishes sitting in the sink so I can play with my children. And it often means food, lots and lots of good, healthy, flavourful food shared with family and friends.

After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it didn’t take long for me to discover Greek yogurt. With a lot more protein and a lot less carbs than regular yogurt, it quickly became a staple in my diet. I learned that the plain variety, with the addition of some chopped nuts or berries, makes an incredibly satisfying, healthy snack. And as I started to experiment with low carb, gluten free baking, I discovered that Greek yogurt was a godsend in that department as well. In the absence of gluten, Greek yogurt helps provide protein to give my baked goods structure, while also making them incredibly moist. Since it’s in so many of my recipes, I think it’s safe to say that Greek yogurt is a part of good living, for me.

FAGE Total Yogurt is among the best known brands of Greek yogurt here in the US, and it just so happens that they are giving away three trips to Greece for legal US residents. The trips are all in the name of the Greek tradition of “good living”. I encourage you to enter HERE. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, so I think it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

When a reader requested that I come up with a waffle recipe, I knew from the get go that they would contain Greek yogurt. Some of the best homemade waffles I’ve ever had contained yogurt, and it was automatic fit for my attempt at making a low carb, gluten free version. I had to give this one a lot of thought though. I’ve had some low carb pancake recipes fall pretty flat on me, and getting the waffles to hold together was going to be the real challenge. I waffled back and forth (ha, ha, get it?) on how many eggs to add, how much almond flour, and I had one batch that tasted great but came apart when I pulled up the top of the waffle iron. With a little tinkering, I think I may have worked it out.

The Results:
I am pretty excited about these because they really taste like regular waffles. And they made my whole house smell like waffles all day. Even after coming back from running errands all morning, I could smell that wonderful, rich breakfasty smell of waffles. My kids didn’t know the difference, they gobbled them up happily. I topped them with butter and maple syrup (in my case, sugar free), but they’d be great with any number of toppings. I am thinking of whipped cream and berries for them next.

Now, I will confess that they aren’t as crispy as I would like, but I suspect that this is more due to my waffle iron than to the recipe. My waffle iron is a cheapy, and has a tendency to steam the waffles. It did the same thing with some conventional waffles made with flour that I made for my kids this summer. I don’t think almond flour waffles will ever get as light and crisp as they can be when made with flour, but when made with a better waffle iron, I think they’d turn out a bit crispier. Perhaps a reader with a good waffle iron can give it a go and let me know? The leftovers did crisp up a bit more when I put them in the toaster the next day. But the flavour was so good, I really didn’t care too much about the crispiness.

Almond Flour Yogurt Waffles

1 1/3 cups almond flour
2 tbsp granulated erythritol
2 tbsp vanilla whey protein powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
1/4 tsp salt
4 large eggs
6 oz FAGE Total Greek Yogurt
3 tbsp butter, melted and cooled
1/4 cup almond milk

Preheat waffle maker and grease well.

In a medium bowl, whisk together almond flour, erythritol, whey protein, baking powder, baking soda, xanthan gum and salt. Set aside.

Separate the whites and yolks of two of the eggs. In a clean dry bowl, beat the whites until they form stiff peaks.

In another medium bowl, whisk together yogurt, egg yolks and remaining eggs until combined. Stir in almond flour mixture, then add melted butter and almond milk, and stir vigorously until thoroughly combined. Gently fold in beaten egg whites.

Spread approximately 1/4 cup of batter on each 4-inch section of the prepared waffle iron (my waffle iron is two 4-inch square sections. For round waffle irons, use your best judgement on the amount of batter needed). Close iron and let cook 4-5 minutes, or until waffles are golden brown. Remove waffles and repeat with remaining batter.

Makes 10 4-inch square waffles. Each waffle has 4.2 g of carbs and 1.3 g of fiber. Total NET CARBS per waffle = 2.9 g.

