25 Luscious Low Carb Lemon Desserts

From cheesecake to cookies to layer cake, I’ve collected the best low carb lemon dessert recipes on the web. Bring on the lemony sunshine!

Best Low Carb Lemon Dessert Recipes
Yes, yes, I am obsessed with lemon at the moment. It’s springtime, see, and lemon is the golden sun that is warming me up and breaking me out of the deep freeze of heavy winter foods. And I know I am not the only one. The interwebs abound with lemon recipes at the moment and they all look so delicious, I can hardly contain my excitement. However, not all of those lovely lemon recipes are good for me or for you, full  of carbs and sugar and wheat and other nasties. This makes me sad. So I decided I needed to round up the best low carb lemon desserts for you, all in one place. Some are my recipes, some are delicious-looking lemony treats from other great low carb bloggers. All are low carb, some are dairy-free, and one is even raw and vegan! And all of them look mouth-wateringly delicious. You’re sure to find something to love.
25 Luscious Low Carb Lemon Dessert Recipes
Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake Squares
Low Carb Copycat Lemon Cream Cake Olive Garden
Low Carb Lemon Curd Ice Cream
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  1. I never get enough of lemon! Thank you for sharing these links!

  2. Lemon is the best flavor! Thanks for the great Spring recipes!

  3. Your Lemon Curd Ice Cream looks soooo soft and creamy (drools)!

    Thanks for including my Raspberry Lemonade Bars! I was reading through the list (while drooling some more) and was surprised to see my name ;)

    Love this list! Pinning :)

  4. Thank you for including me in your lemon-fest! All the recipes look amazing! Looks like I need to go buy some more lemons.

  5. I’ll take one of everything please!

  6. This is the perfect round up for summer weather!

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