31 Healthy Coconut Oil Recipes You Need To Try


The healthiest coconut oil recipes on the internet. Paleo, low carb, gluten-free, grain-free and so delicious!

31 Low Carb Paleo Coconut Oil Recipes

Coconut oil is the new olive oil. It’s the oil being promoted all over creation for its health benefits, protection against heart disease, Alzheimer’s and any other major malady you can think of. Every TV and Internet doctor on the planet seems to be jumping on the coconut oil bandwagon. I myself am not at all qualified to speak to the health benefits of this oil over others, so you won’t hear any of that from me. I do believe it to be very healthy, but I believe a lot of oils and fats are healthy and I like to vary the sources of fat in my recipes. It’s a great way to change up the flavours and textures of your foods while still enjoying a healthy fat intake.

But to say I like extra virgin coconut oil would be a huge understatement. I LOVE extra virgin coconut oil and I always have a big jar on the go in my kitchen. I love the flavour and I love the tenderness it lends to baked goods. I am partial to Kelapo brand and I can honestly eat it right out of the jar. Yes, yes I can. And getting a good quality virgin coconut oil is key to accessing any of those health benefits that everyone’s talking about. Refined coconut oil is just not the same thing.

If you’ve been wanting to try to incorporate more coconut oil into your cooking, I’ve rounded up 31 healthy and amazing recipes for you to try. Some savory, some sweet. All of them are low carb or paleo (and most can be modified to be one or the other) and all of them feature healthy coconut oil. So grab your jar and get cooking!

Low Carb Pumpkin Pancakes with Coconut Flour

Coconut Oil Breakfast Recipes:

Wild Blueberry Orange Scones from Running To The Kitchen

Paleo Granola from EveryDay Maven

Coconut Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins from A Sweet Life

Pumpkin Coconut Flour Pancakes from All Day I Dream About Food

Coconut Flour Fried Donuts from All Day I Dream About Food

Raspberry Coconut Scones on Coconut Oil Cooking

Paleo Chocolate Chip Muffins from The Iron You

 Healthy Brussels Sprout Chips with coconut oil

Coconut Oil Snack Recipes:

Vanilla-Scented Toasted Coconut Cashew Mix from An Edible Mosaic

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Chips from Jeanette’s Healthy Living

Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits from What I Eat

Homemade Protein Bars from Whole New Mom


Coconut Oil Dinner Recipes:

Cauliflower Fried Rice from Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Coconut Crusted Chicken Patties from Cherry Blossom Kitchen

Paleo Pistachio Pesto Pasta from Pass the Fresh

Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi Nuggets on Coconut Oil Cooking

Thai Fish Cakes from All Day I Dream About Food

Paleo Chicken Curry from My Natural Family

Roasted Vegetable Chorizo Soup from All Day I Dream About Food

Almond-Parmesan Crusted Chicken Nuggets from Peace, Love and Low-Carb


Coconut Oil Dessert Recipes:

Paleo Carrot Cupcakes from The Cupcake Project

Joyful Almond Coconut Chocolate Bites from Tasty Yummies

Coconut Raspberry Fudge from Faith Food Fitness

Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars from Art And The Kitchen

Vanilla Bean Truffles from Seasonal And Savory

Mexican Wedding Cookies from Guga’s Kitchen

Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Tart from Gourmande In the Kitchen

Coco-Cocoa-Walnut Bark from DJ Foodie

Bourbon Chocolate Truffles from I Breathe, I’m Hungry

Coconut Almond Fudge from My Whole Food Life

Nom Nom Chocolate Truffles from Nom Nom Paleo

Sugar Free Magic Shell from Sugar-Free Mom


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  1. Kate Koger says

    I would happily devour each and every one of these recipes they all sound absolutely stunning!!!!!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for this!! I am trying to convert Patrick. He HATES coconut and think that coconut oil will only taste like coconut, but in my experience I find that cooking with coconut oil does not lend a coconut-y flavor. I must try out some of these recipe on him and maybe just ‘forget’ to tell him it’s made with coconut oil 😉

    • Carolyn says

      Good luck! I don’t tell my kids when I cook or bake with coconut oil and now they’ve gotten used to it.

  3. says

    What a great post! I’ve been hearing so much about coconut oil but you have finally convinced me that I need to stop thinking about trying it and actually do it. Love all the recipes, too, can’t wait to make something!

  4. says

    Hi Carolyn, what a great idea for a round up! I’m new to your blog and as a Chef I love trying new things, my mom’s been into the coconut oil for about 2 years now and I actually love it, but I was looking for more recipes to make for her. Thanks for posting all these lovely ideas! And Hi from a fellow food lover!

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