As part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program, I have been entered for the chance to win a trip to Greece courtesy of FAGE. You too can enter to win one of three trips to Greece by entering the FAGE Plain Extraordinary Greek Getaway here:

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  1. eatthecookie says:

    my waffles turn out "non-crisp" if i use too much egg, or if i don't use enough oil to grease the iron before i spread the batter. using oil really helped once i started doing that instead of using butter!
    these look amazing, by the way! love the golden brown variation in them!

  2. Love how you came up with a healthy low carb waffle. I wonder if using a little brown rice flour might help make these crispy.

  3. These look really yummy! I just happen to have some Fage in my fridge right now, so I think I will try these for breakfast.

  4. healthyfoodietravels says:

    Wow, never had almond flour waffled – these look delicious and so moist! Lovely recipe :)

  5. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. says:

    I"m dying to try these! Yum!

  6. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie says:

    Great post and wonderful waffles! I need to make my FAGE post soon.

  7. Beautiful post – I'll have to dig out the waffle iron and give them a try!

  8. I love Greek yogurt, and I love Fage too, although, for the past year, I've been making myself my own yogurt (regular *and* Greek). This way I can enjoy it all the time + keep the costs low.
    As for your waffles: they look great! Almond flour and Greek yogurt sounds like a very tasty combination, and I'd love to try this recipe.

  9. Pretend Chef says:

    I would love to try these. Yummy!

  10. RavieNomNoms says:

    Wonderful post and those waffles…wow…I am sorry, I am sure that I have asked this before but where do you find your almond flour??

  11. Hey Ravie,

    I actually purchase my almond flour online from Honeyville Grains. They have premium almond flour for less than what you can get in the grocery store. But a lot of stores do carry it now, usually Bob's Red Mill.

  12. I have a pretty good waffle maker and make almond flour waffles all the time, they turn out more crispy when I lightly grease the iron with just a bit of coconut oil!

    Thanks for the recipe :)

  13. Diane {Created by Diane} says:

    These look delicious, I'm hungry…can I come over for breakfast :)

  14. Cassie//Bake Your Day says:

    Man, isn't life crazy! Every day is different but I try to exercise and eat well because there is so much going on and so many distractions. It's important to attempt to treat our bodies well!

  15. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says:

    I'm a big fan of greek yogurt too, it's a staple of my diet.

  16. Parsley Sage says:

    I could care less if my waffles are cripsy. I'll be stuffing them in my face with some yummy syrup anyway so bring on the soggy, healthy alternative pancakes :) You make healthy look so yummy!

  17. Cookin' Canuck says:

    FAGE is my favorite brand of Greek yogurt, too. I eat it several times each week with frozen blueberries and a little granola. These waffles look like the perfect thing for the weekend. Here's to good living!

  18. The Mom Chef says:

    I actually don't like my waffles to be too crispy. They cut the roof of my mouth if they are. Yours look absolutely wonderful. Who needs carbs when that kind of breakfast is waiting at the table!

  19. Roxana GreenGirl {A little bit of everything} says:

    Fage is our, well my daughter's favorite yogurt. Almost ever other day it's her afternoon snack with some chopped fruit.
    Your waffles look great, a healthy way to start the day

  20. Delicious! Congrats on a wonderful post! The waffles look AMAZING!

  21. I was sold at the title :) If only I had a waffle maker!!

  22. Lauren at Keep It Sweet says:

    love this:-) Those waffles look delicious and I'd be very happy to wake up to a plate of them for breakfast!

  23. I love the sliced almonds on there. I've been using yogurt in foods more and more.

  24. scratch-made wife says:

    I LOVE Fage yogurt. I love how creamy and delicious it is, and the fact that it's full of protein is such a bonus. It's definitely one of my favorites. I've been eating it with nuts … in place of sour cream … I think I may have even eaten it with eggs one morning. But I haven't made waffles with it. Thanks for the recipe – I'll definitely try this one soon!

  25. Erika - The Teenage Taste says:

    I need a waffle ASAP. They look so gooooood!

