Honest Mojitos – Honest Tea Review and Giveaway


Sugar Free Mojitos #lowcarb The other day, I told my son he could go get a pop from the fridge.  This is a rather remarkable event for several reasons.  In the first instance, he had no idea what I was talking about when I said pop, so I had to explain that pop was the Canadian term for soda.  Apparently being a Canadian while raising kids in the US can lead to some cultural misunderstandings.  Secondly, it was remarkable that I was even uttering the sentence to him at all.  I very rarely let my kids have pop (soda), and I never offer it to them of my own accord.  I’ve never been much of a pop (soda) drinker, and although we keep some around the house, it’s mostly for guests and a six pack can last us months upon months.

Sugary, carbonated drinks have never been my thing, as they tend to make me feel more parched than I started off with, but I am also not very keen on the artificial sweeteners in most diet pops.  And given the epidemic of obesity in our society, I am so very glad that pop (soda) drinking was not a habit I ever developed.  I usually stick to water to quench my thirst.  But I occasionally find myself sick of the taste of H2O and eager for something else to cool my tongue, and it’s not easy to find something that meets my specifications.

Sugar Free Mojitos #lowcarb

Enter Honest Tea and Honest Fizz.  The dear Vijay of NoshOn.It, a fun foodie website run by local Bostonians, asked if I wanted to work with Honest Tea and try out their line of zero calorie beverages.  Knowing my low carb, healthy bent, he was very careful to find out exactly what they sweetened their drinks with and present me with all the information.  Since they use erythritol and stevia, I was happy to give them a go but was still somewhat doubtful they’d live up to my expectations.  They sent a wonderful sample pack of their teas and pops (sodas) and I was seriously impressed.  My Honest Review of the Honest Tea zero calorie beverages?  They are honestly good.  It takes a lot to win over a non-pop (soda) drinker, so I am not just saying that.  My favourites were the Lemon Limey and the Professor Fizz (their take on Doctor Pepper).  It’s the closest “diet” pop (soda) to the real thing I’ve ever tasted and since I don’t like sugary drinks, I like it even better than the real thing.

I also thought it would be fun to try making one of my favourite cocktails to showcase the Honest Fizz products.  I fell hard and fast in love with mojitos from the first sip many years ago, but since they’re typically made with sugar syrup, they’re hard to recreate with low carb sweeteners.  I’ve tried a couple of times and not been happy with the results.  But the moment I tasted the Lemon Limey Honest Fizz, I thought it might be a good substitute for the club soda and allow me to skip the sweetener altogether.  So below, I present you the Honest Mojito, a perfect blend of mint, lime, rum and a bit of sweet Fizz.  They were delicious!

Sugar Free Mojitos #lowcarb

The Giveaway:

Honest Tea is also giving one reader the chance to win a 30 day supply of Honest Fizz.  If you’re a pop (soda) drinker who’s trying to get healthier, I think you will be impressed.  If you’re like me, a non-pop (soda) drinker who occasionally want something a little different, I think you will also be impressed.

 Honest Tea would like to keep you refreshed for 30 days, on us. Enjoy our new bubbly brew—all the fun of a natural soda with zero guilt. We hope you’ll find it a sip in the right direction.
Samples of Honest Tea products and the giveaway items were provided to me by Honest Tea through the NoshOnIt Publisher Partner Program.

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Honest Mojitos - Sugar-Free

Yield: 2 mojitos

A sugar-free take on the classic mojito, made with a zero calorie, zero carb, naturally sweetened soda.


  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 3 ounces white rum
  • Ice
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 can Lemon Limey Honest Fizz


  1. Divide mint leaves between two highball glasses and use a muddler or the back of a wooden spoon to crush.
  2. Divide rum between glasses and let sit 3 minutes to infuse with mint flavour.
  3. Add ice to each glass and divide lime juice between them.
  4. Top up with Lemon Limey Honest Fizz.


Serves 2. Each mojito has 2.5 g of carbs.


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  1. Miranda says

    Rootbeer sounds the best – too bad they don’t have a cola, but I’m excited that there is another brand making stevia and erythritol sweetened sodas.

