Sesame-Crusted Chicken Tenders with Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce


Sesame Crusted Chicken Tenders

Sesame Crusted Chicken Recipe can be found on Cara’s Cravings.

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of friends, family, laughter and food.  And food.  And more food!  We certainly did.  We had a ball actually.  The first half of the day was a little rough, the kids all excited and worked up and needing an outlet for their energy.  But the afternoon went smoothly with some goofy family photos, a movie while dinner was cooking, and a huge low carb, gluten free feast.  I can honestly say that it was one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve had in a while.

In all likelihood, you are still full enough from yesterday not to even want to think about food.  Me too, but I wanted to let you know that you are invited to a cocktail party.  A Clean Eating Cocktail Party, hosted by my dear friend Cara of Cara’s Cravings.  She invited a number of wonderful bloggers to create delicious cocktail treats, and everything had to fit into the Clean Eating theme.  No processed or packaged goods, all whole, healthy ingredients with healthy fats.  These Sesame Crusted Chicken Tenders are my offering, and they come along with a Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce.  They are delicious enough to tempt me to eat, even after the excesses of yesterday!

Sesame Crusted Chicken Tenders

So thanks to the lovely mother-to-be for inviting me along to the Clean-Eating Cocktail Party!  Enjoy my Sesame-Crusted Chicken Tenders with Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce!

For the recipe, please check out Cara’s Cravings!


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    So happy to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have to say it’s one of my favorite holidays of the year. Funny, but chicken tenders are always a favorite at holiday parties – love this low-carb version. We’re hosting an open house this Christmas and I know these would be a hit!

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    boyfriend and i made these for dinner last night. we found it easier/less messy to bake the sesame coated tenders. i also added about 20 drops of liquid nunaturals stevia to the dipping sauce. they were yummy!

    • says

      Gwyn, Thank you for the stevia idea. We didn’t have stevia, but we used spenda which worked to lightly sweeten up the sauce. It was the perfect. Also, about a half an hour prior to cooking the chicken breasts, I marinaded them in salt pepper and a small amount of sesame oil to boost the flavor. It held the egg whites just fine.


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