  26. Ruth Reynoso-Sance says:

    Great post!! It's great to read things that remind us about the simplest and most important pleasures of life. Love the recipe and pictures :-)

  27. Of course, these came out perfect and beautiful! You are the QUEEN of low carb cooking…and they look fantastic!

  28. Boulder Locavore says:

    Gorgeous! The photos are so enticing and the ingredients perfect. I just made another pear upsdie down cake which has almond flour; just love using it. Also glad cranberries arrived. Hope they are something that work with your needs!

  29. Chef Dennis says:

    I love waffles and have never made my own, your giving me the confidence to try! I also adore Greek yogurt and have been using it in baking since I first discovered it, I have even subbed it for half heavy cream in sauces.
    I do have to start trying other flours too, you make everything look so good and never using white flour!

  30. Ooh, these photos just make me want to reach through the screen and take a bite. And maybe stick my finger in that drizzle of syrup and take a lick. ;)

  31. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says:

    LOVE these! I've never tried making my own waffle mix, but your recipe looks really yummy and I think I could sneak these past my picky husband!

  32. Personally, I don't mind soft, pillowy waffles. So these would be just perfect fo me =)

  33. It has been too long since I've had waffles. I wish I had a waffle iron!
    These look great and the almond flavor sounds like a perfect addition.

  34. Hester @ Alchemy in the Kitchen says:

    Carolyn, lovely use of Greek yoghurt and the waffles turned out light as a feather. I didn't realise it was so healthy – now I have even more excuses to eat it.

  35. I happen to LOVE Greek yoghurt and it's wonderful to know that it can be incorporated into something as lovely as these waffles! Love how you've turned all these healthy ingredients into such decadent-looking treats, Carolyn.

  36. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    Hi Carolyn, great post about what good living means to us. We are often too busy to reflect our life, but today's post of yours made me think again (thank you). You always make everything delicious which doesn't look like low-carb. We're all inspired by your beautiful and delicious pictures.

  37. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    Hi Carolyn, great post about what good living means to us. We are often too busy to reflect our life, but today's post of yours made me think again (thank you). You always make everything delicious which doesn't look like low-carb. We're all inspired by your beautiful and delicious pictures.

  38. Oh, how I wish I owned a waffle iron! Love the inclusion of the yogurt in these waffles — Greek yogurt is a favourite of mine.

  39. Baker Street says:

    You know my iron has stopped working! I love waffles. could eat them for lunch and dinner too! lol. these have to be made. they sound absolutely perfect. :)

  40. I love that opening question. (and sorry for the long answer)I believe in being happy – no matter what. But I think I was lucky to grow up in a way that most people weren't. Our family wasn't well off with money, but they are hard workers and good people and at the end of the day, they keep work at work and come home to enjoy what they can with the family.
    A few years ago I had a position at a company that paid very well. I was young and making very very good money. But it was terrible. I was given one day off for my mother's death, caught shingles, made to work with terrible people in a very hostile environment.
    I left and have never looked back. Now, I love my job, am broke, and HAPPY. It's was never the $$. It never will be. It's about accepting what is right in front of you and loving every moment of it. I sing to my cats and pup every day and make Handsome give me one happy thought at the end of every night and thats all the more in this world that I will ever want…. That to me is good living.
    SORRY!!!! Hope it wasn't too long of a reply – Waffles… waffles are also a very important part of good living ;)

  41. Helene Dsouza says:

    I agree with u, you can enjoy a good life with simple things, but by all means your waffle is not simple, its

  42. tammypharmd says:

    My husband and I had these for dinner tonight and they are AMAZING. They taste like regular waffles. Woohoo, I can have waffles again!! I had two waffles topped with my Walden Farms pancake syrup for only 10 grams of carbs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  43. Tammy, so glad you liked them! Did they crisp up better for you than they did for me?

