Goddess Chicken Satay (Gluten-Free Meals for Kids)


Yet again, I am about to reveal my grouchiness, but I sincerely detest making my children’s lunches for school.  It is about as ungratifying a task as there can possibly be on the parental front. Kids aren’t about to thank you if they loved their lunch, but they are sure to complain if you included something they didn’t like!  On the whole, I try not to cater too much to my kids’ likes and dislikes, because they appear to change their mind about food as often as most people change their clothes.  But they are three little individuals with rather emphatic opinions about food.  Finding something all three will eat willingly, but that also measures up to my standards of health, can be quite a challenge.

My littlest, enjoying her chicken on a stick

So when the lovely Shawn of I Wash…You Dry asked me to guest post in her Healthy Kids’ Lunch series, I had to put my thinking cap on.  I wanted it to be something almost any kid I know would eat happily.  I wanted it to be something that was quick and easy to make, and that could also be packable for schools and camps.  And I wanted it to be gluten free, as I am working hard on getting my family to consume less gluten.  I think I nailed it with these remarkably easy grilled chicken tenders.  You won’t believe how easy this recipe is!  And my kids adore them. What kid doesn’t love eating food off a stick?  They are great cold and can be packed up for lunches away from home too.

So head on over to I Wash…You Dry for this super easy, kid-friendly recipe.


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  1. says

    Everyone loves food on a stick! My favourite time to eat satay is for breakfast, cold from the fridge with lots of peanut sauce…now that’s a protein packed start to the day! 😀 Theresa

  2. says

    I hear you on that. While I don’t have any kids…I do make lunches for both my dad and Patrick. Sometimes they act like big kids and to tell you the truth, I feel like guys can be the hardest to please sometimes!

    This looks perfect for just about anyone! If you like chicken, looks like a winner to me :-)

  3. Katharine says

    First of all – adorable little girl, and a ringing endorsement for the recipe! Second of all I am *so* with you on the lunch packing. My heart sinks a little when I see half the lunch return home uneaten! I love this post and will definitely try this recipe. I need more gluten free kid lunch ideas!!

    • Katharine says

      OK, I just tried this recipe for the 2nd time. The first time I tried broiling the chicken in the oven and didn’t read the part about soaking the skewers….and, well…. let’s just say it was an exciting evening of fire and smoke detectors. TONIGHT, I marinated my chicken, soaked my skewers, tossed them on the grill (with a little foil sheet under the bare portion of the skewer to prevent scorching – found that tip from someone who went to “BBQ school”) and they were DELICIOUS. I wish I’d made twice the amount so I could have tested out how they do as leftovers. We are a family of 5 and only had a pound of chicken and ate every morsel. Used Annie’s Light Goddess dressing for the marinade. I imagine a longer time to marinate would have made them even better, if that’s possible (I only had 1 hr). Thanks Carolyn!

      • Carolyn says

        Oooooo, sorry about the smoky first try. I have a set of metal skewers that I use if I didn’t have time to soak my bamboo ones, but I like the look of the bamboo better and the kids love eating them off of the bamboo!

  4. says

    Kids love stuff on sticks. I found lunches easy for my son who would eat anything. But my daughter was a total challenge. She didn’t eat meat when she was young so made for a lot of salad in her lunch. This is a cool idea. My son would love this one.


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