  2. says

    Soda beverages were very rare in my childhood. I mean it wasn’t that common in our area.. Syrups were much more wanted and enjoyed by the folks there. We are in the middle of the hottest season so I would really love your drink and I wouldn’t mind trying out honest fizz too. The brand looks good. =)

  3. Stephanie says

    There are hardly any words to describe how excited I am about this. I LOVE a mojito and haven’t had one in years…

  4. Melissa Bowlby says

    Since completing a sugar detox, I’ve been on the lookout for a cocktail that I can have without too much guilt! I think this is the one!!! Looking forward to trying the Lemon Limey….

  5. Kelly says

    Mmmmmmm…I haven’t seen these. Now I must find them. Pop is a big weakness of mine…love the carbonation.

  6. says

    Question – so the Professor Fizz has 5 carbs – you think that they are from the Erythritol and Stevia – so good sugar alcohol?

    • Carolyn says

      All the Fizz has 5 carbs and it’s definitely from the erythritol because there is nothing in any of them besides carbonated water, a little colour and natural flavour, erythritol and stevia! :)

      • says

        I think I would then count as 0 net carbs since erythritol and Stevia have no effect on my blood sugar – unlike, say, maltitol, which is EVIL! LOL Thank you!

        • Carolyn says

          I certainly count it as 0 carb for myself, since neither thing has any effect on my blood glucose either!

  7. says

    I’ve been having fun playing around with the Zevia stevia/erythritol sweetened pops, so I’m so interested to see Honest Tea’s take! I’m from Pittsburgh, and I too call it pop – it’s always interesting to hear about which regions call it what.

  8. Catherine H. says

    Not a soda drinker either–but I do love me some alcohol. I would definitely enjoy this stuff.

  9. Sarah G says

    Oh wow, can you find these in stores?? I love an occasional diet soda and this would be so perfect!

  10. Becky says

    My favorite diet pop is Dr. Pepper Diet. But I also realize those artificial sweeteners can’t be doing me any favors. I’d love to find an acceptable substitute! So Professor Fizz would get my vote.

    • Carolyn says

      This is very much like Dr. Pepper, the taste is almost spot on, except less overpoweringly sweet!

  11. Carolyn says

    That sounds great. I’ve pretty much given up soda, but my favorites used to be cream soda and Jupina. I’d love to find those in healthy versions.

  12. Marcia says

    I would LOVE to win this!! I NEED to try these – I rarely have anything other than water and this would be a great alternative once in a while!!

  13. Louise DePino says

    Root Beer sounds good to me…regular soda is toooo sweet…can’t wait to try Honest fizz!

  14. Carol says

    As a recently diagnosed diabetic who WAS a pop drinker (yes, in Ohio, we also call it pop), I am excited to try Professor Fizz!

  15. Pat says

    Oh my goodness my daughter would love Professor Fizz as I never buy her “soda- pop” and she only gets Dr Pepper on the occasion we eat out.

  16. Linda says

    We don’t keep soft drinks in the house and only rarely drink them when eating out. I would love a good root beer!

  17. Evelyn D says

    I grew up in SW PA and we call it POP as well! Since my fav is Diet Dr. Pepper, Professor Fizz will be the first flavor to try!

  18. Kim says

    I’m pregnant & miss the very occasional mojito- too much sugar. (Can’t wait to try it after baby shows up!) The lemony fizz sounds very refreshing – so does the orange pop!

  19. Gerri says

    Root beer’s my first choice & a plus that it’s also organic. After that, Lemon Limey to make your mojito.

  20. Chris says

    In Indiana it’s also called pop. These Honest Fizz beverages sound great. I would love to try one. I already really like the Honest Tea.

  21. Linda says

    What a great idea to use the pop to make a Mojitos. Do you know which stores carry Honest Fizz? Thanks for the great recipe!!

    • Carolyn says

      As with all new products, it usually takes them a while to cross the border. Not sure if/when they will be available in Canada. They have a great website, you could probably ask them!

  22. beth says

    I’ve tried and like the Professor Fizz. I have never been a soda drinker, and have LC for most of the last 10 years. I did enjoy the occasional Dr. Pepper from time to time, never a regular thing. The Honest version is quite good. I pick one up as a treat for myself from time to time when we are shopping at WF. Mama’s little afternoon pick me up. DH and I are going to try the Mojitos, possibly this weekend 😉

  23. Kate says

    Lemon Limey sounds like it’s right up my alley… I’m always looking for great new ingredients to update my old carb heavy recipes to their new low carb counterparts. Thanks for the Mojito recipe! Can’t wait to try it and maybe some others with the Honest Fizz line!


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