  44. I am thrilled to have found your blog yesterday! Eating low-carb this past year has really ignited my interest and enthusiasm for cooking and baking….and I just bought a bunt brownie pan this evening so I can make your sticky toffee puddings…will let you know. : ) I think you’re going to keep me very busy and happy in the kitchen. Thank you!
    Wanted to say here that I make low-carb waffles regularly with a similar recipe- but mine calls for a bit of oil in the batter- when I switched to coconut oil in the batter it made ALL the difference with the crunchy goldenness of my waffles…very dessert like finish to them now…even on my cheap waffle maker.

  45. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for the tip on the coconut oil. I will definitely try that next time!

  46. Made these in an inexpensive sandwich maker and they turned out wonderfully. Thank you for the recipe!

  47. These look yummy! I don't have xanthan gum though . . .is that going to make a huge difference? I have everything but that! Thanks!

  48. The xanthan gum is going to help hold them together better. You could try it without, though.

  49. do you think hemp protein powder would work in your recipes that call for plain whey? my partner promises to make me these for my bday thursday and I promise to report back :)

  50. I made these this morning and they turned out great. Not crispy tho, but still very good. Better than any low carb pancake I’ve tried. From now on its Waffles!

  51. I just came across your recipe while looking for low carb breakfast alternatives to eggs. You can imagine the excitement when I found your low carb WAFFLE recipe. Once I’ve made them I’ll let you know how crispy they turn out. I believe you have a wonderful recipe however I plan on using coconut oil in place of 1/2 of the butter, powdered xylitol, and unsweetened coconut milk. (I use it when I make omelets and they turn out so fluffy). I am so excited. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

    • Coconut oil as a replacement is fine and I’ve been told might make the waffles more crispy than butter. I haven’t tried it myself yet, though I use coconut oil a lot for sauteing and cooking.

      • I made these waffles and they were not was I was expecting :/ They were crispy, but the inside was mushy..

        • Hmmm, that shouldn’t have happened. Funny, mine weren’t very crispy, but were totally cooked through on the inside. I am not really sure what to suggest. Does your waffle iron have different heat settings? If so, I would turn it down to make sure they don’t burn on the outside, while the inside gets more cooked.

  52. I made these a few days ago. They were so tasty! They beat every other waffle recipe I’ve tried. So many other recipes come out looking good, but tasting odd. These were truly delish!

  53. Hi Carolyn, I just splurged on the All-Clad Classic Waffle Maker and came straight to this recipe to break ‘er in. They turned out fantastic – even my picky kids gobbled them up :) The only thing I did was add a smidge of vanilla. I linked your recipe over at my blog (I hope that’s OK). Thanks for all your wonderful recipes – they make eating grain free so much more enjoyable :)

  54. So I purchased a waffle maker specifically to try this recipe. They are wonderful! Great flavor! Not crispy, but soft, light, and delish! (i used half coconut oil, half butter). thanks so much!

  55. Hi Carolyn, these look fabulous and I can’t wait to try them. Question: seldom can I find greek yogurt around these parts, and when I do it’s generally nonfat. Would I be able to sub sour cream? Or a mixture of sour cream and nonfat greek yogurt? Thanks!

  56. I also omitted whey protein as I didn’t have any. :)

  57. I made these this morning – the flavor is great. However, they are VERY soft to the point they fall flat like paper when I pull them from waffle iron. Any ideas on what is going on here?

  58. another question! (came across Greek yogurt so planning on making them tomorrow) do these freeze well?

    • I didn’t try freezing these but I think it would work just fine. Thaw them out and then toast them to warm them up again.

  59. Love this recipe. I substituted sour cream for the yogurt in the recipe. The first time I made the waffles I thought they were a little “soggy”. But tonight when I made them I “dried” them out by putting them in warm oven for a few minutes. (I laid the waffles directly on oven rack) Thanks again for another great recipe.

