Cheddar Jalapeno Crackers – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

Low Carb Cheddar Jalapeno CrackersDelicious, crisp almond flour and flax seed crackers with cheese and jalapeno baked right in. Might be the perfect snack!

Low Carb Cheddar Jalapeno CrackersI had intended to post these homemade Cheddar Jalapeno Crackers yesterday, but I decided to hold off for a day to help out a friend.  It might seem strange that a low carb cracker recipe can be used to help someone out, but it is true nonetheless.  And in this case, it all seems very serendipitous.  See, I just so happened to be on Twitter on Tuesday and I am rarely on Twitter these days at all.  And Twitter moves fast, very fast, so tweets from friends can be missed easily.  But I just so happened to catch a desperate call for guest posts from a blogger friend who had just found out she had to take a business trip and wouldn’t be able to post any of her own recipes.  Since I had this recipe all ready to go, photos and everything, I said she could have it.  Aren’t I the best???  And don’t feel too sorry for Claire, of The Realistic Nutritionist, as her “emergency business trip” just so happens to be taking her to Mexico.  Oh, that’s a hardship indeed!

Low Carb Gluten Free Cracker Recipe

The inspiration for this recipe came from another blogger friend, Kiersten of Oh My Veggies.  Although she and I differ significantly in our dietary preferences (she’s a vegetarian, I am an unabashed carnivore, she eats gluten, I do not), I find plenty of flavour inspiration on her blog.  And I just so happened to see her cheddar jalapeno crackers last week and get inspired enough to get straight to work.  The base of mine is completely different (almond and flax vs. wheat flour), and I added in more jalapeno, but the basic idea is the same.

I think these might be the best crackers I’ve ever made.  I took the time to roll the dough as thin as I could, while still making sure the edges weren’t so thin they would burn before the middle cooked.  And sprinkling them with sea salt or kosher salt before baking meant that had a true cracker saltiness.  And, let’s be honest here…the cheddar and the jalapeno don’t hurt either!  So please do my “poor” friend Claire a favour as she languishes in Mexico, and hop  on over to The Realistic Nutritionist for the recipe.

Low Carb Cheddar Jalapeno Crackers

Low Carb Cheddar Cracker Recipe

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  1. Woo hoo! I’m glad they turned out well. I always have people asking me how to make my recipes gluten-free, so now if anyone asks about this one, I’ll be able to point them to your recipe. :)

  2. I love a spicy crunchy snack!

  3. You are the BEST PERSON EVER :)

  4. Jeri Sullivan says:

    Do you think these would work ok if I used almond meal instead of almond flour? The price difference in my neck of the woods is over $5.00 a pound so I usually reserve almond flour for cakes. They look yummy though and I want to try them so if you can confirm, I would appreciate it!

    Also wanted to let you know that I found your blog a week ago and have already made three of your recipes. Lunch today consisted of your smoked salmon guacamole and the walnut fennel chicken salad. I just used celery but the chicken salad would have been excellent on these crackers. Keep up those great recipes coming!!

    • Yes, for this recipe, I think that almond meal would do just fine. They may be a bit more fragile, and you may need to bake them longer. Watch them carefully and adjust if you need to!

  5. These came out beautifully, Carolyn!

  6. I love all the cheese on these crackers! I recently made my own crackers and I’m totally hooked. These are getting bookmarked so I can make them soon!

  7. Hi,
    These crackers look great and I would love to try them, but I don’t use flax seed. Is there something else I can use as a substitute?

  8. These crackers look fantastic Carolyn – I’ve only made crackers once before and forgotten how good they were.

  9. These look so good! Much better than the tortilla chips we’re used to around here.

  10. I love Claire and Kiersten’s blogs! These crackers look fantastic. I love cheesy crackers. :)

  11. These look great!

  12. I wish it was easier to get to the recipe.

  13. How many carbs are in these per serving?

  14. How do I get the recipe? I can’t find it!

  15. I made my first batch of these crackers on Friday night…I let them get a little too done :( That was my fault…because even though they were a little “darker”…they were still AMAZING…so, I thought I would try ‘em again this Sunday…and I put a twist on them…instead of the chopped Jalepeno, I used minced garlic…and I added 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary….and instead of cheddar cheese, I used parmesan cheese!! OH MY WORD…total DELICIOUSNESS!!! I smeared some cream cheese on them and had the most delectable snack…thank you so much for all your ideas and recipes!!

  16. These look really good, but wondering what the carb count is?

  17. Let's go Pens says:

    I made these today and my husband has eaten more than half of the pan. I haven’t even bothered to take them off of the baking sheet. They’ll never make it till tomorrow. Thank you for the recipe.

  18. Mary Beth Hansen says:

    These are really good! it’s great to have something crispy to put stuff on. I can’t find nutrition values–are they posted somewhere?

  19. I baked these yesterday. They are the most delicious and tasty crackers. I don’t think they need the salt on top though as they are salty enough in themselves. Great to have on my Keto diet. The only problem is not eating the whole lot in one go as they are so moreish.

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