  60. Heather from Canada says:

    Hello! I made these for supper tonight and they were amazing! They weren’t crisp but they were so light and the taste was great. I even made a couple mistakes due to not reading ahead in the recipe and they were still wonderful! Looking forward to toasting the leftovers tomorrow!! I am so happy to have found your blog! Today alone I made the cinnamon scones, the waffles, and put the crisp topping from the rhubarb crisp on top of some roasted apples with cinnamon instead, and over the weekend I made the magic cookie bars. Yum!

  61. If I cannot find granulated erythritol in-store, what should I use instead (and how much of it)? I’m ordering it online now, but I wanted to make these long before the package would arrive.

  62. Best compliment ever from my type 1 diabetic daughter – it tastes like a real waffle! Thank you.

  63. What sugar free maple syrup do you buy? I bought one and it tasted horrible..

  64. These are killer! My biggest challenge is my four year old daughter. All she wants to eat are sugary cereals and frozen waffles, and she’s devouring these as we speak. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  65. This is the second recipe that I have tried this week for low carb waffles and it was fan-freaking- tastic! My boyfriend enjoyed them (although he is easy to please with food ;). )
    Instead if baking soda and powder I used cream of tartar and added 1/2tbsp vinegar to my egg mixture. They puffed up so big and yummy! We are so in love with this recipe! Thank you again!

  66. These waffles are so good! Even my son, who can detect my “diet” food easily was fooled. Making again per request :)

  67. Lovely recipe! Could you please add me to your mailing list? Thanks!

    • Sure, I can add your email. You will need to be sure to click the verification link that gets sent to you.

  68. I made these today….did a half batch to test, first. Yummy! I made blackberry/chia jam to top them, but since the waffles are a bit pliable, I just tore them in half, put some jam on and folded them up like a wrap and ate it that way. So dang good! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes…..

  69. Shangella says:

    I know this is a old post but how can I measure 6 oz of yogurt? Anyone can tell me how many Tbps. that is ? or cups ?

    • Carolyn says:

      It’s what a single serve container of yogurt usually is, that’s why I used it that way. I’d say it’s about 3/4 cup.

      • Shangella says:

        thank you!
        In Canada they don’t have plain greek yogurt in single serve! :)
        Making the waffles this morning :)

  70. Shangella says:

    Finally made these. I used the coconut oil as suggested on my waffle iron to get them crisp. But they are best in the TOASTER :)

    I made a double batch and froze them. I popped one in the toaster the next day and it was super crispy! Took some at work and the girls loved them!

    It is now my favorite recipe on the site :)

  71. These waffles are amazing!! They are my new go-to. I double the batch and sometimes there’s not always many left over. My boys love them and so do I! They keep you full for a long time, which is also a plus when trying to keep 4 guys from constantly being hungry. Thank you!!

  72. Just made these waffles and they’re wonderful! Husband and son enjoyed them with fried eggs on them and they don’t typically like my ‘low carb’ adventures in the kitchen! I’m going to keep the dry mix made up in containers so all I have to do is add the wet ingredients. My waffle maker is round so I don’t really know how much I ate but I did eat too much, two whole round ones! lol I’ll check blood sugar in an hour and note the damage. Portion control next time, of course, but it’s been SO long since I had a crunchy waffle I couldn’t resist this time! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  73. Molly Lilja says:

    These are so good!

  74. These were delicious. My first waffle was a little limp, so I let the second one cook past the “beep”, and it was crispier for sure. I will try the leftovers in the toaster tomorrow., and, I will definitely make these again. Thanks for a great recipe.

  75. Patrice Annette says:

    A trick for crisping the waffles….as they come out of the waffle iron….flip them back and forth between your two hands …it works. I learned this tip from Martha Stewart.

  76. Carolyn – you have a home run on this recipe! I’ve tried so many recipes hoping it will taste even remotely like the old gluten laden favorites, usually to be sorely disappointed. Not the case with this recipe. I LOVE this one! It’s my “go to” recipe from now on for breakfast. Thanks for all your hard work!


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